Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Minutes of Meeting #57
August 20, 1997

Members (returning): Nordhoff, Kemp, Phelan, Redondo, Goetsch, Knar, Taylor

Faculty: Bauch, Cowan, Girouard, Hartnett, Matulich , Parisay, Rosenkrantz,

The meeting was called to order by the Department Chair in the absence of Chairman Schelvan with a round of self introductions. Everyone was pleased to see Bob Taylor in attendance again, and to note his remarkable progress.

IME Chair Report - Rosenkrantz

New Engineering Building - The approval by the governor has removed the last hurdle to the implementation of the project. The bid package has been prepared and will be distrbuted. Lab classes have been deferred until later in the academic year if possible. Unfortunately, the temporary modular buildings will not be ready until just before the fall quarter starts, therefore, the faculty will be conducting a hasty move at that time. Fortunately, the new temporary offices and the new temporary classroom and labs will be in close proximity. A new departmental computer lab with the latest hardware and software has been completed during this time.

Equipment needs - The "offer by the President's Office" to provide funds for equipment turned out top be a false alarm. Therefore, all the equipment needs which were discussed at the last meeting are still on the table. In keeping with this topic, the various fund-raising techniques and sources were discussed

IME Homepage - The chair has prepared a homepage which may be addressed directly or may be accessed through the departmental homepage. The IAC is covered in the chair's own homepage as well as in the departmental homepage. Discussion of the material in the IAC homepage; e-mail addresses of members is appropriate, but nothing further as of now. E-mail addresses noted below. The departmental homepage has a calendar of the departmental activities for the academic year. Students or prospective students may bring up the homepage for information, and even go so far as to fill out an on-line application for entrance to the university. It was noted that the display of technology is appealing to prospective students.

Curriculum - ASQC has shown an interest in the Quality Option which is being considered for Manufacturing Engineering. The new courses for the option as well as the use of extant courses were discussed..

Colloquium - The colloquium conducted the past quarter was discussed. It was an academic success and was popular with students. It will be continued next academic year. The time schedule will be changed to 4 to 6pm. Speakers and topics were discussed.

Recruiting - A survey was conducted of the present student body in an attempt to learn where our students come from. It was determined that they come heavily from a change of major once at Cal Poly and from community college. transfer. Visits from faculty to the major community colleges have an influence on students learning about Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering as do alumni contacts. The departmental homepage is beginning to show results of student's inquiries. The department video has little effect on students electing Industrial or Manufacturing Engineering. A sub-committee of Randy Knar and Jerry Redondo volunteered to work on the task of refining and improving recruitment.

Lab Revitalization Teams - The chair noted that we have no faculty expertise in the areas of Plastics, Electronics Manufacturing and Measurement. Two tenure track faculty positions have been approved, and it is planned to seek candidates with expertise and experience in these fields. In the meantime, IAC input in these areas is actively encouraged. It was noted that the Foundryman's Educational Association will be visiting the campus in the Fall with the goal of approving the curriculum in foundry. There approval will open up avenues for financial sources. It was suggested that new members for the IAC be recruited with any eye to the areas of expertise which are needed for the labs.

Meeting adjourned at 9:25 a.m. followed by a 20 minute tour of the IME Department facilities and explanation of the interim lab plan.

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