In Memory of
Staff Sergeant
David "Rosie" Rosenkrantz
82nd Airborne Division
504th Parachute Infantry Regiment
3rd Battalion
H Company
Born: Los Angeles, CA, October 31, 1916
MIA: Holland, September 28, 1944
I am just beginning to understand the sacrifice and accomplishments of the US military in WWII. It is truly remarkable. My thanks to you all. This web site is dedicated to the 504 Parachute Infantry Regiment where my uncle, S/Sgt David Rosenkrantz served. The men of the 504 have become known as those "Devils in Baggy Pants". My uncle was one of the troopers at Anzio that earned the regiment that name. -- PRR

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David Rosenkrantz Tribute

Thank you to Cooper Beverly-Meise and Frank Van Lunteren for this collage!!

March 12, 2012 update!

Amazing! After 68 years we received Dave's dog tags in the mail from the US Army. They were found not long after the war by a farmer and turned in. They got misplaced and were found last year. This January the Army released them to the family and mailed them to us last week.

We can only speculate what happened to separate his body from his dog tags and why they were not found together.

Many thanks to the people who have been helping us try to figure all this out!

S/Sgt David Rosenkrantz dog tags

United State Army
82nd Airborne Division
"All American"
504 PIR
Other 504 Websites
Finally! after 55 years, an account of how and where Dave was killed
Letters from Dave with interesting stories or information.
 Photos of Dave and H Company
Waal River Crossing, Nijmegen, Holland, September 20, 1944
 200 Italians Dine
Their 2 Captors
WITH THE AMERICAN TROOPS IN SICILY, July 15 -- (UP) When Sgt. David Rosenkrantz of Los Angeles and Cpl Lee Black of Jackson, Tenn., United States paratroopers, landed outside the town of Scicli they ran smack into 200 Italians...
WWII Airborne
Demonstration Team 
 Dave's World War II Medals

L.A. Newspaper article about Dave capturing 200 Italians

Transcript of Newspaper Article about Dave and the capture of the Nijmegen Bridge
jpg of article

Photos From Holland
(includes photos of the location Dave was killed)
I would like to thank my cousin, Alan, for providing me with copies of the two photographs above. I would like to thank my cousin Doni for providing me with letters, newspaper articles, medals, and insignia. Also, thanks to Dominic Biello of the 504 Website and the many researchers in Holland who have provided invaluable contacts and details. - Phil Rosenkrantz
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