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Safety While Using Animals


This web page is meant to provide an overview of some of the safety concerns associated with animals, in particular laboratory animals. This applies to both direct work and peripheral contact whether one is teaching, testing, researching, or simply present around animals.  The circumstances may be in places beyond a lab animal facility such as during a field study, in the classroom, in a research lab, pastures and barns, repairing equipment used with animals, maintenance or housekeeping, etc. The ACUC and EH&S at Cal Poly Pomona want you to be safe and protected in such situations. 

Presented here are highlights.  More information is available from the office of EH&S, the ACUC in the Office of Research, the University veterinarian, and personnel at the Building 92 animal facility.  Provide suggestions for improvements, additions, and clarifications to us.

The Cal Poly Pomona occupational health program is designed to protect both personnel and laboratory animals.  All personnel who work or study in a laboratory animal facility (LAF) or who have substantial contact with animals or tissues (> 8 hours per week) should be familiar with this program.  This would include those involved with the direct care of or are within the living quarters of animals or have direct contact with live or dead animals, their viable tissues, body fluids, or wastes.

Enrollment in the program is mandatory for some (those with substantial contact) and highly encouraged for others (students in classroom animal labs for example).  To do so, complete the RASQ form (link provided below) and answer several questions that determine your risk and exposure. It's confidential and will take only a few minutes. Your answers will be evaluated by a health professional.  And if you want a medical opinion, you may request to be seen by a medical professional by completing the HHQ (link is below).

From the ILAR Guide

Various notes to summarize animal safety

Emergency and in case of an accident with animals assistance

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Typical terms associated with laboratory animal science safety