Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Minutes of Meeting #58
November 1997

Members (returning): Phelan, Redondo, Goetsch, Schelvan, Hoover, Pitts

Faculty: Girouard, Hartnett, Matulich Parisay, Rosenkrantz, Sadat, Taylor, Zook

Guests: Wight, Orange Coast College

Dean's Office: James, Rathmann

Students: Coronado, Tillis

  1. The meeting was called to order by Chairman Schelvan with a round of self introductions.
  2. The first order of business was a presentation by Dr. Carl Rathmann, Dean of the College of Engineering.
  3. IME Chair Report - Rosenkrantz

    Departmental Homepage - A homepage has been constructed on the World Wide Web for the department. A printed copy of many of the pages was distributed. The organization of the page was explained. It was noted that the page is a resource to anyone surfing the Web. Special pages dealing with alumni and student response were discussed. The page has generated about 60 inquiries since last June. Many of these have been from prospective students. The department follows up rigorously each of these inquiries.

    Colloquium Series - The series will continue this year. The format will change slightly to allow for earlier attendance and to extend the time for presentations and questions. The initial series will concentrate on "Doing Business in_________." It will feature Mexico, the Orient, Asia etc. That series will be followed by a series using as its theme the Taguchi series presented last year. [Editor's Note: The theme of the Winter 98 Colloquium was changed. See the Colloquium Page.]

    Recruiting - A handout (attached) was distributed. It was noted that a majority of our students are community college transfers, and we should concentrate our efforts on this source. A networking approach was explained. The network will consist of IAC members, alumni and students from various areas who will team to speak to high school and community college classes, and importantly follow up with any student who shows interest in IME. Special training and materials will be prepared for this group. Articulation agreements with the community colleges will be brought up to date. The visitor from Orange Coast noted that we would be welcome to attend the Awards Banquet which they hold, and that we can get information in their newsletter.

    Fundraising - A $600,000 funding opportunity exists within Cal Poly which the department is taking advantage of with a new machining center and a new robot. The SME awards were noted. The department has been accepted by the Foundrymen's Assoc. which will present an opportunity for future funding. A new program is available this year from SME: $600,000 funding for past programs, and $1 million for new programs.
  4. Announcements - Professor Rosenkrantz is resigning his position as department chair. Dr. Sadat has been nominated by the faculty as his replacement. Phil will continue to work on the IAC, Taguchi presentations etc. and continuing engineering education, Short discussion of the computer leasing program. Short discussion of the move to the modular buildings.

    Meeting adjourned at 9:30am
  5. Calendar update - Please include these IAC Breakfast Meeting dates on your calendar::

    February 18, 1998
    May 20, 1998
    August 19, 1998