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Revised 2/11/99
 The College of Engineering, Cal Poly Pomona &
The Industrial Engineering Program , CSU Hayward
"The Effective Engineer "
IME 499 (ENGR4990) Engineering Colloquium Speaker Series
Winter 1999
Mondays, 4:00 - 5:50 p.m. (dates below)
Cal Poly Pomona: Bldg. 98B - Room 1-254 (Teleconferencing Studio)
CSU Hayward classroom: LI 2195
Contra Costa Campus site: CCLB 50.
Background: For the past three years we have been presenting a course at Cal Poly Pomona called "Engineering Colloquium". We bring in a slate of guest speakers from industry to talk on a series of topics that follow a theme. For the Winter 1998 Colloquium the students and instructor created web pages for each presentation since the material was worth capturing for others to use. This quarter, for the first time, we are presenting the course as a teleconference with CSU Hayward's Industrial Engineering program.
Students may take the course for credit or just attend for the information (see Syllabus). Alumni and advisory board members are especially encouraged to attend and invite their colleagues. Colloquium presentations are on Monday afternoons from 4:00 p.m. - 5:50 p.m. so working folks can drop by on their way home. See the schedule below.

Based on conversations with engineering managers and others in the field, it appears that there are a number of important topics related to the actual "practice of engineering" that are rarely covered in academic programs. These are "nuts & bolts" topics that affect every practicing engineer at one time or another. In response, the Winter 1999 Colloquium adopted the theme:
The Effective Engineer
Week Date
(As web pages are created they will be linked below)
1 1/4 First class meeting for enrolling students - no presentation will be made

2 1/11 #1 - Making Presentations - Positive Impressions that Last (What Your Mother Never Told You!) - Making an effective presentation is more than just how to use PowerPoint. In fact, almost everthying we do is some sort of a presentation to others. An effective presentation takes into account a number of factors including reading the audience and advance preparations. Mr. Larry Phelan, Beckman Coulter
3 1/18 Academic Holiday - campus closed

4 1/25 #2 - Knowing When It Is Time to Move On and Watching What You Leave in Your Wake--Do's and Don'ts related to leaving your current position. (panel). Panel: Ms. Michelle Wostenberg; Dr. Marv Abrams; Roman Olay, Applied Materials;
Kristin Vesa, Ernst & Young, LLP
5 2/1 #3 - Concurrent Engineering: Working Together....What, Why, and How. Issues related to transformation from a traditionally run organization to an integrated product and process design organization. Dr. Bill Bellows, Rocketdyne
6 2/8 #4 - "Can't We All Just Get Along?". Being an effective team member. How to work for a difficult boss (panel) Panel: Dr. Marv Abrams; Duane Schelvan, Lockheed Martin; Robert L. Barron, Diamond Lane Communications; Neil Kane, Ph.D. Candidate, Stanford University
7 2/15 #5 - How to sell your "innovative ideas" in a "status quo" environment.(Or alternatively titled: Leadership and how to prepare for it) Dr. Jack ReVelle, "The Wizard of Odds"
8 2/22 #6 - How to Decide What to Do When You Grow Up: Personal Strategic Planning and Effective Time Management* - How to keep your career and life exciting and fulfilling. Personal motivation through making your personal goals mesh with organizational goals. Deciding what you want to do and how to go for it. Powerpoint presentation. Prof. Phil Rosenkrantz, Cal Poly Pomona
9 3/1 #7 "Get Your Act Together and Put It On the Road" . The best advice from people who have survived in the engineering arena. Topics may include graduate degree options and the "Generalist vs. Specialist" issue. Panel: Prof. Don Zook, Dr. Arnie Goodman; Prof. Bill Girouard; Mark Brown, Adastra Systems; Martin S. Plotkin, GD California
10 3/8 (no presentation - final class meeting)

- 3/15 Final Exam Week (no meeting)


*Presentation #6 (Personal Strategic Planning and Effective Time Management) will be held in readiness during weeks 2, 5 & 7 in the event the scheduled speaker cannot attend for any reason.