Listed below, in chronological order within each year, are over 2000 

letters printed in the Times from 1881 through 1889.  Eventually two additional 

indexes will be added, one listing the letters alphabetically by author and the 

other by subject.  

     This index does not include every letter published during that period, 

although that was the original intent.  Approximately an entire year of the 

paper is missing and was never microfilmed.  In addition, the difficulty of 

locating letters in the Times during a period in which there was no regular 

page for them probably means that a few letters were never found in the papers 

that are available.  

     There are no doubt errors in the index: names misspelled, dates copied or 

typed incorrectly, pages wrongly numbered, letters categorized by the wrong 

topic, etc.  Since this is a cyberbook, those errors can be easily corrected if 

brought to our attention.  You are encouraged to do that, sending an e-mail 

message to  

     Certain abbreviations have been used to save space.  In "Topics," the 

following are used: agri = agriculture; misc = miscellaneous; PPs = political 

parties; RRs = railroads.  Elsewhere, "Ed" or "ed" refers to "editor."  Most of 

the others, it is hoped, are obvious.  Occasionally a letter that was 

particularly GOOD or FUNNY caught our attention and is so marked in the 

"comment" column.

     Nouns used in the index are not case sensitive.  For speed in typing, and 

since the original intent was that the index was only a tool to be used in 

writing the anthology, no effort was made to capitalize the first letters of 

names, etc.  When the decision was made to include the index as part of the 

anthology, the task of going through it and capitalizing where appropriate was 

not worth the effort.  The assumption is that a reader who is interested in a 

particular author or topic can find the item in the Times, using the index, 

whether the name is capitalized or not.

     Thanks to the students in my Fall, 1992, American History class who 

compiled a portion of this index as they researched various topics in the 

Times.  It should be noted, however, that the student who was assigned Dec., 

1881, found only the letter on dogs by FS, and for some time that was thought 

to be the first letter printed in the Times.  Only years later did Cambro's 

earlier letter, which was the first, come to light, much to our chagrin.

                                       1881, 1882

TOPIC          SUBTOPIC                DATE/PAGE      AUTHOR                    COMMENT

foreign        wales                   12-6-81p2      Cambro                    reply to editorial; 1st Times letter
animals        dogs                    12-27-81p1     FS                        dog nuisance 
rival papers   Herald                  1-1-82p3       paterfamilias             --
weather        rain                    1-8-82p3       observer                  --
post office    hours                   1-29-82p3      your friend               --
gas co         contract                1-31-82p3      B. Cohn                   --
post office    hours                   1-31-82p3      I.R. Dunkleberger         reply
misc           correction              2-10-82p2      J.S. Chadwick             --
gas co         co. claims              2-10-82p2      another one of the people --
misc           trial                   2-10-82p2      Edward Nittinger          --
gas co         --                      2-14-82p3      justice                   --
gas co         --                      2-15-82p3      another one of the people --
health         hospitals               2-16-82p2      an eastern observer       too little spent on patients
gas co         contract                2-18-82p2      another one of the people long but GOOD
misc           correction?             2-21-82p2      G. Spurgeon et al         --
misc           patriotism              2-23-82p3      old timer and kicker      --
gas co         contract                3-1-82p2       another one of the people --
streets        roads                   3-1-82p3       JBN                       --
business       cracker factory         3-3-82p2       L.C. Parker               --
business       telegraph monopoly      3-4-82p2       BRH                       --
weather        Miss. River flood       3-12-82p3      Robin Railroad            --
sunday law     pro                     3-19-82p1      an old resident           --
sunday law     pro                     3-22-82p2      a chinaman                --
agri           fruit inspection        3-22-82p2      W.H. Warren               --
business       manufacturing           3-22-82p3      GTH                       --
business       manufacturing           3-24-82p2      E                         promoting it
misc           correction              4-1-82p3       Leonard A. Major          --
rival papers   Express                 4-4-82p3       regular attendant         --
ethnic         anti-Chinese            4-5-82p3       a thorough Republican     condemns Arthur's veto
sunday law     pro                     4-6-82p3       a native                  supports Warner's position GOOD
ethnic         anti-Chinese            4-7-82p2       Republican                supports Arthur's veto
sunday law     pro                     4-7-82p2       A German Citizen          denounces League of Freedom
elections      federal                 4-8-82p3       pace tua                  --
misc           exploding oil cans      4-11-82p3      E.A. Edwards              --
ethnic         anti-Chinese            4-12-82p3      Jesse H. Butler           city councilman
library        ladies room             4-12-82p3      invalid                   objects to it
rival papers   Express                 4-13-82p2      Republican                anti Express
ethnic         anti-Chinese            4-14-82p2      progress                  --
ethnic         anti-Chinese            4-15-82p3      Jesse H. Butler           reply to "progress", GOOD
health         syphilis                4-15-82p3      a chinaman                refers to Times article on honeypots GOOD
misc           --                      4-19-82p3      L. H. Washburn            [trivia]
ethnic         anti-Chinese            4-22-82p3      J.H. Butler               also pro-mail delivery & public parks
sports         baseball                4-25-82p3      members university B.B.C. [USC?] GOOD
sports         baseball                4-26-82p3      Ivy Base Ball Club        reply to 4/25 letter  GOOD
religion       mission padres          4-27-82p3      J.J. Warner               defends padres re Indian treatment
fair           --                      4-27-82p3      R.                        --Shall we have a fair?
sunday law     --                      4-28-82p2      a chinaman                sarcastic, GOOD
elections      federal                 5-2-82p3       Republican                supports Hollenbeck for Congress
elections      federal                 5-3-82p2       Subscriber #2             supports Hollenbeck
civil rights   equal justice           5-4-82p3       Diego                     GOOD
ethnic         anti-Chinese            5-4-82p3       J .H. B.                  --
sunday law     --                      5-5-82p2       taxpayers                 --
streets        sidewalks               5-6-82p2       pedestrian                funny, GOOD
sunday law     --                      5-6-82p3       America                   GOOD
ethnic         anti-Chinese            5-7-82p2       Jesse H. Butler           --
ethnic         anti-Chinese            5-11-82p3      an Ohio Republican        GOOD
misc           correction              5-11-82p3      Richard Jno Bell          --
elections      RR commissioner         5-17-82p2      observer                  supports J.R. Toberman
ethnic         anti-Chinese            5-20-82p3      Jesse H. Butler           --
water          rights                  5-25-82p3      Regador                   --
fair           --                      5-25-82p3      F. J. Baretto             --
water          rights                  5-27-82p3      Regador                   --
military       naval acad. exam        5-27-82p3      Col. G. Wiley Wells       --
prohibition    temperance              5-28-82p2      Mono                      --
sunday law     equal justice           5-28-82p3      Justice                   --
water          rights                  5-31-82p2      Regador                   --
animals        dog catchers            6-7-82p3       citizen                   official dog strangling, GOOD
animals        dog catchers            6-8-82p3       an observer               the other side, GOOD
misc           court costs             6-9-82p3       LM.                       --
misc           correction              6-9-82p3       H.C. Dane                 --re Masonic order
elections      primary                 6-10-82p3      Quis Vituperavit          ex-cons shouldn't vote
water          rights                  6-14-82p3      Country Jake              --
civil service  spoils system           6-15-82p3      Home Protection           wants Republican appointed clerk
sports         prize fight             6-17-82p3      Tecolate                  --
water          rights                  6-18-82p3      A Chinaman                reply to Country Jake
transit        cable cars              6-23-82p3      Justice                   defends cable railway
PPs            Greenback               6-24-82p3      Jesse H. Butler           party picnic
police         abuse                   6-29-82p3      Horace Bell               GOOD
RRs            RR passes               6-29-82p3      Pensee                    opposes passes, GOOD
military       national guard          6-29-82p3      Saber                     supports guard cavalry
misc           --                      7-2-82p?       A.S. and N.S. Averill     in memory of son
PPs            Greenback               7-7-82p2       Jesse H. Butler           picnic
agri           pests                   7-7-82p3       J.W. Redway               orange beetle
RRs            RR commission           7-7-82p3       Economist                 --
agri           pests                   7-9-82p3       EJP.                      May bug's effect on oranges
religion       presbyterians           7-9-82p3       John W.Ellis              history
religion       presbyterians           7-11-82p4      Reporter                  reply to Ellis
agri           pests                   7-11-82p4      J.W. Redway               orange beetle
misc           Henry Clay              7-13-82p1      Trunton                   Clay's American policy
sunday law     --                      7-13-82p2      Ergo                      --
religion       presbyterians           7-13-82p3      John W. Ellis             reply to reporter
sports         gambling                7-14-82p3      Santa Monica              --
sports         guns                    7-14-82p3      WH                        anti-gun
religion       presbyterians           7-14-82p3      Reporter                  history
sunday law     pro                     7-14-82p4      Amer. citizen             also pro prohibition
religion       presbyterians           7-16-82p3      John W. Ellis             reply to reporter
business       regulation              7-16-82p3      C.W. Gibson               against price fixing
misc           correction              7-18-82p3      Alfred Moore              --
military       navy                    7-22-82p2      Truxton                   --
prohibition    --                      7-26-82p3      Jere Boyd                 --
mining         Calico                  7-27-82p3      miner                     --
streets        criticism               7-29-82p3      pedestrian                blockaded
gambling       anti                    8-1-82p3       a voter                   lst "Letters from the People" col.
L.A. River     --                      8-2-82p3       Alfred Moore              reply to Warner's 7-30p2 art.
cities         ojai                    8-2-82p3       Broadbrim                 --
Times          writers                 8-5-82p4       Tecolate                  FUNNY, ED. REPLY
misc           bathing suits           8-5-82p4       MVW                       immodesty
L.A. River     --                      8-6-82p4       JJ Warner                 reply to Moore
sunday law     --                      8-8-82p2       Broadbrim                 --
agri           farmhands               8-8-82p4       David Fisher              their grievances
agri           watered milk            8-8-82p4       Jere Boyd                 --
misc           anti-gambling           8-8-82p4       R. Valenzuela             reformed gambler
misc           darwinism               8-11-82p2      Robin Railroad            --
military       vets home               8-11-82p2      A Vet                     --
misc           jury                    8-15-82p4      Broadbrim                 drunk jury
misc           nuisance                8-18-82p4      Alfred Moore              powder plant a nuisance
misc           nuisance                8-18-82p4      M.A.                      noisy neighbors
misc           nuisance                8-19-82p2      M.                        Allen Bldg
sports         baseball                8-19-82p2      Ivy B.B.C.                a challenge
sunday law     pro                     8-19-82p2      Law and order             enforce it
L.A. Harbor    Wilmington              8-23-82p4      commercial traveler       lighterage abuse
streets        critic                  8-23-82p4      C.                        street repairs
agri           forage crops            9-5-82p3       M. P. Cutler              SAVE HAY!
transit        street rrs              9-5-82p3       Isaias Hellman            correction
business       insurance               9-5-82p3       XXX                       --
transit        street rrs              9-6-82p2       B. Cohn                   reply to Hellman
sunday law     --                      9-6-82p2       Presto                    --
streets        lighting                9-12-82p3      F                         praise council for lighting
ethnic         anti-Chinese            9-12-82p3      Hearye                    abolish Chinatown
sports         bicycles                9-12-82p3      Ex-superintendant         urges a race
agri           hay                     9-12-82p3      a farmer                  see other letter on hay
sunday law     pro                     9-13-82p4      B                         --
sports         baseball                9-16-82p4      Sec., Ivy B.B.C.          --
elections      schools                 9-16-82p4      Friend of Educ.           pro-J?. W. Hinton, Sup't
agri           pests                   9-19-82p4      B.M. LeLong               red scale
agri           bureaucracy             9-19-82p4      JGD.                      about jargon. ED. REPLY
elections      school                  9-20-82p4      Lover of Fair Play        Warren for Sup't
misc           --                      9-20-82p4      R. H. H.                  curious marriage, see art 9/21p4
PPs            Stoneman                9-21-82p4      ex-boy-in-blue            --
RRs            SP                      9-22-82p2      citizen                   --
RRs            ticket scalping         9-22-82p1      J. P. McA                 critical
PPs            Republicans             9-22-82p2      Jumbo                     critical
elections      --                      9-22-82p2      B.F.                      Tarwater for Co. recorder
prostitution   --                      9-22-82p2      Common Decency            --
sunday law     --                      9-23-82p4      Jere Boyd                 --
RRs            ticket scalping         9-23-82p4      E. Nittinger              RR tickets
prohibition    women                   9-27-82p3      HWB                       women as temperance workers
agri           butter                  9-29-82p4      Grange Store              --
streets        roads                   9-30-82p4      Fiat lux                  need better roads
politics       carpetbaggers           10-3-82p4      Carpet-bagger             defends Gov. Woods,GOOD
misc           --                      10-3-82p4      W.B. Linscott             why he's not moving. ED REPLY
prostitution   L.A.street              10-3-82p4      Pater Familias            --
health         sanitation              10-3-82p4      H                         foot of 1st street, unhealthful
PPs            Greenback               10-3-82p4      Alfred Moore              denounces LA party organization
crime          reform school           10-4-82p3      Walter Lindley            for reform school
business       regulation              10-4-82p3      M. D.                     butter, short weight. FUNNY
religion       correction              10-4-82p3      W.B. Linscott             who founded christian church?
politics       Stoneman                10-4-82p3      Baron Munchausen          his military record, FUNNY
gas co         critic                  10-4-82p4      H.T. Hazard, city att'y   --
streets        roads                   10-5-82p1      JBN.                      poor condition of roads
labor          painters'low wages      10-6-82p4      contractor                solution-a set price
labor          unqualified painters    10-7-82p4      pioneer                   reply to contractor
prostitution   Santa Ana               10-7-82p4      anon                      (unclear)
agri           winery                  10-10-82p4     San Gabriel               winery needed
elections      --                      10-10-82p4     WJM.                      Dolland? for assessor
politics       state                   10-11-82p2     admonitor                 --
agri           pests                   10-12-82p4     W.E. Sibley               curculio scare, fruit pest
crime          juveniles               10-13-82p3     Teacher                   reply to Lindley
crime          juveniles               10-13-82p3     Betsy Bobbett             reply to Lindley; poor teaching
sewage         condition               10-13-82p3     Visitor                   L.A.'s the worst!
fire dept      false alarms            10-14-82p4     H.                        GOOD
religion       --                      10-14-82p4     inquirer                  --
misc           fish/people             10-22-82p3     M.S Baker                 --
agri           grapes                  10=25-82p4     San Gabriel               problems of growers
crime          juveniles               10-26-82p3     Teacher                   reply to Lindley
misc           vegetarianism           10-26-82p3     Athena                    --
rival papers   Herald                  10-26-82p4     OK                        critical of Herald
elections      school                  10-27-82p3     John R. Brierly           pro-Hinton, anti-Moore
elections      --                      10-28-82p2     Prohibitionist            urges Prohibs to vote Republican
crime          juvenile                10-29-82p4     Walter Lindley            reform school
elections      --                      10-31-82p4     American                  corrupt
elections      --                      10-31-82p4     Query                     anti-Prohibitionist
fair           critic                  10-31-82p4     Justitia                  see reply on 11/10p4
educ           L.A.                    11-1-82p1      Friend                    about Dr. T.H. Rose. "father of LA schools"
elections      drys                    11-1-82p1      Boyd                      who should drys vote for?
misc           Daggett's debt          11-2-82p4      Ecks Grosser              --
PPs            Greenback               11-2-82p4      Veritas                   anti-greenback party(but see 11/7p1)
educ           L.A.                    11-2-82p4      T. H. Rose                reply to Friend
rival papers   Herald                  11-2-82p4      Fair Play                 critic
elections      Prohibitionists         11-2-82p4      Another prohibitionist    vote Republican
RRs            to Willmore             11-3-82p4      W                         --
elections      school                  11-4-82p4      John R. Brierly           pro-Hinton, anti-Moore
streets        hitching post           11-4-82p4      Rusticus                  needed
elections      state                   11-5-82p2      straightest               RRs support Stoneman
elections      Democrats               11-5-82p2      G                         Demo. party lies
elections      Ling                    11-5-82p2      Prohibitionist            investigate Ling
elections      Ling                    11-7-82p1      R.A. Ling                 replies; ED REPLIES
fair           defended                11-10-82p4     F.J. Barrett              defends fair, reply to Justitia
fair           critic                  11-12-82p1     John B. Niles             criticizes fair. reply to Barrett
misc           --                      11-22-82p2     E.P.?                     ways to make money
misc           tramps                  11-22-82p2     Jack Rowland              defends tramps
misc           peddlers                11-23-82p4     LRC                       anti- peddler
crime          juvenile                11-23-82p4     A schoolboy               reply to Betsy Bobbett
misc           science                 11-25-82p2     N.D. Robinson             transit of venus
agri           potato                  11-26-82p4     JCS.                      FUNNY
elections      local                   11-26-82p4     Progress                  Beaudry for mayor
local history  preservation            11-28-82p3     Betsy Bobbett             save old ruins
elections      school                  12-1-82p4      Vindicator                --
misc           local rivalry           12-1-82p4      EJP.                      L.A.real estate agents decry Anaheim


TOPIC          SUBTOPIC                DATE/PAGE      AUTHOR                    COMMENT

misc           travel                  3-4-83p2       E.E. Kent                 travel to L.A.
misc           correction              3-8-83p4       J.J. Warner               --
prohibition    pro                     3-8-83p4       C                         temperance in pasadena
educ           --                      3-11-83p3      J.M. Guinn                --
cities         Calico                  3-14-83p3      tenderfoot                --
misc           electroscope            3-15-83p3      smile                     hoax
prohibition    Orange                  3-16-83p4      occasional                reply to Faith Friendly
religion       poor air                3-17-83p1      M                         ED REPLY, FUNNY
religion       poor air                3-20-83p1      JR                        reply to M and editor, GOOD
sports         hunting                 3-22-83p1      sportsman                 enforce game laws
religion       poor air                3-22-83p1      W                         reply to J.R.
business       board of trade          3-24-83p4      JMD.                      praises board; (John M. Davies?)
transit        street cars             3-31-83p4      one of the people         critic, GOOD
weather        drought                 4-3-83p1       F.M. Shaw                 effect on fires; SHAW's first letter
misc           Emp. Wilhelm            4-4-83p3       A german                  Wilhelm not intemperate
streets        San Pedro St            4-6-83p1       a protestor               street closure
misc           justice                 4-8-83p1       S                         law is not justice
educ           teachers' institute     4-14-83p4      an owl                    --
religion       fund raising            4-15-83p4      a friend of Jesus         opposes dramas, etc
religion       fund raising            4-17-83p3      K.F. Junor                opposes raffles. etc
PPs            Stoneman                4-18-83p4      J.A. Brewster             opposes Yosemite veto, Carl Brown
agri           fruit                   4-19-83p3      R.F.                      Etiwanda
religion       questionable practices  4-21-83p4      E.S. Chase                
misc           buried forest           4-22-83p1      F.M. Shaw                 [Frederick Moulton Shaw]
religion       questionable practices  4-24-83p3      K. F. Junor               --
religion       questionable practices  4-24-83p3      A friend of Jesus         reply to Junor, Sunday law
local govt     municipal bonds         4-26-83p1      Pro Bono Publico          opposes them
streets        numbering               4-26-83p1      S.B. Greenslade           numbering fraud
health         reform                  4-26-83p1      F.M. Shaw                 [a quaker, lectured in 1867]
local govt     municipal bonds         4-29-83p1      Pro Bono Publico          --
local govt     municipal bonds         4-29-83p1      Caution                   --
F. M. Shaw     arrest                  4-29-83p1      Wm. R. Olden              defends Shaw
F. M. Shaw     arrest                  4-29-83p1      CAC                       defends Shaw
F. M. Shaw     arrest                  4-29-83p1      D                         defends Shaw SEE ALSO 4/28p1, 5/1p1 re SHAW
RRs            Tehachapi               5-1-83p1       Frank Perkins             Tehachapi grade
local govt     municipal bonds         5-3-83p4       Los Angeles               pro city hall bonds
local govt     municipal bonds         5-3-83p4       D                         pro [bonds were later defeated in election]
religion       merger                  5-10-83p1      an outsider               merger failed in Westminster
culture        justice                 5-10-83p1      Pro Bono Publico          he is a street vendor artist
culture        justice                 5-10-83p1      citizenness               supports the artist's complaint
misc           poem                    5-12-83p4      residentor                --
misc           jury                    5-12-83p4      reader                    misconduct, ED AGREES
streets        numbering               5-12-83p4      citizen                   denounces it, advocates current method
prostitution   critic                  5-12-83p4      Buena Vista               on Buena Vista st,
sunday law     pro                     5-12-83p4      RS                        --suggests a new one
misc           birds                   5-13-83p3      Smallpox?                 --
streets        bridges                 5-15-83p4      Harry Sherwood            speeding on bridges
misc           organ grinders          5-18-83p4      Americus                  anti
educ           violence                5-25-83p4      Citizen                   penal code re school violence
educ           violence                5-26-83p4      pedagogue                 denounces assault on teacher
misc           coin defacing           5-30-83p1      Jack                      --
RRs            superintendent          5-30-83p1      observer                  --
RRs            fraud                   5-31-83p4      one of 'em                in Pasadena
misc           puff                    6-2-83p2       --                        Calif as Eden, Iowa letter
military       veterans                6-5-83p4       AJ                        age of civil war vets
health         opium                   6-7-83p4       C                         stop opium
local history  --                      6-9-83p8?      J.J. Warner               denounces Farnsworth's book
fair           prizes                  6-13-83p2      life-long horticulturist  opposes non-agri prizes
local history  --                      6-14-83p2      Jeanne C. Carr            defends Farnsworth, reply to JJW
culture        concert                 6-15-83p6      HDB.                      --
animals        cruelty                 6-16-83p6      J.B. Shepherd             ED REPLIES
misc           local history           6-16-83p6      J.J. Warner               reply to Carr
educ           state normal            6-20-83p6      South California          local branch run by San Jose
educ           state normal            6-21-83p4      M                         agrees it isn't run in LA's interest
PPs            Democrats               6-24-83p1      Constance                 sarcastic. GOOD
religion       history                 6-24-83p1      Geo. T. Hanly             ED REPLIES, sarcastic
crime          lack of action          6-26-83p4      H                         "vile class" at Turner and Alameda Sts.
business       regulation              6-26-83p4      G.A. Millard              critical of county licenses
local govt     tax collector           6-27-83p1      Lex                       critical of Asa Ellis
local govt     tax collector           6-29-83p4      A. Moore                  critical
agri           bees                    7-10-83p3      N. Levering               habits of bees
water          hydrants                7-11-83p4      citizen                   --
crime          murder                  7-13-83p4      justice(M.A. Cummings)    murder of Mr. Avise
water          franchise               7-13-83p4      taxpayer                  compensation to city
prostitution   laws                    7-14-83p3      Buena Vista               law enforcement
educ           public schools          7-14-83p3      J.M. Guinn                overcrowded schools
crime          murder                  7-14-83p3      A little man              murder of Mr. Avise
misc           suicide                 7-14-83p3      Walter Lindley            --
foreign        Mexico                  7-17-83p2      SJF                       economic possibilities
educ           public schools          7-17-83p3      J.M. Guinn                overcrowded schools
business       board of trade          7-18-83p4      M                         criticism of Trade pamphlet
religion       morality                7-18-83p4      Constance                 low morals on sabbath
religion       street preaching        7-18-83p4      one of the holiness band  --
labor          mechanics liens         7-18-83p4      sex                       regulation of mechanics
crime          murder                  7-18-83p4      justice                   murder of Mr. Avise
labor          strike                  7-21-83p4      rambler                   telegraphers' strike
streets        Workman St.             7-21-83p4      Daisy Fox                 mislabeling of sign
health         diet                    7-22-83p3      Athena                    proper diet
agri           millet                  7-24-83p3      W.A. Sanders              evergreen millet
educ           parents                 8-1-83p3       J.W. Redway               anti-parental schools
sunday law     enforcement             8-1-83p3       a new-comer               enforcing the sabbath
educ           parents                 8-2-83p3       Zack Montgomery           anti-parental schools rebuttal
educ           parents                 8-2-83p3       Henry St. Clair            attack on Montgomery
business       competitiveness         8-2-83p3       Hutton Bros.              California's competitiveness
educ           parents                 8-4-83p3       Jordan Cox                rebuttal to Montgomery
educ           parents                 8-4-83p3       observer                  defense of Montgomery
streets        Main St.                8-4-83p3       N                         --
misc           Knights Templars        8-7-83p3       progress                  --
health         tobacco                 8-7-83p3       G.A. Millard              minors smoking
health         malpractice             8-8-83p3       Dr. Joseph Kurtz          death of Jean Blanc
business       manufacturing           8-9-83p3       Re Vera                   in L.A.
health         malpractice             8-9-83p3       W.E. Reed                 Dr. Reed defends himself, reply to Kurtz
The Times      plagiarism              8-10-83p4      literati                  plagiarism in LA Times
health         odors                   8-11-83p3      a man with a nose         noisome odors in LA
business       license                 8-11-83p3      manufacturer              license tax on manufacturers
business       license                 8-14-83p3      Re vera                   tax on manufacturers
sunday law     anti                    8-16-83p3      Santa Ana                 --reply to Constance's July letter
streets        sidewalks               8-17-83p4      re vera                   obstructions; reply to pedestrian FUNNY
religion       singing                 8-23-83p2      stranger                  LA churches lack congregational singing
religion       sermon                  8-23-83p2      [Rev] J.W. Ellis          Times incorrectly reported pro-labor sermon
water          --                      8-25-83p1      one of them               complains about Beaudry's water company
water          --                      8-26-83p2      Walter D. Stephenson      complaint re Beaudry's company
fair           Iowa                    8-26-83p2      Washburn Bros             LA should exhibit at Iowa
religion       liberal                 8-26-83p2      pro bono publico          LA needs liberal church
educ           greek/latin             9-1-83p2       citizen                   shouldn't teach dead languages at high school
transit        street railroads        9-5-83p2       rusticus                  --
sports         hunting                 9-5-83p2       sportsman                 quail hunting
sewage         for irrigation          9-9-83p3       F.M. Shaw                 --
misc           state names             9-11-83p3      T.H. Rose                 western state names
earthquakes    report                  9-12-83p3      Fox                       --
earthquakes    report                  9-12-83p3      WH                        --
misc           courts                  9-13-83p1      Palos Verdes              unfair courts in Wilmington
taxes          property tax            9-14-83p3      --                        unjust system
sports         hunting                 9-14-83p3      sportsman                 quail hunting
misc           shipping                9-14-83p3      John R. Brierly           explains nom de plume Palos Verdes
agri           milk                    9-14-83p3      Constance                 milk inspector
misc           knights templar         9-15-83p3      Thos. R. Ercanbrack       Iowa
earthquakes    report                  9-18-83p3      Daniel L. Mekeel          --
sports         hunting                 9-19-83p4      sportsman                 ridicule of victim
misc           shipping                9-19-83p4      Palos Verdes              rebuttal of Brierly
misc           correction              9-19-83p4      JFJ                       misprint
PPs            Shakespeare             9-22-83p3      Crusader                  modern application
misc           U.S. boundary           9-22-83p3      Whig                      northern boundary
educ           parents                 9-22-83p3      M                         anti-Montgomery
health         yellow fever            9-23-83p3      M.D.                      in California
streets        numbering               9-23-83p3      order                     --
gambling       legalized               9-23-83p3      vox                       --
gambling       legalized               9-28-83p3      Horatio Marteen           --
housing        rental                  9-29-83p3      D.                        renting a house as a hotel
gambling       legalized               9-29-83p3      quiz                      --
animals        dogs                    10-2-83p3      a nervous resident        --
agri           grapes                  10-4-83p3      L.H. Washburn             midwestern market potentially good
agri           loose cattle            10-4-83p3      --                        ED REPLY; FUNNY
L.A. River     enterprise              10-14-83p3     John F. Humphreys         --
fair           awards                  10-14-83p3     S.W. Luitweiler           see ad 10-30p3
fair           awards                  10-16-83p4     Thos. A. Garvey           --
fair           awards                  10-17-83p3     S.W. Luitweiler           response to Garvey
fair           awards                  10-17-83p3     L. Lichtenberger          response to Luitweiler
fair           awards                  10-18-83p3     S.W. Luitweiler           reply to Lichtenberger
fair           awards                  10-18-83p3     Frank Buttolph, M.D.      --
health         yellow fever            10-18-83p3     F.M. Shaw                 yellow fever scare
sewage         history                 10-23-83p3     Cit                       --
misc           evening lights          10-24-83p3     student                   brilliant lights
housing        rental                  10-24-83p3     IGO                       renting cottages in Oakland
sewage         L.A.                    10-24-83p3     JHB                       --
fair           awards                  10-24-83p3     A.T. Garey                --
housing        rental                  10-25-83p4     JRM                       cheaper rents
educ           industrial              10-25-83p4     --                        --
taxes          city                    10-28-83p6     B. White                  unjust city taxes
lawyers        --                      10-28-83p6     J.R. Valenzuela           threatening a lawyer
religion       methodists              10-30-83p3     Robin Railroad            --
rival papers   Herald                  10-31-83p3     saxon                     criticism of herald
water          rights                  10-31-83p3     taxpayer                  --
misc           criticism               11-1-83p3      --                        criticism of Miss Grundy
housing        rental                  11-1-83p3      Philip                    legal case
housing        rental                  11-1-83p3      a working woman           high rents
misc           L.A.                    11-4-83p3      R.                        future
housing        rental                  11-4-83p3      freedom                   to rent or not
religion       unitarian               11-6-83p3      E. Fay                    --
housing        rental                  11-6-83p3      Henry Gutig Bauer         legal case
crime          punishment              11-7-83p3      one of them               release of murderer
streets        sidewalks               11-7-83p3      X                         sidewalks and lighting, critical
local govt     corruption              11-7-83p3      Thom                      drunken councilman
RRs            taxes                   11-8-83p3      M.                        --
saloons        loitering               11-9-83p3      M.D.                      --
misc           debt                    11-9-83p3      daily subscriber          international debt
women          horse riding            11-10-83p3     NLB                       --
culture        music                   11-10-83p3     Thom                      --
housing        rental                  11-15-83p3     WILLIAM C. OWEN           to rent or not
culture        theater                 11-16-83p3     redress                   new theatre
RRs            proposal                11-16-83p3     squib                     --
agri           non-irrigated crops     11-17-83p3     F.M. Shaw                 --
housing        rental                  11-17-83p3     freedom                   reply to Owen
elections      municipal               11-17-83p3     citizen                   city council
religion       church/state            11-20-83p3     Truxton                   congress approving bishops
women          rights                  11-20-83p3     EAK                       Women's Christian Suffrage Union
local govt     claims against city     11-20-83p3     one of the people         --
streets        lighting                11-22-83p3     Luz                       in Boyle Heights
elections      municipal               11-22-83p3     citizen                   caucas re council election
elections      Republican              11-23-83p4     W                         Republican primaries
elections      school                  11-23-83p4     BCA                       school director election
crime          rewards                 11-24-83p3     justice                   rewards for murderers
culture        music                   11-24-83p3     music                     criticism of concert
misc           evening lights          11-25-83p6     T.H. Rose, M.D.           zodiacal evening lights
misc           contractors             11-29-83p3     justice                   their obligations
20th century   beginning               11-29-83p3     ED and CR                 Jan 1 1900 in 19th century
20th century   beginning               12-1-83p4      PM                        Jan 1 1900 in 20th century
20th century   beginning               12-1-83p4      20th century              1/1/00 in 20th century
20th century   beginning               12-1-83p4      Miss Grundy               1/1/00 in 19th century
20th century   beginning               12-2-83p6      --                        --
20th century   beginning               12-2-83p6      PM                        --
20th century   beginning               12-2-83p6      Re Vera                   --
20th century   beginning               12-2-83p6      Esor                      --


TOPIC          SUBTOPIC                DATE/PAGE      AUTHOR                    COMMENT

tariff         Del Valle               10-19-84p2     Publius                   Del Valle and tariff
elections      Prohibitionists         10-21-84p2     J                         Prohibs help Democrats
fair           world's                 10-21-84p2     B.                        proposes LA exhibit at New Orleans
misc           honesty                 10-21-84p2     TWS                       commends for a return
misc           McSweeny                10-22-84p2     JOHN MURRAY               says McSweeny not US citizen
rival papers   Herald                  10-23-84p2     Protectionist             Herald lies for Democrats;FUNNY
misc           modesty                 10-23-84p2     Uncle Jack                reply to Aunt Rachel's letter
PPs            Markham                 10-24-84p4     a citizen                 defends Markham re use of cheap chinese labor
elections      national                10-26-84p5     videx                     thoughtfully pro-Blaine, anti-Cleveland
elections      Republicans             10-28-84p2     old vet                   vets will vote as they shot
illegible      --                      10-29-84p2     --                        --
elections      Prohibitionists         10-30-84p2     temperance                don't divide Republicans
taxes          waste                   10-31-84p2     taxpayer                  at local levels
crime          judge Ling              11-1-84p2      William Fleming           Ling's freed murderers
elections      Democrats               11-2-84p2      True Blue                 criticizes Compton Democrat rally
elections      Democrats               11-2-84p2      GAM                       criticizes Compton Democrat rally
local govt     county workers          11-2-84p2      printer                   complains that co. workers do co. printing
elections      national                11-2-84p2      O'B                       supports Blaine
The Times      --                      11-2-84p2      LBN                       dropped Times but resubscribed
elections      national                11-4-84p2      HDB                       supports Blaine and tariff
elections      voter registration      11-4-84p2      Fair count                illegal, in Santa Monica
lawyers        --                      11-5-84p2      NPC                       anti-lawyer
fair           world's                 11-8-84p2      Chas. W. Bell             urges LA to participate at N. Orleans
agri           bees                    11-8-84p2      F.M. Shaw                 their habits
streets        roads                   11-8-84p2      Benjamin Blowhard         poor condition of roads
misc           minerals                11-14-84p2     AGT                       at Desert Tank on SPRR
women          critic                  11-16-84p2     Miss Grundy               women reformers too exuberant
local govt     courthouse              11-16-84p2     observor                  why the bonds failed
PPs            Republican              11-16-84p2     F.X. Palmer               prohibitionist leanings
PPs            Republicans             11-16-84p2     A constant reader         why are they hiring Democrats?
PPs            Democrats               11-16-84p2     old soldier               why aren't vets in Demo. parade?
elections      Prohibitionists         11-20-84p2     L.A.Minister              they helped Demos-shame!
elections      national                11-20-84p2     JOHN MURRAY               why Blaine lost
elections      national                11-23-84p2     Ben Blowhard              Blaine lost due to Prohibs.
elections      national                11-23-84p2     JKF                       elect Pres and Veep separately
business       trade                   11-23-84p2     Chas. Weile               promote it with West Coast So. Amer
elections      Democrats               11-30-84p6     M. V. Biscailuz           voted for Democrats
agri           beans                   12-4-84p4      F.M. Shaw                 --
agri           poultry                 12-6-84p7      TW                        in So. Calif [this is in Weekly Mirror]
elections      Prohibitionists         12-6-84p7      Voter of Fifth Ward       they waste their votes
money          --                      12-9-84p3      HDB                       subsidiary coins
elections      Prohibitionists         12-11-84p3     A temperance man          critic, they voted Demo
military       pensions                12-11-84p3     F.M. Shaw                 southern pensions to confederates
animals        cruelty                 12-13-84p3     Medal                     --
streets        paving                  12-13-84p3     John Hall                 --
elections      Prohibitionists         12-14-84p4     A.J. Spencer              treat Repubs as friends
religion       methodists              12-18-84p3     W B. Stradley             it isn't getting foreign money
streets        LA                      12-18-84p3     AJB                       pave them with gravel
PPs            Democrats               12-19-84p3     Citizen                   their long control of city council
agri           fruit                   12-19-84p3     M Welsh                   future in So. Cal. is rosy
money          silver                  12-20-84p3     HDB                       advocates free silver
educ           schools                 12-20-84p3     justice                   hazards of putting schools on hills
streets        roads                   12-20-84p3     TSP                       complaint
money          silver                  12-20-84p3     JB                        pro free coinage
L.A. River     condition               12-21-84p5     J                         clean it up
religion       Catholic                12-23-84p2     Elias Birdsall            marriage and divorce
prohibition    bill                    12-30-84p2     O                         supports bill for prohibition


TOPIC          SUBTOPIC                DATE/PAGE      AUTHOR                    COMMENT

misc           gang                    1-4-85p5       Lucy Jones                --
post office    --                      1-10-85p6      R. Victim                 --
religion       faith healers           1-11-85p5      faith and prayer          --
streets        problems                1-11-85p5      truth-seeker              --
money          silver                  1-11-85p5      inquirer                  --
PPs            Schuyler Colfax         1-16-85p3      D.A. Wagner               --
L.A. River     levee                   1-16-85p3      west side                 --
streets        poor condition          1-16-85p3      Rex                       --
educ           reform school           1-17-85p4      Walter Lindley            need state school for boys
religion       --                      1-18-85p2      seeker of truth           --
misc           immigration laws        1-18-85p2      F.M. Shaw                 --
misc           --                      1-20-85p2      medal                     public servant
health         diet                    1-20-85p2      a practitioner            miracle diet
religion       miracles                1-23-85p4      common sense              --
taxes          reform                  1-30-85p4      Z                         --
misc           --                      1-30-85p4      S                         Louise Davenport
women          --                      1-31-85p8      Curran                    voice of women
post office    problems                2-5-85p4       old veteran               --
misc           correction              2-5-85p4       H.T. Payne                --
streets        --                      2-13-85p4      unvarnished liar          --
housing        --                      2-14-85p8      B.F.Bresee                --
religion       --                      2-15-85p5      truth                     [illegible]
[illegible]    --                      2-15-85p5      John F. Humphreys         --
charity        welfare                 2-19-85p4      A.V.                      welfare for business  FUNNY
religion       sabbath                 2-22-85p1      George A. Green           is it Sat or Sun?
labor          hours                   3-3-85p4       B. Nellison               --
labor          nine hours              3-7-85p3       Truth                     --
misc           franchise               3-8-85p5       Truth                     --wharf
labor          9 hour day              3-8-85p5       The Workman's Friend      for 9 hours
labor          hours                   3-12-85p4      A. VINETTE                --nine hours
misc           public order            3-13-85p4      JOHN MURRAY               --
police         chief                   3-15-85p6      Democrat                  --
women          women's work            3-15-85p6      one of the unfortunates   --
labor          sales people            3-18-85p4      a lady customer           criticizes salesladies
money          silver                  3-19-85p4      H.R.A. Boys               --
women          labor                   3-25-85p2      one of the unfortunates   objects to art attacking saleswomen
women          women v. ladies         3-25-85p2      MDL                       call us women
misc           city beer garden        4-4-85p3       democrat                  --
police         chief                   4-4-85p3       many taxpayers            charges against chief
police         chief                   4-7-85p2       taxpayer                  charges
police         chief                   4-7-85p2       citizen                   charges
educ           public schools          4-9-85p2       Florence Mather           donations for them
library        city                    4-18-85p2      lover of good books       --
misc           correction              4-18-85p2      Wm. Chippendale           Duarte fruit exhibit at N. Orleans
health         insane asylums          4-18-85p2      H.D. Burrows              sane lunatics
police         chief                   4-24-85p2      a citizen                 --accusations
misc           geography               4-24-85p2      X                         --book review
foreign        rivalries               4-29-85p2      Blowmanosoffsky?          Russia v. England
PPs            national                4-29-85p2      confederate               confederate apptmts by Cleveland
real estate    land boom               5-2-85p2       HDB                       --
misc           science                 5-2-85p2       S                         are stars made of gas?
foreign        rivalries               5-5-85p2       AJ                        Russia v. England
foreign        rivalries               5-5-85p2       William Pearce            Russia v. England
L.A. Harbor    --                      5-5-85p2       Occident                  --
misc           civilization            5-12-85p2      Horace Smith              --
foreign        Europe                  5-13-85p2      Stuart Stanley            rivalries
agri           corn                    5-15-85p2      R.M. Beach                yields
foreign        rivalries               5-17-85p5      A Bear                    Russia v. England
water          Sacramento              5-19-85p2      C                         water supply
misc           elocution               5-21-85p3      Lydia *Bell               importance of good speech
saloons        closing                 5-28-85p2      Plain John                --
agri           orchards                5-28-85p2      AFK                       --
military       Memorial Day            6-2-85p2       vidette                   critical of including confederates
misc           correction              6-2-85p2       Jas. D. Bullis            city councilman corrects record
elections      1860                    6-7-85p3       H.D. Barrows              Lincoln's LA vote
rival papers   Express                 6-10-85p4      Vincente Bernard          GOOD ED REPLY. on Catholicism
religion       Catholics and G.A.R.    6-10-85p4      Gen. Horace B. Sargent    ED REPLIES
culture        art censorship          6-11-85p2      Nuda Veritas              local exhibit, GOOD
streets        bridges                 6-13-85p2      Traveler                  against ads on bridges
misc           correction              6-17-85p2      J.W. Scott                --
culture        art                     6-18-85p2      Brush                     --
morals         seduction               6-19-85p2      A woman                   denounces Gregory for seduction
culture        art                     6-19-85p2      art-lover                 exhibit shouldn't be limited to oils
foreign        Nicaraguan canal        6-20-85p2      J.P. Widney               for it
agri           pesticides              6-20-85p2      C                         for use
misc           July 4                  6-21-85p5      J.W. Myers                in Newhall
religion       patriotism              6-22-85p2      V                         --
culture        art                     6-24-85p2      W.K. Vickery              exhibit
religion       patriotism              6-25-85p2      Eli Fay                   --
animals        cruelty                 7-1-85p3       M.D. Lummis. M.D.         --
educ           missions                7-2-85p4       stranger                  --
misc           tramps                  7-4-85p4       F.M. Erwin                quail
ethnic         Chinese                 7-7-85p2       Phillip Kelly             --
labor          boycott                 7-7-85p2       AV                        anti-Chinese
misc           correction              7-7-85p2       W.M. Potts                --
rival papers   Express                 7-8-85p4       Typog. Union              critices Express, pro-Times
library        hours                   7-10-85p2      WHH                       keeping the library open
sports         chess                   7-10-85p2      Fair Play                 old men monopolize boards
water          --                      7-10-85p2      J. Dunigan                --
misc           Eng. lang.              7-11-85p3      J.C.Sherer                --
women          home educ               7-11-85p3      T.J. Capel                --
saloons        crime                   7-15-85p4      Ben. Walton               crime-breeding places
women          --                      7-15-85p4      Borax                     --
water          city                    7-15-85p4      victim                    --
religion       pope                    7-16-85p1      Compona?                  --
water          --                      7-18-85p2      old settler               --
misc           mind cure               7-18-85p2      Meda                      --
water          --                      7-19-85p5      O.B. Bird                 --
misc           plaza                   7-21-85p2      Ergo                      spruce it up
animals        horses                  7-21-85p2      Friend of horses          mistreatment
misc           Ohio                    7-25-85p2      A Cincinnatian            --
streets        Temple St               7-25-85p2      JEP                       bad condition
local govt     courthouse              7-25-85p2      citizen                   sale of courthouse
misc           flag                    7-26-85p5      C. Mortimer               --
business       manufacturing           7-28-85p3      manufacturer              needs more
water          --                      7-29-85p2      J. Dunigan                --
labor          grievances              7-29-85p2      Free labor                --
ethnic         anti-Chinese            7-29-85p2      Regrant? Populus          --
misc           flag                    7-29-85p2      Edwin Ward                --
water          --                      7-30-85p2      old settler               --
water          --                      7-30-85p2      F.A. Seymour              --
saloons        --                      7-30-85p2      Plain John                --
taxes          paper mill              7-31-85p2      scribe                    under assessed
religion       Catholic                7-31-85p2      a Catholic                reply to Birdsall on Msgr. Capel
misc           Gen. Grant              8-2-85p5       Honest John               --
transit        cable road              8-2-85p5       T. Widd                   to Pasadena
misc.          Gen Grant               8-4-85p3       Eli Fay                   memorial service
misc           cremation               8-7-85p2       O.B. Bird.M.D.            --
religion       Catholic                8-9-85p5       T.J. Capel                true catholicism
misc           age of consent          8-9-85p5       Discipulus                --
religion       Catholic                8-12-85p3      Elias Birdsall            reply[note:must be earlier Bird. letter]
misc           fiscal problems         8-13-85p2      H.D. Barrows              --
misc           correction              8-13-85p2      Ike Grinbaum              --
misc           correction              8-14-85p2      Fannie Sawyer             --
misc           cremation               8-14-85p2      O.B. Bird                 may be repeat of 8/7 letter
rival papers   Herald                  8-15-85p4      Plaindealer               criticizes Herald re Confederate vets
RRs            --                      8-15-85p4      Riversider                --
police         officer Geary           8-20-85p4      Edward Weed               --
misc           cremation               8-21-85p2      O.B. BIrd                 --
misc           cremation               8-21-85p2      Eli Fay                   --
rival papers   advertising             8-22-85p2      Re Vera                   Ed. Reply
misc           wife berta??            8-23-85p5      a woman                   --
religion       Catholic                8-25-85p2      Msgr. Capel               reply to Rev. Birdsall
elections      municipal               8-28-85p2      First Ward                --
post office    --                      8-28-85p2      sufferer                  cart in front of P.O.
animals        coyotes                 9-2-85p2       Edwin Ward                nature
animals        butterflys              9-2-85p2       Edwin Ward                in Guatemala
RRs            --                      9-6-85p2       John Hizlip               --
educ           school                  9-8-85p2       W.C. Stevens              Morris Vineyard
water          Pasadena                9-9-85p2       Lake Vineyard Stockholder we have good water
foreign        Bismarck                9-10-85p3      Sternhalt                 European rivalries
religion       prophesy                9-10-85p3      B                         --
foreign        France                  9-12-85p2      Sternholt                 Franco-Spanish problem
religion       justice                 9-19-85p2      Eli Fay                   --
misc           eastern vistas          9-23-85p2      Sternholt                 --
rival papers   Express                 9-24-85p2      X                         GOOD re Cucamonga fire and hot temperature
prohibition    --                      9-26-85p2      Videx                     --
high license   --                      9-27-85p2      High License              --
high license   --                      9-27-85p2      DC                        --
high license   --                      9-27-85p2      CRO                       --
high license   --                      9-27-85p2      John Buddington           --
RRs            --                      9-27-85p2      AM                        --
prohibition    --                      9-29-85p2      M.D.Lummis M.D.           --inebriates response?
streets        lighting                9-29-85p2      more light                wants more light
agri           oranges                 9-29-85p2      H. D. Barrows             Calif v. Florida
post office    postmaster              10-1-85p2      M                         --
high license   Mayor Spence            10-1-85p2      High License              --
misc           justice                 10-3-85p2      Eli Fay                   --
high license   low license             10-8-85p2      Buckeye                   --
civil service  city                    10-8-85p2      Octavius Morgan           jail exam
agri           Co. Agri. Assn          10-11-85-2     Downey                    lists leading members
saloons        League of Freedom       10-11-85p2     Law and Order             anti-league
civil service  city                    10-11-85p2     R.B. Young                reply to O. Morgan
misc           grand jury              10-17-85p2     A.A. Montano              reply to grand jury
misc           grand jury              10-17-85p2     incompetent deputies ??   --
real estate    tax titles              10-17-85p2     justice                   --
labor          accidents               10-18-85p5     laboring man              --
educ           recess                  10-18-85p5     a parent                  abolish recess
animals        cruelty                 10-18-85p5     huanity                   --
misc           Iowa idee               10-20-85p2     Hawkeye                   CUTE
misc           fire                    10-24-85p2     O.B. BIrd                 Edwards burner
religion       --                      10-24-85p2     Enquirer                  north and south churches
women          labor                   10-27-85p2     A.J. Wells                working girls
religion       --                      10-27-85p2     B                         north and south churches
culture        photographs             10-27-85p2     decency                   demands censorship
misc           Gould and Wood          10-28-85p2     M.C. Winchester           -
agri           fruit growers           10-28-85p2     J.W. Sallee               association
cities         Cucamonga               10-28-85p2     Cucamonga                 ironic
real estate    tax titles              10-28-85p2     Protector of law          reply to Justice
library        --                      10-29-85p2     philotay                  --
ethnic         Chinese                 10-31-85p?     Two Stars                 --
real estate    tax titles              11-3-85p2      Justice                   reply to Protector
crime          juvenile                11-5-85p2      Echo Answers              turn in son to police
culture        music                   11-11-85p2     Cantor                    trivia
misc           wreckless driving       11-11-85p2     justice                   --
saloons        saloonkeepers           11-11-85p2     law                       Times did right in printing list
misc           social problems         11-13-85p2     AV                        --
misc           correction              11-13-85p2     Shaw                      science
taxes          Democrats               11-13-85p2     Order                     --
lawyers        --                      11-14-85p2     videx                     licenses
misc           economy                 11-15-85p2     Fred. M. Shaw             anti railroad bondholders
prohibition    moderate drinkers       11-15-85p2     M.D.                      --
prohibition    --                      11-17-85p2     justice                   brains v. whiskey
cities         Pasadena                11-18-85p2     E.S. Carr                 --
welfare        cruelty to kids         11-20-85p2     citizen                   --
misc           mudhole                 11-21-85p4     Pacific Construct. Co     mudhole
ethnic         Indians                 11-21-85p4     no name                   rights of natives
ethnic         orientals               11-21-85p4     R.M. Beach                --
library        reading room            11-21-85p4     EAD                       --
streets        roads                   11-22-85p2     GW                        --washouts, muddy
ethnic         Indians                 11-24-85p4     E. F. DeCelis             San Fernando; reply to Widney
elections      city                    11-25-85p3     M. S. Baker               pro-Republican candidates
streets        paving                  11-25-85p3     G.W., X.Y., A.Z.          more paving needed
educ           election                11-26-85p2     common sense              supports Col. Griffin
misc           purity                  11-26-85p2     GW                        --
ethnic         Indians                 11-28-85p3     R. M.Widney               reply to DeCelis 11/24
educ           Col. Griffin            11-28-85p3     patron                    Griffin opposes public educ
ethnic         Indians                 11-29-85p5     E.F. DeCelis              San Fernando
elections      first ward              12-3-85p2      voter                     --
elections      school                  12-3-85p2      watchman                  board elections
educ           Col. Griffin            12-3-85p2      A Democrat                Catholics opp. pub. schools
L.A. Harbor    new plan                12-4-85p2      F.M. Shaw                 --
rival papers   Herald                  12-4-85p2      Yankee                    rebukes Herald
business       manufacturing           12-4-85p2      GW                        in L.A.
high license   --                      12-6-85p2      L.M. Ford                 --
PPs            Democrats               12-6-85p2      no name                   --
misc           BOE ??                  12-6-85p2      voter                     denials
illegible      --                      12-6-85p2      Frankenfield              --
elections      school                  12-6-85p2      non-politician            board elections
agri           pests                   12-10-85p2     Mattie Pulsifer           white scale remedy
military       war story               12-13-85p2     One of the boys in blue   --
agri           grapes                  12-15-85p2     RBW                       --
labor          colored                 12-16-85p2     prosperity                --
police         chief                   12-16-85p2     a taxpayer                criticizes council, pro-chief 
water          climate                 12-18-85p2     A New-Comer               --
water          zanjero                 12-19-85p2     citizen                   supts J. Culver's engineering skill
religion       --                      12-22-85p2     Eli Fay                   --
religion       revival                 12-22-85p2     Christian                 --
L.A. River     riverbanks              12-22-85p2     RMM                       protect riverbanks
culture        critic                  12-23-85p2     One who was there         --
religion       mormon                  12-23-85p2     D.S. Mills                history
misc           out of state orgs       12-23-85p2     Hawkeye                   wants out of state orgs


TOPIC          SUBTOPIC                DATE/PAGE      AUTHOR                    COMMENT

business       commodities market      1-3-86p4       James Jones               --
misc           --                      1-5-86p2       an old maid               Dr. Munhall criticized
women          equality                1-10-86p4      C.G. Willman              Legion of Honor recognizes equality
women          equality                1-10-86p4      Knights of Labor          Knights have equal membership
streets        bridges                 1-12-86p4      east side                 needed, suggests route to East L.A.
streets        bridges                 1-13-86p2      one drives nervous horse  Buena Vista st. high bridge
post office    postmaster              1-16-86p2      Jackson Democrat          --
misc           --                      1-17-86p3      easterner                 a newcomer's view of LA
sports         baseball                1-17-86p3      J. Wiley Harris           --
women          tramps                  1-17-86p3      Mrs. Dorian               --
misc           --                      1-17-86p3      W.B.                      a person with nerves
religion       --                      1-17-86p3      WH                        shall tabernacle be razed
health         co hospital             1-21-86p2      Darius Crouch             --
RRs            union depot             1-22-86p4      JHB                       --
streets        --                      1-22-86p4      citizen                   good streets
streets        bridges                 1-24-86p4      common sense              Buena Vista St. high bridge
L.A. River     levee                   1-24-86p4      expert                    for a level levee
L.A. River     levee                   1-24-86p4      M.S. Baker                --
streets        graft                   1-24-86p4      taxpayer                  questions cost of roller
L.A. River     flood control           1-28-86p2      G.W.                      tax riverbank owners
L.A. River     flood control           1-28-86p2      Alfred Moore              river needs levee
L.A. River     flood control           1-28-86p2      Gervaise Purcell          create wide channel
L.A. River     flood control           1-28-86p2      Old Terrapin              covered bridge is problem
streets        sidewalks               1-29-86p2      tender foot               --poor condition
L.A. River     floods                  1-29-86p2      J.E. Preston              uplands shouldn't pay for floods
sports         hunting                 1-30-86p2      Edwin Ward                save the quail
agri           pests                   1-31-86p6      Tourist                   gophers; castor beans kill them
water          quality                 2-6-86p2       old settler               effect of sewage on reservoir
business       --                      2-6-86p2       A.B. Williams & co        letter from Cleveland
misc           sunday papers           2-7-86p5       R.M. Beach                --
agri           oranges                 2-7-86p5       E. F. Kyser               will orange growers unite
RRs            LA&San Gab Valley       2-7-86p5       Former Victim             --
educ           cooking school          2-7-86p5       Pater familias            --
streets        paving                  2-8-86p2       a citizen                 --
agri           pests                   2-12-86p2      Orchardist                white scale
crime          punishment              2-14-86p4      a mother                  --
religion       sermons                 2-16-86p2      disappointed              Talmage's sermons
crime          punishment              2-16-86p2      anxious father            heroic treatment
crime          punishment              2-18-86p2      observer                  --
crime          punishment              2-18-86p2      C.V. Schutts              --
crime          punishment              2-18-86p2      a father                  --
culture        acad of fine arts       2-19-86p2      J.H. Lewis                --
ethnic         anti-Chinese            2-19-86p2      GL                        --
morals         --                      2-21-86p5      Jordan Cox                Sunday reading
women          labor                   2-21-86p5      One of the shop-girls     indignant letter
women          country girls           2-21-86p5      an indignant woman        --
L.A. Harbor    proposal                2-21-86p5      F.M. Shaw                 a harbor plan
misc           jail                    2-21-86p5      contractor                plans for jail
streets        sidewalks               2-23-86p3      a tenderfoot              pavement
animals        birds                   2-23-86p3      Edwin Ward                --
lawyers        oath                    2-23-86p3      lex                       --
crime          punishment              2-26-86p2      a friend of humanity      lash for liars
women          labor                   2-26-86p2      husband of country girl   defense of shop girls
ethnic         anti-Chinese            2-27-86p2      justice                   supports Chinese
ethnic         anti-Chinese            2-28-86p5      A.J. Wells                supports rights of Chinese
ethnic         anti-Chinese            3-2-86p2       Jordan Cox                --
mining         mineral exhibit         3-2-86p2       Chicago                   suggests it
streets        pavement                3-2-86p2       John Smith                --
misc           travel                  3-2-86p2       GL                        --
misc           --                      3-2-86p2       civil                     deep-dyed villain
ethnic         anti-Chinese            3-3-86p3       stranger                  --
ethnic         anti-Chinese            3-3-86p3       Rabbi Schrieber           Reply to Wells
ethnic         anti-Chinese            3-4-86p3       old miner                 history
ethnic         anti-Chinese            3-4-86p3       justice                   reply to Rabbi S.
misc           Gen. White              3-4-86p3       Rich                      --
misc           --                      3-4-86p3       inquirer                  --
misc           secession               3-7-86p4       J. W. Potts               L. A. and Civil War
ethnic         anti-Chinese            3-7-86p5       G.L.                      against boycott
religion       --                      3-7-86p5       S. Avery                  --
misc           jail                    3-7-86p5       W. W. Wilson              jail architecture
ethnic         anti-Chinese            3-7-86p5       Mrs. Willard              pro Chinese	
elections      senate                  3-10-86p2      consistency               will Del Valle be appointed Senator
local govt     public building         3-10-86p2      Jno Wakefield             cost??
foreign        anglophobes             3-10-86p2      SAF                       foreign policy
ethnic         anti-Chinese            3-11-86p2      JC                        defends boycott
ethnic         anti-Chinese            3-12-86p2      XYZ                       tampering with evil spirits
water          rights                  3-12-86p2      O. Tiffany                riparian rights v. ranchos
ethnic         anti-Chinese            3-12-86p2      A Tyrant Man              reply to Mrs. Willard
misc           --                      3-12-86p2      per J.S. Harper           --
streets        Temple St               3-12-86p2      HJS                       --
ethnic         anti-Chinese            3-13-86p2      JBS                       treaty
L.A. Harbor    breakwater              3-14-86p5      Frederick Moulton Shaw    breakwater
ethnic         anti-Chinese            3-14-86p5      W.A. Lamb                 --
misc           --                      3-14-86p5      Mrs. Vernon Willard       Reply to Tyrant Man
streets        Temple St               3-17-86p2      C                         grade of street
ethnic         anti-Chinese            3-18-86p2      JC                        defense of boycott
ethnic         anti-Chinese            3-18-86p2      a foreigner               view of a foreigner
ethnic         anti-Chinese            3-18-86p2      citizen                   --
culture        concert                 3-18-86p2      tonic                     chorus concert
water          rates                   3-19-86p3      one of the poor           mayor's role
ethnic         anti-Chinese            3-19-86p3      poor man                  poor's view
misc           word contest            3-23-86p2      G.A. Dobinson             --
health         scarlet fever           3-23-86p2      more anon                 --
RRs            to Ventura              3-24-86p2      Stephen Bowers            needed
ethnic         anti-Chinese            3-24-86p2      consistency               --
streets        Temple St               3-25-86p2      J.W. Potts                --
ethnic         anti-Chinese            3-25-86p2      Martha C. Clarke          origin of word "boycott"
cities         Long Beach              3-25-86p2      C                         czar of Long Beach
misc           word contest            3-25-86p2      Dobinson and Fairchild    --
ethnic         anti-Chinese            3-26-86p2      H                         --
RRs            to ventura              3-26-86p2      J.C. Creviston            --
misc           response                3-26-86p2      L.J. Rose                 reply 
health         --                      3-26-86p2      M.D.                      --
L.A. River     flood                   3-27-86p2      one who hates injustice   --
streets        Temple St               3-27-86p2      Cahuenga                  complaint
misc           word contest            3-27-86p2      Mary Graham               (a little girl)
misc           telegraph               3-27-86p2      A disgusted Canadian      --
ethnic         anti-Chinese            4-1-86p2       Jordan Cox                labor & religion on Chinese Question
misc           word contest            4-1-86p2       Windham B. Brian          little boy's reply to Mary Graham
ethnic         anti-Chinese            4-1-86p2       B                         anti-slavery;GOOD
parks          LA                      4-14-86p2      old timer                 --
misc           judges pay              4-14-86p2      C.C. Twitchell, Justice of Peace      --
streets        Temple St               4-14-86p2      C. Jr.                    --
health         tobacco                 4-14-86p2      RT                        teachers' resolution against tobacco
women          labor                   4-14-86p2      F                         WCTU
misc           --                      4-14-86p2      A Hercules                jumping jack bags??
women          labor                   4-15-86p2      Eli Fay                   --
health         feeble-minded           4-15-86p2      Friend                    a home for them
local govt     --                      4-15-86p2      Delta                     --
misc           --                      4-15-86p2      John B. Squires           Ohio man's idea
local govt     county supervisors      4-21-86p2      J.R. Hawkins              --
misc           --                      4-21-86p2      A tenderfoot              --
women          Pasadena                4-21-86p2      F                         women's day
misc           --                      4-21-86p2      G.A. Dobinson             --
misc           --                      4-21-86p2      a victim                  a warning
ethnic         anti-Chinese            4-23-86p2      H.J. Shaffner             method of canvassing
streets        Temple St               4-28-86p2      a new comer               unsprinkled
ethnic         anti-Chinese            4-29-86p2      Isaac Kinlay              --
RRs            competition             4-30-86p2      Non conductor             effect of competition
agri           oranges                 4-30-86p2      J.P. Woodbury             largest orange orchard
misc           --                      5-4-86p2       J.P. Widney               a fair exchange
misc           Bastian Sammy           5-5-86p2       Chas. K. Stechley??       --
business       --                      5-6-86p2       JCS                       --
misc           --                      5-6-86p2       F.M. Shaw                 --
military       civil war               5-6-86p2       old soldier               Jefferson Davis
parks          --                      5-7-86p2       C                         Quality?? Hill Park
environment    lake                    5-7-86p2       lover of beauty           --
charity        harsh                   5-11-86p2      WHG                       harsh charity
misc           --                      5-13-86p2      Edwin Ward                suggestion re official cussin
ethnic         anti-Chinese            5-14-86p2      anti-boycotter            opposes boycott
ethnic         anti-Chinese            5-14-86p2      inquirer                  boycott
misc           Ohio idea               5-15-86p2      ohio reader               --
ethnic         anti-Chinese            5-20-86p2      Byron O. Clark            reply to anti-boycotter 5/14
PPs            Louisville Commercial   5-20-86p2      S.M. Spencer              betrays Republican party
ethnic         anti-Chinese            5-22-86p2      An American               unions and chinese
water          riparian rights         5-22-86p2      homo                      --
animals        check reins             5-22-86p2      medal                     their inhumanity
misc           Levering case           5-23-86p2      Z                         shooting
military       civil war               6-10-86p2      N                         unrepentant south GOOD
elections      Pasadena                6-11-86p2      Jack Miller               --
health         death certificates      6-12-86p2      Henry Lathrop MD          necessary
water          supply                  6-13-86p2      a sufferer                inadequate,but much in river
military       civil war               6-16-86p2      G.W. Southwick            Jefferson Davis
taxes          county                  6-18-86p2      X                         defends co officials
water          riparian rights         6-20-86p2      anti-riparian             re supreme crt; GOOD
RRs            proposal                6-22-86p2      G                         prophetic, GOOD
animals        dogs                    6-22-86p2      Jason                     banish dogs from streets FUNNY
military       civil war               6-22-86p2      Eli Fay                   Gilman's pro-union hymn
misc           misc                    6-23-86p2      taxpayer                  ditches, streets. white scale
animals        dogs                    6-23-86p2      fair play                 reply to Jason, pro-dog
RRs            ATSF/San Gab Valley RR  6-24-86p2      monopolist                doubts ATSF will buy SGVRR
misc           --                      7-6-86p2       Sojourner                 corrects Fanny Ward's letter error
RRs            proposes Pasadena-SFern 7-6-86p2       A.J. Spencer              reply to G
misc           county directory        7-7-86p2       Sauer Kraut               directory omitted Sierra Madre
agri           pests                   7-8-86p2       more anon(Kercheval??)    dealing with white scale
misc           county directory        7-11-86p2      XYZ                       omitted Verdugo, Glendale
agri           pests                   7-11-86p2      A.F. Kercheval            white scale
military       civil war               7-16-86p2      veteran                   Cleveland's draft status. sub
military       civil war               7-16-86p2      subscriber                No. Demo papers unrepentant, reply to 6/10
health         insane asylum           7-17-86p2      S.M. MetcalfMD            needed in So Calif
misc           --                      7-17-86p2      J.F. Butler               trivia
health         poison oak              7-17-86p2      F.M. Shaw                 remedy
military       civil war               7-21-86p2      M.S. Baker                GAR convention
military       civil war               7-25-86p2      Shiloh                    old vet recounts defending woman
misc           obit                    7-25-86p2      CCD                       Henrietta Clark
elections      congressional           8-3-86p2       Ralph E. Hoyt             Cal Republicans in cong elections
elections      congressional           8-5-86p2       H.W. Magee                to replace Markham
elections      senate-US               8-5-86p2       DAD                       supports Cole
streets        right of way            8-7-86p2       MJ                        unjust laws
streets        Main St                 8-7-86p2       subscriber                condition of
civil service  spoils system, federal  8-7-86p2       vet                       Demos turned out vets at mint
religion       faith healer            8-8-86p5       Mrs. T.M. Adams           supports Dr. Truesdell
rival papers   Herald                  8-9-86p2       Fort St. M                correction
religion       faith healer            8-10-86p2      --                        attacks Truesdell (in edit. column)
religion       faith healer            8-13-86p2      GHW                       attack on Dr. Truesdell
military       civil war               8-19-86p2      G.A.R.                    vets and Lincoln badge
PPs            Democrats               8-24-86p2      Looker-on                 city convention
PPs            Republicans             8-24-86p2      John Murray               supts John Swift for Gov.
water          riparian rights         8-25-86p2      So. Californian           discusses state law
PPs            Republicans             8-25-86p2      D.C. Roberts              supports Swift for Gov.
misc           --                      8-27-86p2      L.M. Holt                 --
elections      voting rules            8-28-86p2      G.A. Wood MD              objects to 1 year residency
PPs            Republicans             8-28-86p2      Old Republican            wants good candidates
streets        lighting                9-1-86p2       well-wisher               use intersection light, not tower
PPs            Republicans             9-1-86p2       John Murray               internal bickering
PPs            Republicans             9-2-86p2       OMR                       --
PPs            Republicans             9-2-86p2       Pro Bono Publico          objects to Republican nominee(Moore)
PPs            Republicans             9-2-86p2       Fifth Ward                says carpetbagger nominated
PPs            Republicans             9-2-86p2       A.B. Patterson            objects to Repub. nominee(Moore)
PPs            Republicans             9-4-86p2       SHS                       urges nomination of good Republicans
transit        street RRs              9-4-86p2       Passenger                 objects to 50 year franchise
RRs            critic                  9-4-86p2       Passenger                 objects to lost/found policy
PPs            Republicans             9-4-86p2       Union                     objects to Republican nominee(Moore)
streets        obstructions            9-8-86p2       N. Smith                  objects to bldg materials in street
streets        names                   9-9-86p2       an observer               Council and "Cuyas" for High st.
local govt     city finances           9-9-86p2       subscriber                failure to spend bond money 
streets        names                   9-9-86p2       one of the signers        High street renaming 
streets        obstructions            9-10-86p2      a visitor                 offers solution
morals         divorce                 9-11-86p2      Melville Dozier           Rev. Dorsey divorce
morals         divorce                 9-11-86p2      P.W. Dorsey               defends himself
misc           --                      9-11-86p2      F.M. Shaw                 refutes old early bird adage
misc           Charleston earthquake   9-11-86p2      southerner                thanks for L.A. aid
misc           Charleston earthquake   9-11-86p2      --                        thanks for L.A. aid
environment    flowers                 9-11-86p2      M                         objects to walkers picking flowers
elections      candidates              9-12-86p2      a voter                    objects to unfit candidates
prohibition    Neal Dow                9-14-86p2      W.C. Stevens              defends Neal Dow
PPs            Republicans             9-14-86p2      Richard the 3rd           criticizes Co central comm
morals         divorce                 9-14-86p2      W.G. Shaw                 church supports Rev. Dorsey
elections      Republicans             9-14-86p2      J.E. McComas              independent Republican
elections      endorsement             9-14-86p2      7 Pomonans                endorse McComas
elections      Republicans             9-15-86p2      old soldier               Keep Repub P. pure
RRs            complaint               9-16-86p2      subscriber                inadequacy of Sta. Anita station
PPs            Democrats               9-17-86p2      Dixie                     criticizes co central comm
cities         Lake Elsinore           9-17-86p2      Graham Collier            criticizes N.Y. Trib article
PPs            co convention           9-18-86p2      J. Banbury                supts Judge Magee
elections      debate                  9-19-86p4      a democrat                calls for debate:Vandever v. Lynch
local govt     municipal               9-19-86p4      Geo. W. Hazard            urges joint co/city bldg
misc           --                      9-23-86p2      F. M. Shaw                on animals, food, etc
streets        bridges                 9-24-86p2      Geo. L. Stearns           proposal for Buena Vista bridge
local govt     city hall               9-24-86p2      B.W. Spears               use 6th St. park for city hall
streets        bridges                 9-25-86p2      W.S. Baker                supports bridge on Buena Vista
local govt     city hall               9-26-86p2      --                        reply to Spears 9/24
misc           correction              9-26-86p2      Mrs. G.C. Longley         Times makes amends
local govt     city hall               9-26-86p2      H.S. Williams             proposal for site
streets        bridges                 9-28-86p2      tax-payer                 detailed account of Buena Vista cost
health         milk                    9-28-86p2      Frederick M Shaw          trivia
money          silver                  9-28-86p2      G. A. Onderonk            --
local govt     city hall               9-28-86p2      Jasen                     city hall site
labor          strike                  9-28-86p2      Jas. McCord               explains non-hiring of scabs
elections      --                      9-30-86p2      Quiz                      supports Vandever
elections      congress                10-2-86p2      Quiz                      anti-Lynch
L.A. River     levee                   10-2-86p2      Angelenos                 supports Hazlip's offer
elections      --                      10-2-86p2      Republican                Moore should refute or withdraw
health         milk                    10-2-86p2      Milkman                   reply to Shaw
streets        crosswalks              10-2-86p2      Jason                     need crosswalks
health         tobacco                 10-2-86p2      F.M. Shaw                 trivia
elections      Congress                10-3-86p2      Quiz                      Lynch
elections      congress                10-5-86p2      Democratic mugwump        Lynch
health         milk                    10-5-86p2      F.M. Shaw                 good for health
educ           board of educ           10-6-86p2      a citizen                 critical of board
elections      county treasurer        10-9-86p2      S.C                       criticizes Demo nominee
elections      county treasurer        10-9-86p2      S.R. Beck                 criticizes Demo nominee
elections      Republicans             10-9-86p2      old Republican            complains about candidates
RRs            taxes                   10-9-86p2      J.C.S.                    supports ballot RR tax proposal
elections      Amer. Party             10-10-86p2     C.N. Wilson               supports Amer P. candy for Gov
elections      congress                10-12-86p2     Quiz                      anti-Lynch
fair           women                   10-14-86p2     Exhibitor                 fair discriminates against women
elections      congress                10-14-86p2     O-High-O                  anti-Lynch
L.A. River     recreation              10-14-86p2     observer                  complains about kids playing there
fair           gambling                10-15-86p3     A looker-on               too much gambling
agri           pests                   10-15-86p3     taxpayer                  spraying for white scale causes damage
business       license                 10-15-86p3     PKW                       license cost paid for by circus ticket buyers
elections      congress                10-16-86p2     L.T. FISHER               anti-Lynch
agri           pests                   10-16-86p2     J.W. Potts                Hessian Fly and fruit failure
elections      congress                10-16-86p2     Garner Curran             Lynch anti-chinese
elections      congress                10-16-86p2     O-High-O                  follow-up of 10-14 letter
health         mosquitoes              10-16-86p2     M                         milk as antidote to mosquito bites
fair           gambling                10-16-86p2     C                         complaint about gamblers at fair
elections      congress                10-17-86p2     voter                     anti-Lynch
environment    trees                   10-19-86p2     a sufferer                complains about cutting down trees
elections      illegal voters          10-21-86p2     subscriber                illegal registrants
elections      Republicans             10-21-86p2     Decent Republican         anti-Moore
PPs            Prohibitionists         10-21-86p2     Prohibitionist            intraparty factions
agri           cabbage                 10-21-86p2     J.C. Sherer               criticizes L.J. Rose
agri           trees                   10-22-86p2     Victor                    how to deal with bug inspectors
agri           cabbage                 10-22-86p2     L. J. Rose                reply to Sherer
PPs            Democrats               10-22-86p2     Democrat                  criticizes co comm
water          water company           10-22-86p2     old gray fox              --
PPs            Republicans             10-23-86p3     Republican                on nominees
prohibition    enforcement             10-23-86p3     W.C.T.U.                  Long Beach raid
streets        name changes            10-24-86p5     conservator               opposes change
crime          arrest                  10-26-86p4     L                         praises arrest of burglars
misc           --                      10-26-86p4     Frank A. Gibson           company officer payments
misc           --                      10-28-86p6     C.N. Wilson               rebuttal of Homer Katz accusations??
police         gambling                10-28-86p6     H.W. Squire               no gambling in Rose Block
police         gambling                10-28-86p6     T. J. Cuddy               no gambling in Rose Block
The Times      honesty                 10-28-86p6     S.F. Millard              Whig/Republican Party election
elections      Orange county           10-30--86p6    E.E. Edwards              division of county
elections      congress                10-30-86p6     Democrat                  anti-Lynch
elections      Republican              10-31-86p3     Republican                proHendricks, antiMoore
RRs            taxes                   10-31-86p3     A Republican              RRs not taxed like others
misc           domestic quarrel        10-31-86p3     Mrs. Baynton's customers  supports her
rival papers   Pasadena Star           10-31-86p3     Republican                critical of Star
gambling       --                      10-31-86p3     L. J. Rose                critical of Edwards' bill??
civil rights   equal rights            10-31-86p3     Ralph Hoyt                enforce 14th and 15th Amends;GOOD
environment    yucca                   11-6-86p6      J.H. Shields              --
rival papers   Star                    11-6-86p6      H.J. Vail                 Star rebuttal
election       President               11-10-86p6     J.H. Kerns                wager on results
rival papers   tribune                 11-10-86p6     XXX                       plagiarism
misc           YMCA                    11-13-86p6     A father                  --
elections      president               11-17-86p6     F.M. Shaw                 elect every 8-10 years
The Times      election coverage       11-17-86p6     Democrat                  good coverage
police         gambling                11-18-86p6     S                         police knew about gambling, did nothing
police         gambling                11-19-86p6     Tax-payer                 police, officials ignore gambling
elections      congress                11-20-86p6     That's Swat               anti-Lynch
RRs            --                      11-21-86p3     A.E. Kercheval            Time. Herald have conflicting stories
agri           grapes                  11-27-86p6     F.M. Shaw                 quality
misc           advertising             11-28-86p6     a Lugonian                booster pamphlet was misleading
agri           oranges                 11-28-86p6     A.E. Kercheval            compares No v. So oranges
educ           school board            11-28-86p6     C                         supports woman for board
RRs            complaints              12-3-86p4      Tenderfoot                --
health         advice                  12-4-86p7      W.N. Mamion               for consumptives
RRs            avoid levee monopoly    12-5-86p6      property owner            Riverside/Santa Ana RR
high license   pro                     12-5-86p6      one who knows             accuses Councilman French 
transit        street cars             12-5-86p6      E.K. Green                accidents and lack of conductors
streets        lighting                12-5-86p6      gas consumer              wants more street lights
charity        women's home            12-10-86p4     flower festival board     donations needed
prohibition    Republican party        12-16-86p6     Jesse Yarnell             for
prohibition    temperance              12-16-86p6     L.W.                      wants Republican party to support it
PPs            Republicans             12-16-86p6     publico                   Republicans ignore faithful members
environment    flowers                 12-17-86p6     B                         complaint about flower snatchers
elections      city                    12-17-86p6     a Republican              Culver for city surveyor
agri           oranges                 12-22-86p6     E.W. Holmes               price of Riverside oranges
RRs            competition             12-29-86p10    Rusticus                  --
ethnic         anti-Irish              12-29-86p10    X                         anti-tribune
library        hours                   12-29-86p10    pro bono publico          open it on holidays
local govt     franchises              12-29-86p10    subscriber                questions grants
RRs            So. Pac                 12-29-86p10    CS                        anti-So. Pac


TOPIC          SUBTOPIC                DATE/PAGE      AUTHOR                    COMMENT

culture        concert manners         1-7-87p3       JAX                       remove hats
foreign        Australia               1-11-87p6      Boomerang                 FUNNY. criticizes article
cities         local loyalty           1-11-87p6      Poindexter                LA v Pasadena
health         opium                   1-12-87p6      J.W. Davis                reply to R.C. Guirado(what date?)
streets        sidewalks               1-12-87p6      looker-on                 poor condition
high license   pro                     1-13-87p3      A whole-souled Christian  LA needs lottery ??
real estate    misrepresentation       1-13-87p3      property owner            urmston tract
charity        contributions           1-13-87p3      Mrs. DuCommun             seek contributions for poor
real estate    misrepresentation       1-14-87p3      So. Calif land co         defends Urmston
environment    rain making             1-14-87p3      CS                        use dynamite
culture        concert manners         1-15-87p3      unsigned                  remove tall hats
religion       sect                    1-15-87p3      Swedenborgian             is Church of Unity Christian
environment    rain making             1-15-87p3      J Pluvius Jr              chides C.S.
welfare        boys' home              1-16-87p6      John C. Pelton Jr         describes plan
labor          shortage                1-16-87p6      Bernard etc               carpenters needed in Ventura
morals         slavery                 1-18-87p6      unsigned                  --
welfare        orphans' home           1-18-87p6      Sara R. DePuy             --
business       cotton mill             1-19-87p3      PM                        reply to 12/25 letter
post office    condition               1-22-87p6      indignant citizen         GOOD
elections      congress                1-23-87p6      mugwump democrat          anti-Lynch
cities         local loyalty           1-23-87p6      Elias Longley             reply to Poindexter
misc           hotel                   1-26-87p6      J.W. Scott                --
post office    condition               1-28-87p6      indignant citizen         complaint
labor          employment              1-29-87p2      F.M. Shaw                 typical weird Shaw letter
health         invalids                1-29-87p2      Emily Gray Mayberry       Sierra Madre's good climate
streets        roads                   1-30-87p6      reformed                  condition; thoughtful
misc           personal                1-30-87p6      M. Emerson                defends her character
crime          punishment              2-4-87p3       (unsigned)                urges serious punishment
water          San Gabriel Mts         2-4-87p3       farmer                    preserve water supply
crime          punishment              2-5-87p6       (unsigned)                urges serious punishment 
water          rights, riparian        2-5-87p6       farmer                    don't repeal them
crime          fruit stealing          2-5-87p6       orange grower             --
foreign        Germany                 2-6-87p6       A German                  political situation there
misc           electric motor          2-6-87p6       H.N. Rust                 wont make horse obsolete,GOOD
lawyers        condemns trial lawyers  2-10-87p6      justice                   THOUGHTFUL.they defend guilty
streets        sidewalks               2-10-87p6      observer                  editor replies: says city not at fault
religion       unitarianism            2-13-87p6      old M. D.                 --
agri           bee keeping             2-13-87p6      SWR                       in So. Calif
sports         guns                    2-13-87p6      unsigned                  shotgun accident GOOD
misc           death                   2-15-87p6      eye witness               coroner erred; victim drunk
religion       unobserved sabbath      2-16-87p3      unsigned                  society's decline
Mt. Wilson     name                    2-19-87p6      Wilson's Peak             don't rename it Kinneloa
Mt. Wilson     renamed                 2-21-87p4      surveyor                  named for Abbot Kinney; ed reply
Mt. Wilson     name                    2-22-87p6      Wilson's Peak             again attacks renaming; ed reply
L.A. Harbor    shipwrecks              2-22-87p6      old salt                  --
misc           --                      2-22-87p6      T.G. Winwood              move to Tuolumne
L.A. Harbor    San Pedro harbor safe   2-26-87p6      sailor                    --
Mt. Wilson     name                    2-26-87p6      Proff. Spvrija            spoof of Mt Kinney, FUNNY
high license   dilemma                 2-27-87p3      convert                   prohibitionists dilemma; ed replies
transit        horse cars              3-9-87p2       carpenter                 operators cruel to horses
health         odor                    3-11-87p6      John Forster              odor at hide house
RRs            SPRR                    3-13-87p3      sufferer                  extortion of LA by RR
misc           law case                3-13-87p3      TEC                       --
health         state board             3-16-87p6      Northern buzzard          small pox epidemic mishandled
transit        horse cars              3-22-87p2      M.B. Wilson               overloaded, horses mistreated
prohibition    Monrovia                3-24-87p6      William Sinclair          temperance meeting
misc           champagne suit          3-24-87p6      W.D. Brereton             --
transit        Pasadena                3-25-87p6      unsigned                  train left before concert over
topolobompo    anti                    3-28-87p7      Alvan Brock               condemns colony's management 
local govt     court house             3-30-87p6      Thomas H. Dawson          --
topolobampo    anti                    3-30-87p6      John Smith                complains about Howlands
misc           federal debt            3-31-87p6      Ralph E. Hoyt             pay off US bonds
women          Eng. domestic help      4-3-87p9       Margaret E. Parker        a proposes importation
women          discrimination          4-7-87p3       Margaret E. Parker        cant participate in jubilee
transit        cable line              4-7-87p3       F                         poor condition 7th St line
misc           N v S Calif             4-12-87p6      W.T. Dunn                 denies N* more attractive
welfare        orphans' home           4-12-87p6      J.L. Lanterman            will give land for it
prohibition    drunks                  4-12-87p6      THD                       number of drunks exaggerated
water          irrigation              4-12-87p6      [unsigned]                wright irrigation law
misc           ICC                     4-14-87p6      a tenderfoot              blames icc for business failure
religion       theosophy               4-14-87p6      FMS                       --
transit        accident                4-14-87p6      L.T. Clemans              E. L. A. bridge unsafe 
agri           cold storage            4-16-87p6      A.F. Kercheval            for cross-country shipping
RRs            rates                   4-16-87p6      D.F. Easton               low fares to encourage visitors
local govt     courthouse              4-18-87p7      a competitor              wants his plans judged
misc           personal                4-20-87p9      Frederic Hall             denies he's a crook
RRs            unfair rates            4-20-87p9      Andrew Atkisson           cheaper to KanCity than SJose GOOD
welfare        girls' home             4-21-87p6      Mrs. H.A.Watson??         needed
misc           champagne suit          4-24-87p9      A.J. Copp                 clients misrepresented
religion       correction              4-24-87p9      CSA                       correction of article
elections      president               4-27-87p9      [unsigned]                solid south has 153 votes
crime          juvenile                4-27-87p9      patron??                  not all boys hoodlums
misc           personal                4-30-87p9      one who is interested     girl's reputation smeared
streets        sprinkling              5-6-87p9       Linen duster              --
streets        sprinkling              5-6-87p9       residents of 5th st       --
rival papers   Tribune                 5-7-87p2       R.F. Del Valle et al      correction of Tribune story
welfare        girls' home             5-9-87p3       Mrs. H.A. Watron[Watson]  for stray girls
educ           kindergarten            5-9-87p3       Lilly Freeman             --
agri           pests                   5-9-87p7       A.F. Kercheval            white scale
L.A. Harbor    artificial              5-11-87p10     FMS                       typical weird Shaw letter
sunday law     RRs                     5-11-87p10     SWE                       against sunday travel by businessmen
sewage         ventilation             5-16-87p3      "R.A.W."                  GOOD
RRs            Alameda St              5-17-87p6      A.F. Kercheval            --
sewage         --                      5-17-87p6      WAR                       --
sewage         --                      5-18-87p6      RAW                       --
mining         coal                    5-18-87p6      American                  --
sewage         --                      5-20-87p2      George E. Waring Jr       --
misc           --                      5-20-87p2      Andrew Rosewater          Col. Waring
welfare        girls' home             5-20-87p10     Mrs. S.V. Maxwell         "erring' girls
streets        hitching posts          5-21-87p3      W.A. Dunn                 unhitched teams are a problem
culture        poetry                  5-21-87p3      Henry Longfellow          sarcastic praise for poet Edwin Ward
sewage         Waring's report         5-21-87p3      M                         supports Waring
health         dyspepsia               5-24-87p6      F.M. Shaw                 --
sewage         --                      5-28-87p6      XY                        --
RRs            SPRR                    5-30-87p11     p. o. box 189             unhappy with SPRR
streets        First St.               5-30-87p11     E. Rochester              crossing
sports         boxing                  5-30-87p11     E.W. Bradstreet           --
health         garbage                 6-2-87p6       KL                        need frequent collection; GOOD
[illegible]    --                      6-3-87p6       --                        --
animals        cruelty                 6-9-87p6       D.F. Donegan              --
post office    mail collection         6-9-87p6       C                         --
streets        --                      6-9-87p6       W                         --
misc           importing poverty       6-11-87p6      Channing Severance        --
agri           --                      6-14-87p6      F.M. Shaw                 --
RRs            depot site              6-14-87p6      unsigned                  --
misc           walking/flying          6-15-87p6      F.M. Shaw                 --
topolobampo    --                      6-17-87p6      L.H. Hawkins              Topolobambo
health         garbage                 6-19-87p8      A sufferer                garbage collection
health         garbage                 6-20-87p3      John Murray               endorses sufferer
misc           Savarie J               6-20-87p1      Savarie J.                announces violin performance; ed reply
misc           franchises              6-23-87p3      unsigned                  --
misc           --                      6-28-87p2      Sir B.R. Jr               --
rival papers   Herald                  6-30-87p2      cremationist              cremation story in Herald botched
transit        cable cars              7-2-87p6       C.H. Howland              reply to Times criticism of 7/1
prohibition    Long Beach              7-7-87p6       A.F. Pomeroy              anti-liquor in deeds
misc           Kit Carson              7-10-87p12     E. Bouton                 --
streets        sprinkling              7-12-87p3      John Lovell               he's Secy of Board of Health
misc           state division          7-13-87p6      Moses                     re dividing Calif in two
misc           state division          7-14-87p3      Sonny                     says Widney is wrong
PPs            prohibition             7-14-87p3      A.M. Hough                conv at Long Beach
streets        Bellevue Ave            7-15-87p6      property-owner            needs balloon to reach lot; funny
foreign        correction              7-22-87p5      C. White Mortimer         GB consul in LA
prohibition    WCTU                    7-24-87p2      Anna T. McIntosh          --
religion       --                      7-29-87p6      Eli Fay                   Ingersoll & Beecher
police         misconduct              7-29-87p6      an observer               --
police         misconduct              8-2-87p6       X                         supports Mayor Workman
welfare        boys' home              8-3-87p11      Florence A. Dunham        --
misc           court case              8-3-87p11      One who knows             Gormlee case
religion       mormons                 8-3-87p11      Geo. L. Matthews          defends mormons
misc           correction              8-8-87p4       Yda Addis                 --
misc           --                      8-12-87p12     TDM                       Crocker and Ellis
ethnic         prejudice               8-18-87p6      WPW                       "colored lady"  GOOD
misc           hotel                   8-20-87p11     J.W. Potts                --
RRs            SPRR                    8-25-87p6      EB                        SPRR v Poole
misc           newspapers              8-25-87p6      a victim                  newsboys defraud paper buyers
transit        horse cars              8-26-87p6      B B Tract                 always late
transit        street cars             8-26-87p6      unsigned                  smoking on cars
religion       science                 8-27-87p6      A.P. Dietz                WELL-WRITTEN
post office    complaint               8-27-87p6      Censor                    --
post office    complaint               8-28-87p3      Sojourner                 --
police         misconduct              8-28-87p3      LEX                       abuse of civil rights
prohibition    education               9-1-87p5       ATM                       educ, prevention supported by WCTU
agri           peaches                 9-3-87p10      J.C. Sherer               can them; can't ship fresh to east
rival papers   several                 9-4-87p4       ed-in-chief of boom       criticizes several editors
fair           St. Louis               9-5-87p6       H.N. Rust                 fruit exhibit at St. Louis
misc           building safety         9-7-87p3       Exeter                    fire safety.Exeter disaster
misc           building safety         9-9-87p10      observer                  Exeter lessons
misc           building safety         9-9-87p10      RL                        less alarming view
tourism        tourist warning         9-9-87p10      victim                    --
misc           Robt. Lincoln           9-10-87p6      Jaxon                     slur on Lincoln
misc           --                      9-14-87p6      GHK                       --
misc           Gormley                 9-14-87p6      Eli Fay                   --
religion       liberalism              9-16-87p12     Eli Fay                   --
agri           oranges                 9-16-87p12     WED                       protests destruction of groves; GOOD
PPs            Grover Cleveland        9-16-87p12     P. Cock Robin             criticizes use of spoils system
misc           --                      9-16-87p12     John T. Murray            --
prohibition    --                      9-17-87p9      soul giver                --
cities         San Gabriel             9-18-87p6      SG                        --
cities         Pomona                  9-18-87p6      WHM                       development of Pomona
misc           --                      9-20-87p12     SG                        --
agri           wine                    9-22-87p6      Paul Ulbricht             Remi Nadeau wine??
misc           budget                  9-25-87p6      A                         --
religion       --                      9-23-87p11     M.D. Lord                 --
police         needed                  9-23-87p11     a citizen                 in east LA
misc           parade                  9-23-87p11     W. Harvey                 permit to parade
health         hospital                9-25-87p13     T                         for invalids
local govt     parade permits          9-28-87p6      vox populi                eastern cities require them
religion       salvation army          9-29-87p4      justice                   pro army; ed reply anti-army
transit        street cars             9-30-87p6      A citizen                 complaint
RRs            complaint               10-5-87p6      E.S. Turner               RRs dumped out LA promotion literature
transit        horse cars              10-6-87p10     M.V. Wright               defends treatment of horses
sewage         ordinance               19-6-87p10     H                         critical of Mayor Workman's veto
agri           pests                   10-7-87p2      W.G. Klee                 state inspector urges eradication of white scale
misc           correction              10-7-87p2      W. Mead                   regarding YMCA building funds
water          Azusa                   10-7-87p12     an old irrigator          who has right to S. Gabriel R. water?
RRs            complaint               10-8-87p12     C.E.                      criticizes dumping of mail
local govt     city                    10-8-87p12     HDB                       Mayor Workman's veto supported
religion       church funds            10-9-87p13     Mrs. Dr. J.S. Elliot      thanks public for support
The Times      defended                10-10-87p5     W.H.G.                    visiting journalist praises Times GOOD
Woolsteen      Compton murder          10-12-87p6     J                         urges public to offer help [Harlan victim] GOOD
ethnic         Indians                 10-12-87p6     Quien                     denounces eviction of settler from Indian lands
RRs            Salt Lake & LA          10-14-87p6     John Lang                 proposes route Mojave to LA
ethnic         Indians                 10-15-87p9     Verde                     objects to settling Indians in Verde
health         hospital                10-15-87p9     unsigned                  St. Paul's, for invalids, opens soon
misc           correction              10-16-87p9     Charles Haskell           Haskell-Knight case
sewage         anti                    10-17-87p6     B                         people don't want them, won't connect up
educ           Amelia St. school       10-20-87p6     Truth                     well-run, praises it
real estate    land values             10-21-87p8     BD                        will continue to boom
RRs            Long Beach              10-23-87p6     H                         approves of city concessions to RR
welfare        stray child             10-23-87p6     H.A. Watson               --
transit        horse car               10-26-87p3     an observer               worn out horses on Pearl St. line
transit        street cars             10-26-87p3     W                         unnecessary delays on Olive St line runs
women          labor                   10-26-87p3     George Turner             decries American domestic help
real estate    licenses                10-27-87p4     R.M.I.                    as realtor, opposes license; GOOD
misc           city reception          10-28-87p3     protest                   opposes LA reception for Governor
educ           LA school board         10-28-87p3     the secretary             defends public school facilities
PPs            congressman             10-28-87p3     E.E. Danforth             defends Congressman Morrow
transit        horse cars              10-28-87p3     former cruelty-witness    critics should go to court
tourism        accommodations          10-29-87p6     L.S.T.                    need more accommodations in LA
transit        street cars             10-29-87p6     M. Shields                press should criticize the lines
real estate    licenses                10-30-87p3     T.J. Luccock              proposes alternate tax
women          labor                   10-30-87p3     Mizpah                    supports American domestic workers
water          riparian rights         11-1-87p4      BD                        opposes Spring Valley's raid on water
transit        horse cars              11-2-87p6      Hemp                      horse abuse;reply to cruelty-witness 10/28 GOOD
real estate    anti-boom               11-4-87p5      B.A. Stephens             people are land-boom crazy
misc           astronomy               11-4-87p5      HNH                       unknown star
labor          anti-union              11-5-87p4      B                         against carpenter's union
labor          unemployment            11-5-87p4      L.A. Cook                 good painters can't get work
crime          Woolsteen trial         11-5-87p5      D.S. Brown                correction of Herald article
labor          pro-union               11-6-87p6      a carpenter               comment on recent union circular
real estate    boom                    11-8-87p3      Sand Burr                 letter from Nebraska; FUNNY
housing        rental                  11-13-87p7     Guadaloupa                high rental costs
housing        hotel rates             11-13-87p7     Shylock                   defends hotel rates
real estate    fraud                   11-13-87p7     an old settler            lying agents defraud buyers
housing        hotel rates             11-14-87p5     Shylock #2                defends hotel rates
anarchy        --                      11-14-87p5     J.P. Shnied               defends anarchists; public condemned abolition 
ethnic         Indians                 11-14-87p5     unsigned                  free RR passes; Ed reply
tariff         lumber                  11-15-87p6     Allen Poe                 opposes lumber tariff
ethnic         Indians                 11-15-87p6     Lex                       some Indians ride free; ed reply
real estate    fraud                   11-15-87p6     Lex                       Florida land scheme
anarchy        pro                     11-17-87p5     L.P. Daups                defends them; BRILLIANT
religion       Rev. J.H. Phillips      11-18-87p5     octogenarian              testimonial to Phillips
real estate    fraud                   11-18-87p5     veto                      agrees with old settler
local govt     L.A. city               11-18-87p5     Jack                      wants prohibitionist on Brd. of Freeholders
misc           matrimony               11-18-87p6     Mrs. C.J. Jackson         reply to man who wants wife
misc           matrimony               11-18-87p6     [unsigned]                reply to man who wants wife
streets        lights                  11-20-87p3     E.E. Harriman             poorly lighted streets 
misc           matrimony               11-20-87p3     Violet Fane               reply to man who wants wife
religion       J. H. Phillips          11-24-87p2     Socrates                  praises Phillips
misc           matrimony               11-24-87p2     Susie Fairbanks           reply to man who wants wife
business       lumber monopoly         11-24-87p2     C                         high prices unnecessary
labor          domestic help           11-25-87p5     Vidi                      urges hiring of women who need work
weather        lack of rain            11-27-87p4     a subscriber              Ed. reply; FUNNY
anarchy        Chicago anarchists      11-28-87p3     a sympathizer             defends them; GOOD;Ed. on p4
PPs            H.H. Boyce              11-28-87p3     True Blue                 praised as statesman
educ           school board            11-28-87p3     WCTU                      supports Mary Garbutt for school board
religion       Catholic                11-28-87p3     John Cooney               prohibition and catholic church
anarchy        anti                    11-29-87p3     Ralph C. Hoyt             anti-Parsons, anti-anarchy; GOOD
religion       Catholic                11-29-87p3     HR                        prohibition and catholic church
educ           sectarian               11-29-87p3     public school             principal asks teachers about church membership
health         spitting                12-2-87p6      Guadaloupa                complains about men spitting
religion       Catholic                12-2-87p6      Protestant                prohibition and catholic church
educ           public schools          12-2-87p6      W.M. Friesner             supports them
labor          conditions:LA           12-3-87p2      a subscriber              misrepresentations in Neb. papers
religion       Catholics               12-4-87p7      veritas                   catholics intemperate
health         spitting                12-4-87p7      St. Katherine             reply to 12/2;GOOD
elections      local                   12-5-87p8      DAD                       polygamist a candidate
L.A. River     dead animals            12-6-87p2      Pro bono publico          in river
sunday law     hawkers                 12-6-87p2      A resident                complains Main St vendors violate sabbath
tariff         lumber                  12-8-87p6      Allen Poe                 remove lumber tariff, save forests; GOOD
sports         chess                   12-8-87p6      chess                     no good game in LA FUNNY, GOOD  ed replies
elections      challenges              12-8-87p6      know nothing              Americans. by foreigners, at polls
labor          strike                  12-9-87p3      HR                        temporary workers needed in S Pedro
library        reading room            12-9-87p3      unsigned                  WCTU room opened
streets        grading                 12-9-87p3      a justifiable kicker      complaint
labor          defense of              12-10-87p6     distant reader            against capital, GOOD 
agri           oranges                 12-10-87p6     R.R. Darby                Butte Co.
educ           books                   12-11-87p4     Guadaloupa                needed for kids in Arizona
agri           pests                   12-14-87p3     N                         white scale danger waning
The Times      critic                  12-14-87p3     L.L. Goodrich             Times insulted San Antonio TX
religion       misc                    12-14-87p3     Julius Caesar             priest's ordination
animals        rabbits                 12-16-87p3     JBH                       in New Zealand 
RRs            competition             12-18-87p7     unsigned                  2 lines building to S Diego
misc           Crescenta Hotel         12-21-87p7     unsigned                  collapsed hotel improperly built
sewage         Pasadena                12-23-87p6     sojourner justice         FUNNY
health         spitting                12-23-87p6     Vassar Graduate           at least spit in gutter; GOOD
parks          wasteful spending       12-24-87p3     Santa Monica              on trees in inaccessible park
labor          strike                  12-30-87p3     FNB                       anti-union; S Pedro strike


TOPIC          SUBTOPIC                DATE/PAGE      AUTHOR                    COMMENT

women          nannies                 1-2-88p5       Mrs. Margaret E. Parker   WCTU Pres.
post office    --                      1-4-88p3       citizen S                 --
labor          employment              1-5-88p3       R.R. Haines               collecting info on who needs jobs
welfare        women's home            1-7-88p6       Mrs. E.C. Stillman        for fallen women
streets        paving                  1-8-88p2       taxpayer                  Humorous
streets        bridges                 1-8-88p2       TAD                       needed on 7th street
women          prohibition & suffrage  1-9-88p7       Tara                      long letter, illegible
cities         Menifee                 1-9-88p7       J.W. Walters              virtues of Menifee in S. Diego co.
streets        mud                     1-13-88p2      Ralph E. Hoyt             FUNNY
cities         Delano                  1-13-88p2      J.F. Bly                  development in Kern Co
local govt     city hall               1-15-88p1      John F. Humphreys         swap sites with St. Vincent's
post office    site                    1-15-88p1      s citizen                 can't agree on site
misc           divide state            1-16-88p4      F                         put capitol in LA
local govt     city hall site          1-16-88p4      O. Morgan                 build No. of 6th St.
women          rights                  1-17-88p6      Tara                      GOOD
labor          pro                     1-17-88p6      I. D. Pasco               hostile to blacks, capital GOOD
transit        street cars             1-17-88p6      citizen S                 GOOD. FUNNY
misc           No Cal v So Cal         1-18-88p6      Dolores                   pro-LA v Sonoma co
saloons        coffee houses           1-18-88p6      Chester                   coffee houses could solve saloon problem
animals        horses                  1-18-88p6      JBH                       glue factory needed for dead horses
labor          tailors' strike         1-20-88p6      Thomas Vernon             pro-union, pro-Knights
education      business college        1-20-88p6      J.H. Pierce               which one to attend; ed reply
sewage         solution                1-23-88p3      F.F. Dole,MD              THOUGHTFUL
charity        associated charities    1-23-88p3      unsigned                  GOOD
women          suffrage                1-23-88p3      Emily F. Bennet           opposes suffrage;GOOD
crime          overcrowded jails       1-25-88p3      Reader                    eliminate businesses that cause it
streets        mud                     1-25-88p3      long suffering pedestrian Main St
prohibition    liquor license          1-25-88p3      W.R. Goodwin              court decision
agri           fruit stealing          1-25-88p3      fruit grower              complaint
crime          jail                    1-25-88p3      upper tank                poor living conditions
labor          unions                  1-25-88p3      rustler                   anti
labor          strikes                 1-25-88p3      rustler                   costly
misc           tramps                  1-26-88p6      taxpayer                  put them to work on streets; Ed reply
women          suffrage                1-26-88p6      Mary Channing             reply to Bennett letter; pro-suffrage
misc           --                      1-26-88p6      P.C. Smith                illiterate trivia; spoof??
streets        crooked                 1-26-88p6      K. Winthrop               wants city to regulate subdivisions
misc           correction              1-26-88p6      Mrs. Ricca Allen          --
The Times      Jan 1st issue           1-27-88p3      Albert Roberts            disappointing
labor          unions                  1-27-88p3      union carpenter           reply to rustler
streets        improvements needed     1-28-88p6      suburban                  -
saloons        coffee houses           1-28-88p6      chester                   follow up on earlier letter
religion       Catholic                1-28-88p6      catholic                  objects to Methodists anti-Pope views
transit        horse cars              1-28-88p6      tenderfoot                about mules on lines
misc           tramps                  1-28-88p6      taxpayer Jr.              put them to work on streets
culture        lecture                 1-29-88p6      O.F. Shaw                 --
health         vaccinations            1-29-88p6      CS                        vaccinations are worthless
religion       Catholic                1-29-88p6      AGJ                       reply to catholic; anti-catholic
high license   --                      1-29-88p6      N. Smith                  too many saloons
women          suffrage                1-30-88p6      Tara                      pro
sewage         serious problem         1-30-88p6      J.H. Marvin               solution needed soon
The Times      Jan 1st issue           1-30-88p6      R.C. Dingee               read it & coming to Calif
transit        horse cars              1-31-88p6      SWR                       treatment of mules; overcrowded
women          exercise                2-1-88p6       Fraulein                  need to walk
women          nannies                 2-1-88p6       Mrs. Margaret E. Parker   no arrangements made in LA
misc           single tax              2-1-88p6       JEEP Hyar                 pro
misc           Supreme Court           2-2-88p5       Republican                Sen. Stanford's vote to confirm
streets        complaint               2-2-88p5       a transient               Ed reply
agri           surplus grain           2-3-88p6       Miss S.A. Smith           govt should buy it GOOD
elections      president               2-3-88p6       David Powell              Porter for President
women          suffrage                2-4-88p6       Emily F. Bennet           long letter, pro
welfare        housing                 2-4-88p6       J. Frielander             build homes for poor; Ed reply
streets        sidewalks               2-5-88p3       recent citizen            obstructions; ed reply
health         exercise                2-5-88p3       Vassar graduate           walk more
tariff         pro                     2-5-88p3       J.J. Warner               protects workers
Woolsteen      trial                   2-5-88p3       Fermina                   Woolsteen case
anarchy        pro                     2-5-88p10      C. Severance              GOOD; ed reply
saloons        coffee houses           2-6-88p8       James R. Townsend         reply to Chester
misc           pro-LA                  2-8-88p4       Mrs. Lucy C. Hayden       in Michigan, wishes to be in LA
post office    site                    2-9-88p6       HDB                       --
mining         coal mine               2-9-88p6       D.M. Graham               at Elsinore
real estate    fortune                 2-10-88p6      WHC                       how he made fortune in LA
women          suffrage                2-10-88p6      M.J. Berra                pro
crime          punishment              2-10-88p6      Santa Ana                 execute Anschlag quickly
streets        poor condition          2-11-88p6      subscriber                streets, sidewalks, transit
tariff         pro                     2-12-88p6      J.J. Warner               pro
ethnic         anti-chinese            2-12-88p6      sufferer                  celebration
ethnic         Indians                 2-12-88p6      E. Bouton                 supports Indian claim at San Jacinto
RRs            SF v SPRR               2-12-88p6      WDN                       fight for PO right of way;GOOD FUNNY
welfare        housing                 2-13-88p6      Wm. Harris                homes for poor; Ed reply
health         catarrh & LA            2-14-88p6      FS Parr                   ed reply
streets        sidewalk obstructions   2-15-88p6      citizen                   
post office    4th St site             2-15-88p6      J.W. Potts                opposes it; people don't live there
misc           expressmen              2-15-88p6      X                         defends them against complaints
culture        art                     2-16-88p6      subscriber                lack of good art in LA homes
misc           personal                2-16-88p6      A Morrison                James Murray call home, wife dead
foreign        Africa                  2-17-88p6      Diogenes                  downplays Stanley's Congo R. size claim
misc           Calif population        2-18-88p6      Wm Parkin                 ed reply 1.4 million
military       national guard          2-24-88p5      old soldier               --
weather        predicts rain           2-24-88p5      unsigned                  on 2/29
RRs            schedules               2-24-88p6      Frank A. Gibson           to Riverside fair
RRs            schedules               2-24-88p6      Elias Longley             a complaint
crime          punishment              2-24-88p6      Don Fernando              hang murderers
culture        ticket prices           2-24-88p6      drama lover               high prices; places in line sold
police         chief                   2-24-88p6      subscriber                power of chief
The Times      inquest                 2-24-88p6      Jos. Wright               defends his inquest, attacks Times
real estate    swindles                2-25-88p3      McDuffie Bros             reply to Times charge
misc           white cross soc'y       2-25-88p3      GHP                       --
rival papers   Tribune letters         2-26-88p2      --                        several letters, all are made up
culture        lecture                 2-26-88p6      E.D. Babbitt              will lecture in LA. reply to 1/29 Shaw 
misc           personal                2-26-88p6      one of the eleven         denies previous charge
culture        attire                  2-26-88p6      unsigned                  ed reply
foreign        Africa                  2-26-88p6      D                         correct Diogenes on Congo 2/17
cities         Whittier                2-28-88p6      Elizabeth A. Follansbee   beauty of the city
cities         Burbank                 2-28-88p6      R.A. Marshall             defends city against NY Herald
ethnic         anti-Chinese            2-28-88p6      A.J. Wells                pro-Chinese
ethnic         anti-Chinese            2-28-88p6      J.F.O.                    supports Times position
ethnic         anti-Chinese            2-28-88p6      Native American           supports Times position
taxes          assessor                3-2-88p6       taxpayer                  complains about system
culture        drama                   3-2-88p6       New Yorker                criticism
The Times      Mirror                  3-2-88p6       RRH                       like Times, used to write for Mirror
The Times      pro                     3-3-88p5       merchant                  good for advertising
rival papers   Herald                  3-5-88p6       a lover of his kind       Press colony??
misc           --                      3-5-88p6       JBH                       --
taxes          assessor                3-5-88p6       citizen                   complaint; ed reply
taxes          payment                 3-6-88p6       taxpayer No. 2            hard to get them accepted when paying
misc           correction              3-6-88p6       William A. Cheney         --
health         anti-smoking            3-7-88p3       EAK                       --
taxes          unwise spending         3-7-88p3       taxpayer                  --
[many letters in Mar and Apr 1888 were illegible] 
foreign        Montreal                3-7-88p3       --                        trouble
misc           correction              3-8-88p6       JBM                       law suit
religion       evangelist              3-8-88p6       ELS                       Lizzie E. Miller, spellbinder
misc           correction              3-9-88p3       E.F. Davis                --
RRs            complaint               3-9-88p3       one of them               short haul, long howl GREAT TITLE
RRs            LA co                   3-9-88p3       A Walker                  --
streets        condition               3-10-88p3      Dun                       poor condition
women          nannies                 3-13-88p4      ??                        British nannies[see earlier letters]
misc           Sawpit Canyon           3-13-88p4      ??                        --
animals        mice                    3-15-88p2      JW                        how to catch them.  FUNNY
business       buy Calif               3-16-88p3      observer                  --
culture        music                   3-20-88p3      musicus                   complaint about location of bass viol 
animals        mice                    3-20-88p3      a woman                   reply about mice [to 3/15?]
foreign        Ireland                 3-20-88p3      proud son of Erin         Irish flag
foreign        Ireland                 3-21-88p3      Paddy                     long letter
[illegible]    --                      3-21-88p3      B                         --
women          suffrage                3-22-88p3      T                         --
labor          strike                  3-23-88p5      one of the people         draft RR strikers. try for mutiny
tourism        effect                  3-24-88p3      WRC                       tourists leave, then move here
health         smallpox                3-24-88p3      Vigil                     in Downey
women          labor                   3-26-88p3      ASO                       poor wages in LA ILLEGIBLE
business       lumber                  3-27-88p3      W.A. Driscoll             high lumber prices ILLEGIBLE
[illegible]    --                      3-28-88p3      W.L. Mattison, A.M.       --
[illegible]    -                       3-28-88p3      Anna S. Macintosh         --
library        ladies' readingroom     3-28-88p3      A Resident Subscriber     why are men allowed?
real estate    property values         3-29-88p3      Richard Ball              values high near RR shops
women          domestics               3-29-88p3      Redlands                  problems facing unskilled workers
[illegible]    --                      3-30-88p3      WRC                       --
[illegible]    --                      3-30-88p3      D.J. Chadwick             --
animals        cruelty                 3-30-88p3      AWU                       ILLEGIBLE
[illegible]    --                      3-30-88p3      sincerity                 --
[illegible]    --                      3-31-88p3      Will Marion               --
health         death rate              3-31-88p4      --                        query about LA death rate
business       lumber                  4-1-88p3       W. Wilson                 reply to letter; refers to Dr. SHAW
library        reply                   4-1-88p3       the librarian             reply to "resident subscriber" 3/28??
misc           reply                   4-1-88p3       "Tara"                    reply to sincerity. Tara is a workingman 
prohibition    Times                   4-2-88p2       M.R. Goodwin              prohibitionist replies to Times ed
The Times      apology to              4-4-88p3       Wm. I. Foley              ILLEGIBLE
The Times      complaint               4-5-88p3       Eli Fay                   print church notices on Sunday, not Sat
PPs            Democrats               4-6-88p3       independent Democrat      critical of party; ILLEGIBLE
sewage         canal                   4-7-88p5       G.W. Briggs               GOOD
business       lumber                  4-8-88p3       lumber                    reply to Wilson
rival papers   Herald                  4-8-88p3       [unsigned]                subscribing to herald. PO loses Times
misc           personal                4-9-88p3       Mrs. Chas Bacon           thanks
high license   crime                   4-9-88p3       Kenyon Cox                high license lessens it
PPs            prohibition             4-9-88p3       WRC                       that party aids liquor interests; ILLEGIBLE
veterans       soldiers' home          4-11-88p3      old soldier               credit for location of home
Woolsteen      trial                   4-13-88p3      B                         treatment of Hattie Woolsteen
high license   prohibition             4-14-88p3      a prohibitionist          for prohibition, not license
misc           correction              4-15-88p3      O.P. Chubb                --
streets        grading                 4-15-88p3      RSY                       complaint
Woolsteen      trial                   4-15-88p3      Mary Ives Todd            lauds women at trial,ed reply GOOD
[illegible]    slander on LA           4-15-88p3      EB                        GOOD but illegible
Woolsteen      trial                   4-15-88p3      [unsigned]                it's unseemly  GOOD
Woolsteen      trial                   4-16-88p3      listener                  long letter; Woolsteen guilty
crime          drunkenness             4-17-88p3      Ralph E. Hoyt             punish drunks ILLEGIBLE
high license   prohibition             4-17-88p3      Kenyon Cox                reply to prohibitionist
Woolsteen      trial                   4-17-88p3      Calhoun                   on chivalry and women; reply to unsigned
Woolsteen      trial                   4-17-88p3      MEH                       men and women at trial:condemns all
environment    eucalyptus fuel         4-18-88p3      A.J. Spencer              PARTLY ILLEGIBLE, GOOD
misc           correction              4-18-88p3      H.O. Oakley               --
streets        Nigger Alley            4-19-88p3      J.H. Taylor               praises sanitation workers
Woolsteen      trial                   4-19-88p3      a sympathizer             anti-Woolsteen, BRILLIANT SARCASM
PPs            Republican convention   4-19-88p3      observer                  --
misc           personal                4-21-88p3      A.J. Lucas                refutes charges
PPs            Sen. Stanford           4-22-88p3      independent voter         he's not a man of the people
elections      president               4-23-88p3      Wm. Shannon               Republican ticket
rival papers   Tribune                 4-24-88p6      ??                        reprints of "letters" to Tribune; spoof
misc           correction              4-26-88p3      Mary Ives Todd            ed reply on p 4
misc           So Calif                4-27-88p3      E.B. Stroud               liked 2-23 editorial on geog of So Calif
RRs            route                   4-27-88p3      Thos. J. Rask             surveyor of LA-Salt Lake route
PPs            Democrats               4-30-88p3      P.F. Donahue              criticizes corrupt Democrats
misc           flower festival         4-30-88p3      ??                        defended
misc           accident                4-30-88p3      Mrs. Letta M Phillips     needs accident info
egg puzzle     puzzle                  4-30-88p3      V.M. Chaplin              Chaplin reprints Chicago Trib Q.
culture        drama                   5-2-88p6       Geo. G. Devine            review of play "Pauline"
culture        drama                   5-2-88p6       [unsigned]                praises review of "Ben Hur"
cities         Pasadena                5-2-88p6       a lover of truth          annex of Lamanda Park to Pasadena
egg puzzle     solution                5-2-88p6       J                         --
egg puzzle     solution                5-2-88p6       EH                        --
egg puzzle     solution                5-2-88p6       Josefeta Bonita           --
egg puzzle     solution                5-2-88p6       V.M. Chaplin              he wrote the puzzle GOOD??
streets        sidewalks               5-2-88p6       L.A. street taxpayer      complaint about obstructions
religion       Catholic                5-3-88p3       observer                  criticizes pope for meddling
sewage         farms                   5-3-88p3       GEB                       use river water to carry it to sea in canal
tariff         --                      5-3-88p3       Anglo-American            anti-free trade
egg puzzle     solution                5-3-88p3       Robert E. Tenner          --
egg puzzle     solution                5-3-88p3       QED                       --
egg puzzle     solution                5-3-88p3       Spencer                   --
animals        bird                    5-3-88p3       Lompoc                    rare "Haul Bird" captured at sea
foreign        catholic                5-4-88p3       Tara                      Catholic replies to observer 5/3
religion       salvation army          5-4-88p3       Charles Frendenthal??     --
egg puzzle     solution                5-4-88p3       Niven Namwol              --
egg puzzle     solution                5-4-88p3       B.C. Whitlock             --
egg puzzle     solution                5-4-88p3       CAM                       --
agri           fruit                   5-4-88p3       MHM                       hints for picking for shipping
local govt     city charter            5-6-88p6       Joseph Mesmer             vote yes
misc           personal                5-7-88p3       J.F. Walker               correction, defamed by article
tariff         pro                     5-7-88p3       William Shannon           pro-tariff
egg puzzle     solution                5-7-88p3       ??                        a dozen made up letters, FUNNY
religion       vulgarity               5-10-88p3      IMS                       impersonation of minister
egg puzzle     solution                5-10-88p3      A                         --
elections      president               5-11-88p3      SG                        Blaine for President
agri           tools                   5-11-88p3      Chester                   fence-making machine
misc           Ingersoll               5-11-88p3      C. Severance              Ingersoll a great orator
misc           Ingersoll               5-11-88p3      unsigned                  --
animals        bird                    5-12-88p6      Gaviota                   more on the "Haul Bird" see 5/3
tariff         --                      5-12-88p6      C                         Democrats should endorse free trade
high license   for                     5-14-88p3      Tara                      --
culture        lecture                 5-15-88p3      C                         review of lecture
transit        street cars             5-15-88p3      Chicago                   in Chicago
cities         Pasadena                5-15-88p3      a lover of truth          more on annex of Lamanda Park
religion       spiritualism            5-16-88p3      Paraclesus                pro
misc           personal                5-16-88p3      W.D. Taggart              to clear his name
misc           geography               5-16-88p3      A subscriber              width of Bering Strait
business       regulation              5-18-88p6      A. Straight               need strict weights, measures law 
streets        condition               5-18-88p6      Ed                        Virgin St.
culture        tardiness               5-18-88p6      unsigned                  latecomers are annoying
misc           --                      5-19-88p3      "Silica"                  HUMOROUS about Aladdin and Calif
RRs            puzzle                  5-19-88p3      Locomotive engineer       --
welfare        boys and girls aid      5-22-88p3      Mrs. H.A. Watson          aid society
health         sea voyage              5-22-88p3      Englishman                good for health
streets        grading                 5-23-88p3      A.G. Hinckley             protests Boyle Hts grading
labor          unions                  5-26-88p6      PQD                       attacks Jesse Harper
rival papers   Tribune                 5-28-88p5      --                        several phony letters to Trib printed here
prohibition    pro                     5-30-88p2      J.W. Potts                liquor, not gambling, greatest evil
elections      Santa Ana               5-31-88p7      subscriber                law & order beaten by saloons
tariff         --                      6-1-88p3       SC                        a southern plot
environment    oil                     6-2-88p3       Isaac N. Vail             geologist urges development
RRs            S.Pedro St.             6-2-88p3       taxpayer                  wants them removed
women          suffrage                6-2-88p3       disenfranchised taxpayer  pro; GOOD
elections      polls                   6-2-88p3       a voter                   bad idea to place them in saloons
streets        obstruction             6-2-88p3       Rusticus                  --
misc           drinking song           6-2-88p3       J.O. Wakelee              who wrote it?
PPs            Republicans             6-2-88p3       W.F.D. Jones              Garvanza club
RRs            puzzle                  6-2-88p3       Thomas J. Rask            solution
misc           national holidays       6-2-88p3       X                         Washington's birthday
prohibition    anti-                   6-9-88p3       J.C. Sherer               reply to Potts  GOOD
PPs            Democrats               6-9-88p3       Republican                why solid south is Democratic
educ           co superintendent       6-9-88p3       W.W. Seamann              defends his record
rival press    A.P. error              6-9-88p3       E.B.                      FUNNY
PPs            Democrats               6-13-88p3      Protection                anti-democratic
water          Covina                  6-15-88p6      George R. Crow            Azusa-Covina water war
business       association             6-15-88p6      suggestion                organize manufacturers exchange
ethnic         Mexicans                6-15-88p6      J.W. Potts                Help old Spaniards who lost it all
labor          RR strike               6-15-88p2      V. E. Fanner              anti-union
culture        lectures                6-18-88p2      a citizen                 attendance too poor to pay costs
animals        birds                   6-20-88p6      C                         anti bird killing
The Times      --                      6-20-88p6      TCS                       --
fair           Columbus                6-21-88p6      Columbus                  LA should exhibit at Columbus fair
health         pesthouse               6-21-88p6      J.W. Potts                opposes pesthouse in Elysian Park
culture        art                     6-21-88p6      M.C. Simkins              likes the articles in Times
PPs            Democrats               6-21-88p6      Jefferson Democrat        opposes party actions
PPs            Democrats               6-21-88p6      Veritas                   pro Pasadena Democratic club
PPs            Republicans             6-22-88p4      Anti-Boss Republican      complaint about local boss
local govt     D.A office              6-23-88p5      Vernon                    criticizes Vernon court
fair           Columbus                6-23-88p5      unsigned                  go to Columbus
PPs            Democrats               6-23-88p5      William Shannon           anti-Democrat
tariff         --                      6-23-88p5      Reader of the Times       --
labor          union                   6-27-88p3      An engineer               anti CB&Q management
health         pesthouse               6-27-88p3      L.S. Thompson,MD          pro Elysian Park pesthouse
misc           correction              6-27-88p3      Vernon                    M.W. Getchell is "Vernon"
misc           GAR train               6-27-88p3      subscriber                trivia
educ           pay                     6-29-88p3      a half-day teacher        supports half day's pay
crime          jails                   6-29-88p3      C.B. Richardson           complains about a night in jail
prohibition    Democrats               6-29-88p3      Veritas                   Demos use it to weaken Republicans
PPs            Democrats               6-30-88p3      John O'Connor             anti-Democrat
PPs            Prohibition             7-2-88p5       A. Inwood                 Challenges ed; ed replies
misc           trial                   7-2-88p5       J.R. Thacker              Zilke v Thacker
water          poor system             7-3-88p6       many citizens             hill folks need better system
sports         balloon jump            7-3-88p6       unsigned                  opposes 7/4 jump by woman
health         pesthouse suit          7-3-88p6       Thomas Kelley             not a plaintiff
misc           Ingersoll               7-4-88p3       Major James C. Barr       speech; ed replies
ethnic         colored vote            7-5-88p6       P.M. Jackson              [unclear as to stand]
business       manufacturing           7-7-88p3       mechanic                  buy LA, encourage LA manufacturing
sewage         health                  7-9-88p3       citizen                   warns of disease
environment    trees                   7-9-88p3       resident                  save shade trees
gas co.        rates                   7-9-88p3       a gas consumer            challenges rates
elections      president               7-9-88p3       J.C. Wray                 Irish for Harrison
parks          Sixth St                7-9-88p3       citizen                   ed replies
elections      president               7-16-88p2      PAC                       ed replies GOOD
tariff         --                      7-18-88p6      J.C. Wray                 anti-free trade
foreign        England                 7-18-88p6      I. Wilburn                PPs in House of Commons;Ed replies
tariff         --                      7-18-88p6      J.J. Warner               pro
misc           plagiarism              7-18-88p6      B.A. Stephens             --
misc           personal                7-19-88p6      Otto M. Schultz,MD        demands correction
misc           personal                7-21-88p6      "Cairnsmoor"              defends councilman Chandler
PPS            Republican              7-23-88p3      Third Ward                defends ward caucus; reporter replies
elections      chinese                 7-23-88p3      Harrison man              Ed says naturalized vote for Cleveland
high license   pro                     7-25-88p5      B                         --
saloons        anti                    7-25-88p5      Elsie Kurschner           anti-saloon Republican club needed
post office    complaint               7-25-88p5      Not free trade            also pro-Harrison
elections      president               7-28-88p6      E.G. Fay                  anti-Cleveland
elections      president               7-28-88p6      Jose Condi                Cleveland a threat to ethnics, etc
tariff         --                      7-30-88p6      J.C. Wray                 pro-tariff,GOOD
PPs            Prohibition             8-1-88p5       Pomona                    J.H. Hector ungrateful to Repub party
PPs            prohibition             8-6-88p7       Good Templar              internal strife
PPs            prohibition             8-6-88p7       unsigned                  attack them for supporting Demos
women          rights                  8-8-88p5       EAK                       pro women's property rights
misc           Virgil                  8-9-88p3       Edward Vincent            How to spell Virgil; FUNNY
PPs            prohibition             8-13-88p7      Pomona                    Demo-prohibition alliance
RRs            SPRR                    8-15-88p3      S.P. Lunt                 denies violence occurred at construction site
PPs            Prohibition             8-15-88p3      Pomona                    Hector's Santa Ana meeting debacle
water          Monrovia                8-16-88p5      a citizen                 trouble with supply
agri           grapes                  8-16-88p5      grape-grower              raise grape prices
misc           personal                8-17-88p3      a university graduate     defends Henry Vrooman
misc           journalism              8-17-88p3      reporter                  doubts Cornell can teach journalism
misc           personal                8-18-88p5      Vindex                    defends Vrooman
PPs            Democrats               8-19-88p5      second ward               --
PPs            Prohibition             8-19-88p5      Tippecanoe                defends Hector;Keech is anti-Negro
misc           personal                8-19-88p5      Patrick Follis            defends Rossa
misc           historical society      8-19-88p5      HDB                       cheaper printing in San Francisco
sewage         criticism               8-20-88p2      citizen                   critical of plan
PPs            democrats               8-20-88p2      J.J. Hanford              in local politics
streets        sweeping                8-23-88p5      residents                 complaint
misc           drowning                8-23-88p5      LAF                       weird
misc           correction              8-23-88p5      Jason and Owen Brown      John Brown's Sons 
women          suffrage                8-26-88p6      R.H.                      pro; GOOD
PPs            prohibition             8-26-88p6      Samuel                    anti
health         safety                  8-26-88p6      conservative              safety at beach
misc           people at sea           8-26-88p6      constant reader           weird, ed replies
misc           shipwrecks              8-26-88p6      ABW                       in foggy weather
streets        Aliso flume             8-26-88p6      citizen                   a nuisance
gambling       anti                    8-28-88p6      K.W. Wing                 --
misc           correction              8-28-88p6      John McMullen             --
misc           correction              8-28-88p6      one of the ladies         helped Mrs. Hempstead
elections      electoral vote          8-28-88p6      Frank                     complaint about system
cities         --                      8-28-88p6      subscriber                wants list published; ed reply
saloons        Germans                 8-29-88p3      J. Friedlaner             long letter
streets        First st                8-29-88p3      JIW                       complains about construction
prostitution   crime                   8-30-88p6      FLS                       objects to letter by "citizen" [can't find]
rival papers   Tribune                 8-30-88p6      Priest                    FUNNY
PPs            Republican              9-1-88p6       John C. Wray              New Yorker defects to Democrats
elections      orators                 9-1-88p6       J.J. Reardon              need good ones in campaign
PPs            prohibition             9-1-88p6       3rd-party prohibitionist  they supported pro-saloon candidate
ethnic         Indians                 9-2-88p9       a refugee                 anti-Indian rights
prohibition    anti-temperance         9-2-88p9       unsigned                  derides temperance women GOOD
educ           temperance              9-2-88p9       L.D. More                 wants temperance educ law
PPs            prohibition             9-2-88p9       D                         disgusted with party leaders
ethnic         anti-chinese            9-9-88p2       workingman                Cleveland protects Chinese; GOOD
health         tobacco                 9-9-88p2       C.H.S.                    regulate smoking; personal v. prop rights
prohibition    anti-temperance         9-9-88p2       Anna T McIntosh           reply to unsigned GOOD
PPs            Republican              9-9-88p2       Jordan Allen              black minister, remains Republican
streets        lighting                9-11-88p6      cit                       satirical GOOD
misc           correction              9-11-88p6      Mrs. A.M. Wells           --
misc           correction              9-11-88p6      D. O'Lynn                 --
misc           correction              9-13-88p6      Will Beach                --
PPs            Democrat                9-15-88p3      R.W. Stewart,P.M. Hickman LA blacks effort to aid Demos
animals        dogs                    9-15-88p3      a woman                   mistreatment at pound, Ed reply
prohibition    religion                9-17-88p7      J.C. Sherer               defends non-christian drys
elections      president               9-17-88p7      S. Monica                 pro-Harrison
educ           school board            9-24-88p3      observer                  board shortchanging kids & taxpayers GOOD
educ           --                      9-24-88p3      father                    --
misc           correction              9-25-88p7      O.H. Violet               --
PPs            Republican              9-25-88p7      ZIP                       rally at Pomona
prohibition    temperance              9-25-88p7      MEB                       save Temperance Temple
local govt     co treasurer            9-27-88p6      West End                  --
ethnic         blacks                  9-29-88p6      R.H. Harbert              Black's prospects in So. Calif, ed reply, GOOD
misc           John Humphreys          9-29-88p6      F.C. Garbutt              pro
military       academy                 9-29-88p6      military                  needed in Santa Monica
transit        street cars             9-29-88p6      traveler                  need curtains because of sun
elections      president               9-29-88p6      a workingman              anti-Cleveland
rival papers   Tribune                 9-29-88p6      John Coxe                 anti-Tribune
business       construction            9-29-88p6      an observer               construction in LA
local govt     co treasurer            9-29-88p6      voter                     anti-treasurer FUNNY
agri           pests                   10-4-88p6      A.F. Kercheval            cotton cushion scale dying out
streets        tunnel                  10-4-88p6      John Mansfield            wants lst street tunnel
federal govt   budget                  10-4-88p6      inquirer                  sarcastic GOOD
elections      Indiana                 10-5-88p3      Lionel A. Sheldon         Indiana election
misc           butchers                10-6-88p6      B                         don't display wares
local govt     purchases               10-6-88p6      B. Cohn                   --
housing        overcrowded             10-6-88p6      a constant reader         --
animals        dogs                    10-6-88p6      citizens                  object to catching of dogs
post office    location                10-6-88p6      A.T. Torney               --
post office    location                10-6-88p6      ELM                       --
misc           correction              10-11-88p6     George B. Wandling        --
rival papers   Herald                  10-12-88p6     Jaspar Menn               ridicules Herald
women          labor                   10-13-88p6     M.F.B. Joslyn             women's industrial exchange needs orders
streets        poor                    10-13-88p6     a taxpayer                --
business       industries              10-14-88p3     George M. Smith           develop local industries
misc           missing boy             10-14-88p3     C. Howe                   missing Pomona boy; human interest story
tariff         --                      10-15-88p5     an Englishwoman           anti-free trade attacks Clara Foltz
misc           correction              10-15-88p5     F.E. Leaden               --
fair           pomological             10-15-88p5     C.V. Cowdery              medals not awarded
business       manufacturing           10-18-88p6     M.S. Baker                local manufacturing
fair           pomological             10-18-88p6     Thomas A. Garey           reply to Cowdery
elections      president               10-19-88p6     H.C. Todd                 silver miners anti-Cleveland
prohibition    Democrats               10-19-88p6     unsigned                  Democrats and alcohol
saloons        license                 10-19-88p6     WLW                       --
sports         baseball                10-19-88p6     a lover of base-ball      suggests Demo-Republican game 
PPs            Gov. Waterman           10-19-88p6     a Republican              critical of reception
educ           overcrowding            10-19-88p6     a subscriber              overcrowded schools
saloons        anti                    10-23-88p5     E.G. Fay                  pro law and order meeting
sports         baseball                10-23-88p5     Harvey Yeamen             anti, played on Sunday  GOOD
misc           hotel                   10-23-88p5     H                         critical of financing new hotel
PPs            labor                   10-26-88p2     C.C. Connelly             Knights of Labor non-partisan
PPs            Democrat                10-26-88p6     Nebraska Republican       anti-Democrat
tariff         --                      10-26-88p6     JAH                       anti-free trade
business       lumber                  10-26-88p6     William A. Driscoll       falling prices
rival papers   Tribune                 10-26-88p6     Rectus                    correction of Tribune article
agri           pests                   10-29-88p2     [unsigned]                reply to Kercheval re cotton cushion scale
PPs            Democrat                10-29-88p2     an old resident           anti-Democrat
misc           correction              10-29-88p2     Vickers & Crawford        butter
elections      polls                   10-29-88p2     citizen                   saloons as voting places
elections      president               11-1-88p6      D.C. Wilkes               predicts electoral vote GOOD
misc           correction              11-1-88p6      M.T. Owens                --
crime          punishment              11-2-88p6      a mother                  stricter rape laws
local govt     co funds                11-3-88p6      alfalfa                   --
PPs            democrat                11-3-88p6      vet                       anti-democrat
misc           correction              11-3-88p6      Frank A. Gibson           ed reply
transit        cable cars              11-3-88p6      citizen                   nuisance
PPs            democrat                11-3-88p6      one anxious for a vote    --
misc           trial                   11-3-88p6      ECS                       Truesdale case
welfare        women's home            11-4-88p12     a woman                   needed
misc           agri & indus            11-4-88p12     T                         defense of Calif agri and indus
real estate    swindle                 11-5-88p5      FER                       all too common
elections      justice of peace        11-5-86p5      Democrat                  supports Austin
elections      immigrants              11-6-88p6      R. McC. W.                they should vote Republican
elections      third parties           11-6-88p6      [unsigned]                votes wasted, vote Republican
sewage         criticism               11-7-88p7      James Darling             system criticized
elections      ballot counting         11-8-88p6      judge                     defends system; ed reply
misc           correction              11-8-88p6      H.C. Wyatt                --
RRs            free passes             11-8-88p6      tax-payer                 opposes them
RRs            free passes             11-8-88p6      John F. Humphreys         --
fair           pomological             11-8-88p6      George F. Smith           reply to Garey
elections      results                 11-10-88p3     Mc                        gloats over democrat defeat
PPs            anti-saloon party       11-10-88p3     a temperance Republican   derides anti-saloon
misc           Gen. Sheldon            11-10-88p3     Inglewood                 Sheldon a good Republican
misc           correction              11-13-88p6     F.E. Reid                 ed reply
PPs            anti-saloon party       11-16-88p6     [Republican voter]        designed to divide Republicans
elections      Texas                   11-16-88p6     S.J. Newman               ed reply
saloons        hours                   11-17-88p5     subscriber                citizens reform movement
PPs            --                      11-17-88p5     Charles J. Fox            stay in Republican party
streets        grading assessments     11-17-88p5     taxpayer                  practice pro-contractor; Ed reply
civil rights   --                      11-17-88p5     veteran observer          can't let south control rights
misc           --                      11-19-88p2     a working Republican      [unclear]
misc           correction              11-19-88p2     Dr. J.E. Cohen            ed reply
crime          Anschlag                11-20-88p5     E.J. Fitzpatrick          critical of press treatment of him
religion       foreign missions        11-20-88p5     Henry Scott Jeffreys      defense of them
gas co.        correction              11-20-88p5     R.B. Avery                --
elections      Wisconsin               11-20-88p5     George E. Burral          ed reply
local govt     reform                  11-21-88p6     Brainard Smith            likes citizens reform movement
religion       foreign missions        11-21-88p6     ECS                       --
RRs            SPRR                    11-22-88p6     W.B. Broadwell            opposes Pine St. right of way; ed reply
local govt     mayor                   11-24-88p3     taxpayer                  his duties; ed reply
RRs            SPRR                    11-26-88p3     G.G. Charlton             opposes Pine St right of way; ed reply
rival papers   Tribune                 11-26-88p3     R.C. Wright               attacks Tribune
elections      president               11-27-88p6     Henry Lyster              pro-Murchison
religion       spiritualism            11-27-88p6     truth                     --
misc           gas explosion           11-27-88p6     T.W. Day                  contradicts Avery; see 11/20
ethnic         Indians                 11-30-88p6     Charles O'Malley          Indian rights; GOOD
sewage         system                  11-30-88p6     AFK                       --
educ           public schools          11-30-88p6     essuela                   critical
elections      mayor                   12-3-88p6      W.H. Perry                supports Miles for mayor
elections      council                 12-3-88p6      James E. O'Donnell        vote Republican
elections      president               12-4-88p5      puto                      supports frequency of elections
educ           --                      12-4-88p7      a parent                  --
religion       church v state          12-5-88p3      Republican                keep church out of public schools
RRs            trust                   12-5-88p3      Joseph H. Call            a danger
agri           gardening               12-10-88p5     R.L.E. Fowler             ed reply
tourism        rents                   12-12-88p6     one who knows             high rents hurt tourism
misc           correction              12-12-88p6     Isaias W. Hellman         ed reply
religion       foreign missions        12-15-88p5     Henry Scott Jeffreys      they lead to converts
sewage         --                      12-17-88p3     sanitarian                long letter
gambling       at churches             12-17-88p3     cynic                     opposes it
misc           correction              12-17-88p3     B. Cohn                   Workman-Bryson case
misc           death                   12-17-88p3     W. Root                   ed reply
post office    complaint               12-22-88p3     a victim                  insufficient postage; FUNNY
RRs            SPRR                    12-22-88p3     W.B. Broadwell et al      Pine St route
agri           pests                   12-24-88p2     D.W. Coquillett           white, red scale; optimistic
streets        roads                   12-24-88p2     Granite                   we need something better than dirt
transit        street cars             12-24-88p2     Stephen White             reply to Broadwell 11/22
taxes          assessments             12-31-88p7     A.J. Manly                bad practices
misc           personal                12-31-88p7     L.S. Thompson, MD         attended to Bryson
misc           language                12-31-88p7     C.L. Jones                question on Chinese language, ed reply


TOPIC          SUBTOPIC                DATE/PAGE      AUTHOR                    COMMENT

taxes          deadline                1-1-89p6       W.T. Chestnut             ed reply
taxes          deadline                1-4-89p6       a mad taxpayer            describes mob scene at deadline
religion       spiritualism            1-4-89p6       C. Franklin               in LA; anti
transit        street cars             1-6-89p6       a sufferer                Why aren't Pico line cars running
business       trade association       1-10-89p6      TW                        likes it
agri           field hands             1-10-89p4      --                        mistreatment by owners
misc           personal                1-12-89p3      John Hall                 repudiates perjury charge
real estate    land prices             1-13-89p3      J.M. Guinn                So. Calif cheaper than No. Calif
religion       Sam Jones               1-17-89p2      Liberal Christian         criticizes Jones
police         gambling                1-17-89p4      G.L.                      criticizes chief for closing Chinatown game
tourism        like So. Calif          1-18-89p5      TW                        eastern visitors like So Calif
foreign        French newspaper        1-18-89p5      LYP                       circulation of Paris paper; ed reply
misc           legal divorce           1-18-89p5      an old subscriber         ed reply
post office    stamp sales             1-18-89p5      --                        ed reply
religion       Sam Jones               1-19-89p2      citizen                   criticizes Jones
religion       Sam Jones               1-20-89p2      Geo. Baugh, M.E. Church   defends Jones[revivalist]
religion       Sam Jones               1-20-89p2      Iowa                      attacks Jones
religion       Sam Jones               1-20-89p2      a Lutheran                attacks Jones
fire dept      --                      1-21-89p3      a proud mother            praises boys who stopped fire
misc           --                      1-21-89p3      citizen                   attacks Dr. Reese; ed reply
misc           immigration             1-24-89p5      Charles H. Thompson       coming to Calif
religion       Sam Jones               1-24-89p5      citizen                   anti-Jones
sewage         plan                    1-25-89p3      taxpayer                  long letter
high license   anti                    1-25-89p3      H                         GOOD
misc           immigration             1-26-89p5      C.B. Carlisle             --attract immigrants
religion       Sam Jones               1-27-89p6      Mrs. Emma Kimmel          anti-Jones
religion       liberalism              1-27-89p6      orthodoxy                 attacks liberalism of Rev. Fay GOOD
religion       liberalism              1-28-89p5      Eli Fay                   reply to orthodoxy GOOD
labor          fruit pickers           1-28-89p5      Geo. Feller, Knts of Lbr  hire white labor GOOD
religion       Sam Jones               1-28-89p5      M.D.                      critical of Jones critics
high license   pro                     1-28-89p5      Kansan                    reply to H
The Times      pro                     1-28-89p5      R.M. Winslow              praises trade issue (1/1/89 special issue)
misc           personal                1-28-89p5      Geo. Thomas               needs help to find his children
religion       Sam Jones               1-30-89p3      M.M. Winfield             anti Jones and Fay
religion       trinity                 1-30-89p3      HB                        pro-religion
religion       Sam Jones               1-30-89p3      SG                        anti Jones
agri           economy                 1-31-89p5      J.C. Sherer               long analysis of So. Cal farm economy
transit        street cars             2-1-89p5       James M. Davies           Vermont St. RR franchise
agri           turkeys                 2-1-89p5       S.C.                      raising them in So. Calif; long letter
religion       Sam Jones               2-1-89p5       Eli Fay                   FUNNY
animals        birds                   2-4-89p3       L.J. Rose                 he's imported 12 skylarks to So Calif
local govt     city hall               2-7-89p3       John P. Culver            explains weakness of tower
RRs	       malpractice             2-7-89p3       Blanton Duncan            critical of RR practices
animals        birds                   2-8-89p4       Mrs. W. F. Obear          praises Rose for importing skylarks
RRs            malpractice             22-9-89p3      Blanton Duncan            critical of RR practices
elections      nominations             2-9-89p6       fair play                 prefers precinct to ward nominations, ed reply
mining         --                      2-9-89p6       miner                     defines "miner's inch"
water          rates                   2-10-89p5      citizen                   complaint about high rates
streets        grading                 2-10-89p5      ASA                       grade Alameda, Figueroa
misc           buildings               2-11-89p2      Sanatis                   blame architects, not craftsmen, for problems
misc           correction              2-12-89p3      T.B, O'Hart               --
local govt     city surveyor           2-12-89p3      Wm T. Lambie              surveyor, denies charges
rival papers   Tribune                 2-15-89p5      Wellwisher                Trib cut to 4 pages; ed reply
elections      officials               2-17-89p6      resident of precinct C    no Republican officials
water          rates                   2-17-89p6      John Cox                  complaint about high rates
labor          jobless                 2-19-89p3      a subscriber              wants public to fund city work projects
misc           correction              2-21-89p6      W.R. Burke                denial
elections      mayor                   2-21-89p6      T.S. Hall                 --
library        city                    2-23-89p2      a resident                critical
RRs            SPRR                    2-23-89p3      Blanton Duncan            [he's a sometime columnist for Times]
animals        birds                   2-27-89p3      unsigned                  importing English sparrows- a warning
local govt     co Supervisors          3-1-89p5       S. Armor                  pro-Assemblyman Damron's fight with them
religion       revelations             3-3-89p6       Blanton Duncan            its meaning
library        city                    3-7-89p5       X                         defends Mrs. Prescott's appointment as librarian
real estate    land fraud              3-10-89p2      a newcomer                --
RRs            SPRR                    3-11-89p5      S.P. employee             critical of pay practices
real estate    land values             3-14-89p5      Lionel A. Sheldon         --
crime          juvenile delinquents    3-16-89p5      C.B. Carlisle             need better care than reform school
water          zanjero                 3-16-89p5      irrigator                 opposes H. Dalton's appointment
agri           poultry                 3-18-89p5      farmer                    shouldn't encourage more poultry farmers
mining         California              3-18-89p5      E. Williams               --
transit        street cars             3-21-89p3      T.W.                      opposes Vermont Ave. motor line
local govt     fraud                   3-22-89p6      J.W. Potts                reservoir land fraud
rival papers   --                      3-24-89p3      Hayseed                   need more papers  VERY FUNNY
misc           correction              3-24-89p3      Thomas Kelley             denial re reservoir 
real estate    defends dealers         3-29-89p5      S. Chivalry               re boom collapse
agri           cattle                  3-31-89p7      R.T. Whittlesey           contagious diseases; ed reply
agri           cattle                  3-31-89p7      Jennison & Greening       contagious diseases; ed reply
military       west point              3-31-89p7      Samuel T. Slack           entrance exams
ethnic         blacks                  4-3-89p3       G.H. Baxter               pro "coloreds" on LAPD, ed reply; GOOD
local govt     city employees          4-3-89p3       John William              non-citizens on payroll
mining         New Mexico              4-6-89p5       Geo. E. Christalaw        denies stories; ed reply
misc           personal                4-6-89p5       Anna Brese Southwick      defends Mrs Mary Livermore
religion       Eli Fay                 4-7-89p6       Eli Fay                   defends his church
misc           --                      4-7-89p6       Otto Bothlender           trivia
misc           correction              4-7-89p6       H.K.S. O'Melveny          --
prohibition    --                      4-7-89p6       DRB                       abstainer in Harrison's cabinet
cities         Eagle Rock              4-8-89p5       WH                        --
rival papers   Herald                  4-8-89p5       PHB                       criticizes Herald
post office    building                4-8-89p5       P. Henley                 --
agri           poultry                 4-10-89p5      R.P. McGlincy             urges poultry as diversified farming
prohibition    correction              4-10-89p5      T.W. Phelps               --
misc           moving to Chile         4-10-89p5      a subscriber              ed reply
agri           milk                    4-10-89p5      G. T. Grow                profit
labor          free labor bureau       4-13-89p5      JC                        pro; Tribune opposes it
agri           dairy products          4-14-89p5      G.H. Paine                they bring low prices
culture        flower festival         4-14-89p5      [unsigned]                shouldn't be held at Easter
crime          reform school           4-16-89p7      R.D. Wade                 Whittier good site
crime          reform school           4-16-89p7      Providencia Co            offers land for site; Ed supports it
misc           --                      4-16-89p7      T. Masac                  denial
misc           --                      4-17-89p5      Henry Scott Jeffreys      trivia
PPs            Cleveland               4-17-89p5      C.C.T. Goforth            pro Cleveland
prohibition    --                      4-19-89p7      Isaac Ward                --
religion       Methodists              4-19-89p7      West End                  --
health         unlicensed doctors      4-22-89p3      medico                    --
health         unlicensed doctors      4-22-89p3      a regular                 --
health         garbage                 4-22-89p3      citizen                   --
streets        roads                   4-23-89p5      caminos buenos            grading on National Blvd in Sta Monica
crime          reform school           4-23-89p5      taxpayer                  location of school
misc           electricity             4-25-89p5      M.W. Hazelton             cheap power
business       economy                 4-28-89p11     S.D. Bowker, MD           Kans. City Star article on poor LA econ 
business       economy                 4-28-89p11     W.B. Thorne               Kans City Star art. on poor LA econ
business       economy                 4-28-89p11     another resident          Kans. City Star art. on poor LA econ
animals        dogs                    4-29-89p5      Eastside pioneer          anti-dog pound
animals        dogs                    4-29-89p5      voice of many citizens    anti-dog pound
religion       Catholic                4-30-89p7      T.L. Curry                --
religion       calendar                4-30-89p7      Mrs. Adelaide Duncan      state and Lord's date
misc           Orange County           5-2-89p3       J.H. Kellorn              fruitgrowers desire new county
streets        bridges                 5-3-89p3       A.F. Kercheval            Ninth St. bridge
misc           correction              5-4-89p3       East Side                 L.A. Board of Trade
business       chamber of commerce     5-5-89p5       H                         --
misc           --                      5-5-89p5       E.L.A.N.G.                reply to East Side
streets        bridges                 5-6-89p3       another taxpayer          Ninth St. bridge
The Times      Weekly Mirror           5-7-89p3       B. White                  failed to arrive
sewage         Arcadia St. sewer       5-7-89p5       H. Martz, taxpayer        --
agri           oranges                 5-11-89p6      W. Blanchard              save orange trees by spraying for scale
crime          trial                   5-13-89p5      M. Whaling                supports Times' call for fair trial
rival papers   Union                   5-14-89p6      H.A. Reid                 says Union improperly attacked him
parks          --                      5-15-89p3      HG                        parks are good for tourism
streets        bridges                 5-16-89p3      Charles L. Batcheller     First St. viaduct
RRs            wreck                   5-18-89p6      Eyewitness                at Tehachapi; Ed reply
RRs            wreck                   5-19-89p5      G.J. Tyler                defends SPRR
agri           pests                   5-19-89p11     C.H. Roberts              vine disease; GOOD
streets        Vermont Ave             5-19-89p11     TW                        to be widened
Mt. Wilson     observatory             5-19-89p12     Truth                     Harvard building temporary one
misc           trivia                  5-19-89p12     E.S. Libby                --
water          Azusa                   5-20-89p3      Azusa                     Azusa water troubles- reply to ed
water          criticism               5-21-89p5      Pluvius                   GOOD
civil service  anti-spoils system      5-21-89p5      A Lifelong Democrat       supports Times ed
police         commission              5-22-89p3      Star                      criticism
streets        roads                   5-22-89p5      Morgan D. Blandford       call for better roads
streets        Temple St               5-26-89p6      S.M. Metcalf              grade
misc           Orange County           5-26-89p6      J.W. Bowen                opposes formation
misc           Tenth St. hotel         5-26-89p6      Index                     --
ethnic         anti-Chinese            5-26-89p6      B                         photograph all immigrants now here;  GOOD
earthquakes    --                      5-26-89p6      A Horrid Man              --
foreign        India                   5-26-89p6      J. A. F.                  Sikhs plotting against Britain
rival papers   Tribune                 5-28-89p5      one of the committee      insulted by Tribune
rival papers   Tribune                 5-28-89p5      Republican                anti-Tribune
religion       anti-evangelist         5-29-89p3      churchman                 criticism
misc           Pomona college          5-29-89p3      C.E. Dailey               praises it
crime          punishment              5-31-89p7      J.J.B.                    needless jailing of illiterate immigrant
religion       faith healer            6-1-89p5       William Ambrose           exposes Australian [Rev. Dowie]
agri           pests                   6-6-89p6       A.F. Kercheval            cotton cushion scale
agri           pests                   6-6-89p6       G.C. Edwards              scale pest; reply to Blanchard
labor          unemployment            6-9-89p6       Robert Owens              seeking a job
taxes          property                6-9-89p6       an anarchist              complains about tax sale of property
sports         tennis                  6-9-89p6       lawn tennis               wants a summer tournament in L.A.
PPs            --                      6-9-89p10      anti-boss                 sarcastic criticism of Sen. J.E. McComas
federal govt   --                      6-9-89p10      pro bono publico          criticizes embassy appointment
agri           oranges                 6-10-89p5      T.W.                      recipe for orange wine
agri           fertilizer              6-10-89p5      J.H.                      ashes as fertilizer
sewage         Pasadena                6-10-89p5      Highland Park             use Arroyo Seco channel to sea
misc           court                   6-11-89p3      C.C. Twitchell            Sta Monica judge defends his court
RRs            mail                    6-11-89p3      W.A. Simpson              criticism of RR mail clerks
sewage         proposal                6-12-89p5      George C. Keyes           correction of proposal
misc           Johnstown flood         6-14-89p5      Morgan D. Blandford       lessons of flood
PPs            local                   6-14-89p5      William Hood              8th ward cabal criticized
misc           Johnstown flood         6-15-89p5      C.H. Roberts              reply to Blandford; GOOD
labor          waiters                 6-15-89p5      John Duval                mistreatment of waiters
streets        --                      6-15-89p6      A. C. Harris              --
religion       evolution               6-17-89p4      J.J. Reardon              --
local govt     building                6-17-89p4      fair play                 agrees with Times, build the building
misc           Johnstown flood         6-17-89p4      Morgan D. Blandford       reply to Roberts
misc           correction              6-18-89p5      Jesse H. Butler           wife didn't stay in jail overnight
business       fireworks industry      6-18-89p6      fourth of July            in Los Angeles
religion       faith healing           6-21-89p5      reason                    denounces Rev. Dowie
streets        names                   6-23-89p10     progressionist            GOOD
transit        cable cars              6-23-89p10     J.O.B.                    critical of company because of accidents
educ           L.A.board policy        6-24-89p6      a woman suffragist        female teachers denied rights
religion       faith healing           6-24-89p6      W. Ambrose                attacks Rev. Dowie
fair           site                    6-25-89p6      a stockholder             use Tenth St. hotel site for fair
library        bookplate               6-25-89p6      G. A. Dobinson            design competition for bookplate
agri           pests                   6-29-89p6      A.F. Kercheval            fruit trees should be sprayed
transit        street cars             6-30-89p6      Thomas A. Lewis           inefficient and lawless
agri           wines                   6-30-89p6      [unsigned]                hotel overpricing discourages use of Calif wines
streets        paving                  6-30-89p6      John Mansfield            opposes use of asphalt
ethnic         hyphenated Americans    6-30-89p6      American                  criticizes hyphenates
streets        paving                  7-1-89p4       Cit.                      criticizes council re paving E. First St.
health         insane asylum           7-2-89p6       W.M.                      opposes locating it in San Bernardino
sewage         outfall                 7-2-89p6       Abbot Kinney              views for consideration
transit        streetcars              7-3-89p5       C.B. Ebey                 abused horses; ed reply
misc           O. Shaw                 7-4-89p4       A Neighbor                defends O. Shaw from Times attack
streets        Brooklyn Ave            7-5-89p6       a property owner          complaint about grading
misc           O. Shaw                 7-5-89p6       James Liddell             defends himself
RRs            SPRR                    7-5-89p6       a subscriber              baggage policy
misc           holiday                 7-6-89p5       F.H. Nash                 criticizes saloon floats in July 4 parade
misc           holiday                 7-6-89p5       disgusted patriot         criticizes location of July 4 parade
agri           pests                   7-7-89p6       L. Hafen                  grape disease
misc           correction              7-7-89p6       J. W. Jones               the Case trial
educ           teachers                7-10-89p5      W. J. Kennard             too man women teachers; ed reply
streets        macy St                 7-11-89p5      Dominos Vobiscum          grading
prostitution   outlawed                7-12-89p3      ah there                  it can't be outlawed
educ           teachers                7-12-89p3      John Morton               defense of female teachers; reply to Kennard
crime          clairvoyants            7-12-89p5      a victim                  anti; ed reply
fire dept      alarm                   7-12-89p5      citizen                   poor fire alarm system
veterans       soldiers home           7-13-89p3      W.G.                      lack of landscaping; ed reply
religion       anti-fundamentalism     7-14-89p5      J.J. Reardon              age of universe
misc           counterfeiting          7-16-89p4      Frank M. Parker           --
sewage         disposal                7-16-89p5      W.F. Bray                 --
religion       singing                 7-16-89p6      stranger                  too few hymnals in L.A. churches
educ           teachers                7-16-89p6      an ex-teacher             defense of female teachers; reply to Kennard
misc           plagiarism              7-18-89p6      B.A. Stephens             his pamphlet plagiarized
crime          reform school           7-21-89p6      X                         reform school site requirements
police         authority               7-22-89p4      anti-bribery              are police "executive" officers?
business       licenses                7-22-89p4      a retailer                expensive licenses hurt business
sewage         outfall                 7-24-89p3      [unsigned]                long, technical
sewage         outfall                 7-24-89p3      J.S. Wakeman              anti-Sta. Monica outfall
sewage         outfall                 7-24-89p3      John hall                 long, technical
sewage         outfall                 7-24-89p3      cosmopolitan              use L.A. River  GOOD
sewage         contracts               7-24-89p3      many citizens             object to street sewer contracts
crime          jails                   7-26-89p5      M.L. Wicks                explains jail inmate's marriage
sewage         pumps                   7-26-89p5      observer                  sarcastic comment on purchase of sewage pumps
rival papers   Pasadena Star           7-26-89p6      H. B. Gorr                critical of Star
real estate    loans                   7-26-89p6      W. S. Williams            defends his loan business
sewage         outfall                 7-27-89p3      for intelligent action    anti-outfall
streets        Buena Vista St.         7-27-89p3      Buena Vista Street        supports grading
water          rates                   7-27-89p3      citizens' water company   defends rates
culture        opera                   7-27-89p4      "Baldy"                   various complaints
post office    Azusa postmaster        7-27-89p5      Azusa                     spoils sys. appointments; ed reply
crime          reform school           7-28-89p6      B.D.                      water available for Whittier reform school
agri           wines                   7-29-89p5      P.W.                      RRs cause depressed Calif wine industry
RRs            passengers              7-30-89p3      Arizonian                 maltreatment of passengers
agri           pests                   7-31-89p5      vedolia c.                anti-spraying  GOOD
educ           school officials        7-31-89p5      justice                   criticizes school appointments
RRs            SPRR                    7-31-89p5      a traveler                criticizes routes
tourism        Catalina                7-31-89p5      "mal de mar"              criticizes lack of accommodations
sewage         outfall                 7-31-89p6      engineer                  use sewage farms and surface irrigation
educ           Pasadena                8-1-89p6       one of the people         Pasadena schools mismanaged
RRs            sewers                  8-2-89p6       TAN                       --
educ           high school site        8-2-89p6       Arthur W.P. Kinney        location
agri           pests                   8-4-89p3       D.W. Coquillett           white, red scale controlled by ladybugs
parks          Westlake                8-4-89p3       [unsigned]                improve it
sewage         Ballona outfall         8-5-89p5       W.T. Spilman              anti
sewage         Ballona outfall         8-5-89p5       taxpayer                  anti
L.A. Harbor    Wilmington              8-7-89p5       KF                        LA should promote it
crime          reform school           8-8-89p5       reform school             requisites of one
agri           roses                   8-8-89p5       W.C. Lee                  growth of 12' 3" in 10 weeks
sewage         anti sewer              8-9-89p5       Blanton Duncan            --
L.A. Harbor    breakwater              8-9-89p5       Blanton Duncan            supports Redondo site
rival papers   Tribune                 8-10-89p6      Samuel Rees               denies Tribune report
sewage         farm                    8-12-89p2      farmer                    supports sewage farm
military       state militia           8-14-89p3      CCA                       Conditions at San Diego Camp Dimond
sewage         seawater                8-16-89p3      John Hall                 opposes intermingling
sewage         Ballona outfall         8-17-89p5      taxpayer                  anti
sewage         Ballona outfall         8-17-89p6      Jesse H. Butler           opposes sewer bonds
streets        Temple St grading       8-17-89p6      F                         confiscation for non-payment of taxes
agri           vineyards               8-18-89p5      J.A. Brewster             wind protects vineyards
sewage         disposal                8-18-89p12     J.A. Osgood               --
sewage         anti-Tribune            8-18-89p12     John Hall                 --
sewage         pro-Times               8-18-89p12     O.B. Holmes               --
educ           high school site        8-18-89p12     Geo. Bonebrake & others   anti
educ           high school site        8-18-89p12     Enoch Pepper, A.T. Copp   anti
educ           high school site        8-18-89p12     Arthur W.P. Kinney        anti
sewage         council                 8-20-89p3      G.O.P.                    --
water          Vineland District       8-20-89p3      L.H. Washburn             defends it
misc           personal                8-20-89p6      Herbert Kinckney          defends himself
sewage         farm                    8-22-89p5      John Hall                 supports it
health         insane asylum           8-22-89p6      Justice                   Waterman corruption
streets        grading                 8-22-89p6      a constant reader         complaint; ed reply
sewage         cost of line            8-22-89p6      B                         --
sewage         anti-sewer              8-24-89p2      traveler                  [a visiting Englishman]
rival papers   Tribune                 8-24-89p6      investigator              Trib wrongly said diphtheria rampant
sports         guns                    8-24-89p6      Geo. H. Bonebrake         target practice
animals        dogs                    8-24-89p6      John Farrell              dead dogs
sewage         E.L.A.                  8-25-89p5      taxpayer                  attacks Trib for declaring E.L.A. unhealthful
sewage         anti-bonds              8-26-89p3      John Hall                 a sanitary engineer. long letter
sewage         anti-bonds              8-26-89p3      J.W. Potts                --
sewage         anti-bonds              8-28-89p6      F                         --
sewage         storm drain             8-28-89p6      C.M. Wells                anti
sewage         fertilizer              8-28-89p6      J.W. Anderson             use it on ranch
sewage         anti-sewer              8-28-89p6      F                         --
misc           correction              8-28-89p6      C.F. Winston              --
sewage         anti-sewer              8-29-89p3      Joseph Mesmer             --
sewage         anti-sewer              8-29-89p3      H.D. Barrows              --
sewage         anti-sewer              8-29-89p3      east side subscribers     --
sewage         storm drain             8-29-89p3      T.C. Naramore             anti
misc           boodlers                8-29-89p3      a voter                   --
sewage         anti-sewer              8-29-89p3      dulce                     --
sewage         anti-sewer              8-29-89p3      G.A. Smith                --
sewage         anti-sewer              8-29-89p3      J.W. Potts                --
sewage         anti-sewer              8-30-89p3      laboring man              --
water          public ownership        8-30-89p3      angeleno                  buy out water company
sewage         sewer contract          8-30-89p3      C. McFarland, city att'y  supports sewer contract
The Times      open letter             8-30-89p4      H.G. OTIS                 reply to Tribune
sunday law     sabbath observance      9-1-89p6       Geo. B. Telfair           --
sewage         sewer bond defeat       9-1-89p6       Joseph Mesmer             --
streets        Lake Shore St           9-2-89p6       VG                        grading
transit        cable line              9-3-89p6       J.C. Robinson, sup't      thanks police for aid 
military       naval academy           9-9-89p3       D.B.                      Vernon boy to academy
sunday law     anti                    9-9-89p5       BRG                       --
rival papers   Tribune                 9-11-89p6      A.C. Williams             corrects Trib
sunday law     --                      9-13-89p5      a seventh rest day        reply to B.R.G.;law protects workers
agri           pests                   9-16-89p6      A.F. Kercheval            ladybugs
sunday law     --                      9-18-89p3      Jesse H. Butler           reply to others, GOOD
veterans       soldiers' home scandal  9-18-89p3      H.B. Sargent              defends G.A.R.
misc           correction              9-19-89p3      Mrs. S.E. Archer          --
veterans       soldiers' home scandal  9-19-89p3      Rev. H.O. Judd            --
veterans       soldiers' home scandal  9-19-89p3      John Duyer                --
misc           correction              9-20-89p3      H. Tyler Wilcox           reply to S.E. Archer
fire dept      --                      9-20-89p3      John Mansfield            pro
misc           baby show               9-28-89p3      Crusader                  poor judging; ed reply
misc           literary style          9-29-89p5      CBC                       adjectives overused  FUNNY
sports         guns                    9-29-89p5      P.P. Livermore            target practice; ed reply
veterans       soldiers' home scandal  9-30-89p5      past department commander defends admin.
veterans       soldiers' home scandal  10-1-89p6      Veritas                   --
agri           farmers' market         10-6-89p6      B.H. Shaw                 suggests it
PPs            Nationalist club        10-7-89p3      Jesse H. Butler           praises it
misc           co boundary             10-7-89p3      Daniel Sexton             S. Diego/S.Berdo co boundary
educ           school site             10-9-89p6      justice                   --
veterans       soldiers' home scandal  10-12-89p6     W.F. Wheeler              absolves soldiers
religion       theosophy               10-12-89p6     Elizabeth H Hughes        --
religion       baptist                 10-13-89p3     fair play                 convention
transit        cable cars              10-14-89p3     inventor of "waybill"     pro, long letter
religion       baptist                 10-15-89p6     H.M. Crowell              reply to fair play
religion       latter day saints       10-16-89p6     J.M.                      pro
religion       Baptist convention      10-21-89p4     an inquirer               --
animals        dogs                    10-25-89p5     T.W.                      fierce dogs. ed reply
religion       baptist                 10-27-89p12    inquirer                  baptist philosophy
crime          juries                  10-27-89p12    a bleeding taxpayer       criminals go free FUNNY
crime          reform school           10-28-89p3     John Anderson             don't commit boys
animals        SPCA                    10-28-89p4     M. D. Lummis              --
taxes          payment                 10-28-89p4     Charles A. Gardner        pay semi-annually
crime          reform school           10-29-89p5     L.O. Judson               reply to Anderson
streets        widening                11-1-89p3      Edmund Leake              --
streets        widening                11-2-89p5      Los Angeles St.           reply to Leake 
PPs            Nationalist club        11-4-89p6      S. Byron Welcome          condemns LA club
streets        widening                11-5-89p3      Edmund Leake              reply to critic
PPs            Nationalist club        11-7-89p5      F.B. Cook                 reply to Welcome
misc           Waterman's veto         11-10-89p5     XYZ                       ed reply supports veto
misc           math problem            11-18-89p4     a subscriber              trivia; ed reply
streets        roads                   11-18-89p7     H.N. Rust                 build a good Pasadena-LA road
RRs            Santa Fe                11-19-89p7     Suburban                  criticizes service from eastern co areas
veterans       books                   11-20-89p2     one of them               books needed at soldiers' home
agri           fruit growing           11-20-89p5     Fred A. Binney            does it pay? criticizes RRs
agri           vegetables              11-20-89p5     inquirer                  where is the market?
money          silver                  11-24-89p5     HDB                       pro free coinage
educ           cost of school house    11-24-89p5     Geo. R. Brown             suggests corruption
agri           vegetables              11-29-89p5     plowshare                 reply to inquirer; chinese successful
misc           advertising             11-29-89p5     vindex                    poor advertising
agri           fruit growing           11-29-89p5     W                         reply to Binney; good opportunity in oranges
misc           thanksgiving            11-30-89p5     S.C. Clemons              FUNNY
agri           citrus fair             12-2-89p6      J                         suggestions
streets        roads                   12-3-89p5      the vagrant               Pasadena-LA route described
agri           pests                   12-8-89p5      A.F. Kercheval            --
streets        roads                   12-10-89p5     San Gabriel               poor roads in east county
money          silver                  12-12-89p12    H.D. Barrows              supports amending Bland act
agri           vegetables              12-13-89p5     [illegible]               can compete with chinese
agri           educ                    12-13-89p5     W.M. Bristol              need agri educ column
agri           livestock               12-15-89p2     sufferer                  loose livestock
crime          vice ad                 12-16-89p2     VP                        Ed reply warns against procurers
sewage         proposal                12-16-89p6     application               to sea; GOOD
sewage         proposal                12-19-89p6     John Hall                 to sea; GOOD
veterans       civil service           12-20-89p5     John W. Francis, recorder hires vets
agri           farmers' exchange       12-23-89p6     J.C. Sherer               a co-op or union needed
sewage         --                      12-24-89p5     citizen                   can't trust city gov't  GOOD
sewage         --                      12-27-89p3     another citizen           sarcastic, supports "citizen", GOOD
business       anti-trust              12-27-89p3     H.G. Wilshire             -- 
L.A. River     floods                  12-29-89p6     F.A. Eastman              flood control
misc           cement                  12-30-89p3     C. Leonard                what is Portland cement
streets        Temple St               12-30-89p3     Upson Downs               grading;Temple St declining
real estate    boom                    12-31-89p5     non-boomer                cost of the boom