Randall J. Swift
Associate Professor of Mathematics and Statistics
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
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Mathematica Appendix


This page has links to download the Mathematica files from the Mathematica appendix of the book. No real experience with Mathematica is required. The program codes are given in downloadable Mathematica 3.0 files.

To download a file, first click on the link. If your internet browser does not automatically prompt you to save the file, (as may happen with some versions of Netscape), then use the Save As command to save the file on your hardrive. Make sure the file is named with a .nb extension. Double clicking on the saved file should launch Mathematica 3.0, otherwise launch Mathematica and open the saved file with the Open command under the File menu.


Chapter Title  File Name
1 Discrete Dynamical Systems  chapter1.nb
2 Discrete Stochasticity  chapter2.nb
Stages, States, and Classes   chapter3.nb
4 Emperical Modeling  chapter4.nb
5 Continuous Models  chapter5.nb
6 Continuous Stochasticity  chapter6.nb