Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Minutes of Meeting #61
August 19, 1998

Members: Bonsutto, Cowan, Dudley, Hall, Mazmanian, Nordhoff, Olson, Phelan, ReVelle

Faculty: Abedini, Bauch, Ghosh, Girouard, Parisay, Rosenkrantz

Dean's Office: Abrams

Students: Collins

In the absence of Chairman Schelvan, the meeting was chaired by Professor Rosenkrantz

Members introduced themselves, including new members, Bob Bonsutto from UPS and Vahe Mazmanian from Rocketdyne-Boeing.

Department Report (Rosenkrantz)

Engineering Building - Present plans are that the building will be occupied in the Fall of 2000. It was noted that administrative details have slowed the progress of the building. Funding for the building is in place, however, the building is being furnished by a fund-raising campaign. Not only should funds raised furnish the building, they should also serve as an endowment fund to maintain the labs at the state-of-the-art condition.

A new CNC machine for its labs has just been received by the IME Department.
Foundry support continues to be very strong, especially that received from ASF.

Academic Programs - The IME Department, as well as the entire College, is preparing for an ABET accreditation visit in `99. The department is making good use of the QFD technique in its preparation for the visit. This visit will be unlike any of the previous visits in that ABET is more interested in outcomes assessment than in the details of each program. This is a new approach for ABET, and it has caused problems at many well-known schools.

Work on a "Quality Option" in the MFE curriculum continues. The department is working with ASQ on the option using a grant provided by SME for that purpose.

Members may be requested to be interviewed to further define "quality." In this vein, Jack ReVelle noted that some data may be available from a University of Arizona study. He will make the data available.

The department has instituted a Certificate Program In CAD. This is the first in a series of certificate programs. The department plans a series of seminars, workshops etc. all working with Continuing Education.

Student Recruiting - The department Web Home Page was explained. Copies of various parts of the page were distributed. Members were urged to bring up the page and comment on it at the next meeting.

The "Ambassador Program" was explained. Ambassadors will be recruited for each high school area to serve as a conduit of information about IME to the high school. Volunteers from the IAC are needed. One member volunteered at the meeting. A question was raised regarding placing the program at the college versus the department level. Many departments in the College do not need to do any recruiting and do not need such a program, therefore, it is better suited for operation at the department level. It was noted that the Ambassador could identify himself as representing the college.

A grant has been received by the university for a program to inculcate future teachers in the Teachers Education program in the methods and procedures of the engineering profession.

SME has changed its granting priorities. A handout was distributed explaining the new program. It was noted particularly that the program emphasizes programs which provide practical hands-on experience for students.

Engineering Colloquium - This very popular program, now in its third year, was explained. It was noted that the program ties in with the department home page. The program for the coming year is being finalized. Volunteers are needed for presentations. Members were urged to consider volunteering.

Western Taguchi Center - The fourth annual symposium will be held in November. Brochures were distributed to all members with details. The department receives financial support for each attendee who identifies himself as a Cal Poly attendee. The home page has further details.

Tour of Facilites
- A tour of the departmental facilities was conducted for interested members.

Meeting adjourned at 9:35am

Calendar for future meetings:

Wednesday, November 4, 1998 (Note: the normal third Wednesday coincides with the Fourth Annual Product Development Symposium, Nov 17-20. The second Wednesday, November 11, is the traditional Veteran's Day. Therefore, for 1998 only, we will hold our meeting on the first Wednesday, November 4.)
February 17, 1999
May 19, 1999