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Application Process


In order to be considered for the study, you must meet the following qualifications:

  • A minimum of five years teaching experience
  • Teach in one of the following elementary schools:
    • Treatment: Cortez, Diamond Point, Golden Springs, La Verne Science Tech, Philadelphia or Vejar
    • Control: Arroyo, Decker, Harrison, Kellogg, Lopez, or Pantera
  • Commitment to the full length of the program
  • Letter of recommendation from your administrator
  • Digital picture of your classroom
  • Submission of a written response to an open-ended prompt.

After completion of the application form you will receive an email from the CEMaST Office which will provide a password and link to a dropbox where you will upload the remaining materials (letter of recommendation, digital picture and reflection paragraph).


Recruitment for cohort 1 (teachers of grades 4-6) will take place in February of 2014.

Recruitment for cohort 2 (teachers of grades K-3) will take place October through June 2015.

  • Application materials are due by June 30, 2015.
  • Confirmation of participation will take place in July of 2015.

Selection procedure

After receiving the applicant’s information, letter of recommendation from their administrator, picture of their classroom and reflective paragraph, the materials will be reviewed by the RESPeCT research team. The research team will carefully analyze and score the materials submitted by the applicants to ensure they meet the program criteria and to select among the applicants.