Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Minutes of Meeting #60
May 20, 1998
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Members: Cowan, George, Hoover, Phelan, Taylor

Faculty: Bauch, Darweesh, Girouard, Matulich, Parisay, Rosenkrantz, Sadat, Zook

In the absence of Chairman Schelvan, the meeting was chaired by Professor Rosenkrantz.

1. Introductions:
New members were introduced; Gavin George from UPS, Wally Hall, retired, and Dr. Jack ReVelle a member of the original council, returning after a long absence (Jack retired from Hughes, Tucson and now works for Gencorp Aerojet). After the introduction of new members, other members introduced themselves.

2. Department Report (Rosenkrantz)

3. ABET - ABET is changing its accreditation method from resource review to outcomes assessment. The department is utilizing QFD in its approach to preparing for the accreditation visit. The process which the department has employed to date was explained. It was noted that the department needs input from the Council in this process. A form labelled "Voice of the Customer Survey" was distributed for members to complete. Copies are included with these minutes for absent members to complete. It is critically important that you complete the Survey and return it to the department as soon as possible. It will be part of the back ground information for our ABET visit.

4. Engineering Interdisciplinary Clinic - The EIC Program was explained by Chris Caenepeel (brochure inclosed with minutes).

Meeting adjourned at 9:45am

Calendar for future meetings: