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Office of Technology Transfer and Industry Clinic 2013-2014

The City of Industry is collaborating with Cal Poly Pomona through the University’s Office of Technology Transfer and Industry Clinic (TTO). This collaboration is directed at assisting local businesses to jointly identify solutions to industry problems by offering faculty and student expertise.

The Industry Clinic will help businesses in the City of Industry access expertise and resources at Cal Poly Pomona. It will serve as a ‘matchmaker’ service by supporting University faculty to provide technical assistance to qualified businesses in the City of Industry.  The program is designed specifically to identify a fit with a company’s research needs and faculty expertise.

Businesses within the City of Industry will apply through the Technology Transfer Office for assistance with a specified problem that faculty and student teams can address.  In the application process, the company should identify a problem and be willing to work collaboratively with the University to develop a practical and implementable solution. The company should also follow-up with the University’s TTO at the conclusion of the technical assistance to provide feedback as to how useful the assistance was to their company and how to improve and grow the assistance program.

The application process requires the company to develop a focused definition of their technical problem, with specified milestones, deadlines, and deliverables.  The deliverable for each award will be a 2-5 page final report due within 30 days of completion of the project by University faculty.  Payment for the project to faculty and students will not be made until completion of the project and approval of the Final Report by the Technology Transfer Office and Industry Clinic Director. 

We expect to fund up to 10 awards, with University support for up to 20 hours per award for the 2013-2014 year (summer work included). No award will exceed $1500.  Priority will be given to projects that assign students to solve real-world industrial problems. Faculty will be responsible for supervision of students assigned to the project.  At completion of the project, the industry partner may elect to continue the applied research as sponsored research, as student internships, offer employment opportunities for students, or other forms of university-industry relationships. Faculty will in addition, be responsible for the following:

  1. Recruit student teams to work on each project
  2. Monitor project progress, coordinate periodic reporting requirements and communication with partner liaison
  3. Timely completion of deliverables