IME 415 Team Topic Presentations
Topic Presentations - Winter 2004
Introduction: In previous quarters each student would research a quality related topic or methodology and make a PowerPoint presentation or "two-page" paper for the class. These presentations/papers were well intended, but failed to give the student enough depth of understanding or usage.This was a weakness in the course has been revealed through the course assessment process. In response, the project has been changed to cover fewer topics, but in more depth and with input from actual practitioners. In addition, students who are not presenting will be more active in the process as well by being involved with follow-up discussions.
 1 Project Description: Each team is to research a quality related topic and prepare a 20-30 minute PowerPoint presentation to share with fellow classmates. Topics are assigned as shown in the table below. There are more topics shown than teams in the class. Only report on the topic(s) next to your team name. If you cannot find enough material related to your topics, please check with the instructor for guidance--however, do this early...not the last few days before your presentation is due.

Research: Each project will include the following:

  • Research of the topic for a presentation for the class.
  • Interviews with at least one expert or practitioner from industry who can relate the important concepts, issues or problems in using or applying the system or methodologies involved.
  • Discovery of useful resources in terms of organizations, books, journals, websites, or other sources.
  • Presention of the material to the class
  • Q & A, discussion, and suggestions from other teams in the class during the follow-up class period

Presentation guidelines:

  • Title slide should show the title of your presentation at the top and list your team number/name and team member names, course & quarter, and date. The last slide should include a list of at least three references so others may do further research. At least one reference must be from a book or journal. Internet sites have a tendancy to come and go. Charts, graphs, and other illustrations may be included for clarification.
  • No more than one slide per minute of presentation (maximum of 30 slides including title and references).
  • Avoid using slides full of text (exceptions: very important quotes--used sparingly)
  • For legibility, lists should be short and not more that 6-8 lines long.
4 You will want to use the Internet to do some of their research. ASQ has a web site at Also check
5 Submit PowerPoint presentations via Email on the date shown on the syllabus to Dr. Rosenkrantz. The presentations will be loaded on a laptop computer for class the day of presentations. Include in the text of your email message three multiple choice questions based on the topic presentation, including answers.


- ISO 14000 series of standards - These are environmental standards.
Deming Deming's Theory of Profound Knowledge (except the PDCA cycle) - Deming's flagship book was "Out of the Crisis", in which he explained his management concepts.
- PDCA Cycle (Shewhart and Deming promoted the use of the cycle)
- Deming's famous "Funnel Experiment" and "Red Bead Experiment"
- Pre-control charts (book has a good section on this as a starter. Kiki Bhote has written on this. )
- Quality Function Deployment (QFD)
Lean Manufacturing
Agile Manufacturing
Goldratt Theory of Constraints (TOC) - Based on the book: The Goal by Eliyahu M. Goldratt
- ISO 9000 Series of standards (collaborate with QS 9000 author)
- QS 9000 Series of standards (Automotive industry)
- Deming Prize (what is it, how do you win, some famous winners)
- ASQ Certified Quality Engineer Certification (CQE)
ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt Certification
- Taguchi Loss Function
- AS 9001 Series of standards (Aerospace industry)
- Run charts (see professor for explanation)
Senge Dr. Peter Senge's "Learning Organization" (Ref: The Fifth Discipline and Fifth Discipline Fieldbook) Include the 5 disciplines
- Dr. Joseph Juran - brief bio and major contributions/philosophy
- Philip Crosby
"Balanced Scorecard" - developed by Robert S. Kaplan.(Note: used locally by Facilities Planning at Cal Poly and by UPS)
- Six-Sigma Quality related to Motorola and GE
- Six-Sigma Quality levels of training and expertise: Green Belt, Black Belt, Master Black Belt, Champion
Dorian Shainan (e.g. multi-vari charts and "pre-control" charts-see our text).
- Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (include the seven categories) - (Note: Boeing C17 won several years ago)
- American Supplier Institute, Livonia, MI
- Robust Design (Taguchi)/orthogonal arrays, S/N ratio - Part I (work together with Part II author)
- Robust Design (Taguchi)/orthogonal arrays, S/N ratio - Part II (work together with Part I author)
- Goal/QPC - This is an organization that does major training in problem solving tools. They will send a literature packet if you inquire over the internet
- "Supply Chain Management" - Not quite the same as "supplier certification". See Prof. for clarification.