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Getting Started With a New or Existing Protocol

Getting Started with a New Protocol

Prior to conducting research, investigators (researchers) must:

1. Select the method of protocol submittal (as described below) and see the PowerPoint instructions on how to create a new protocol.

2. Request authentication (as explained in the PowerPoint instructions).

The eIRB refers to PIs and co-PIs as users.  To gain access to the eIRB, a user must be authenticated, which means the Research Compliance Office must create an account for you.  Send us an email to with details including:

  • Highest degree attained (PhD, MS, BS, associates, etc., as appropriate)
  • First and last name
  • Bronco ID (the nine digit number, which will eventually be used to link with CITI training data)
  • Bronco email (CSU Pomona email, e.g.,; Gmails and others don't work in the system)
  • Status (faculty, staff, student, unaffiliated, etc., as appropriate)
  • College and Department
  • Phone number
  • Whether you want to work in PROD or DEV (see below)

3. Complete CITI training.

PI encouragement - In case you feel discouraged by the effort and comments while submitting your IRB protocol for review and approval, the link provides a reflection by someone who can sympathize with you.

There are two ways to create a new protocol:

1. To access and fill out the e-IRB form online through the e-IRB system (preferred submittal method), CLICK HERE.
2. To access the e-IRB system, upload a text document (Word or PDF) instead of entering the data on the e-IRB application, CLICK HERE.

Site to Continue with an Existing Protocol

If you have already created a protocol on the eIRB and wish to continue working on it, you can easily access the eIRB website by clicking on this link and entering your user information.  It is known as the PROD or production site and has a blue band across the top.


Training/Development Site

If you have not started a protocol and are not ready to submit a "real" protocol, but wish to become familiar with the eIRB system and the protocol form, click on the above link (note the URL contains "dev"). It will lead you to the eIRB training portal which is fully functional and offers PIs an opportunity to get acquainted with the system without submitting an actual protocol.  It is known as the DEV or development site and has an orange band across the top.  It is directly accessible when on campus; VPN (see the CPP help desk site for info, must be used for access from off campus.