Llama-Rama-Ding-Dong Photo's
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Mel's place at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains
Llama's and Mel's "hotel"...TT visitors welcome!
Meerkat, Cork, & Mel visiting with Slate
Mel & Nomad enjoying the pre-hike festivities. Note Nomad's backpacking martini glass (made of plastic!). You can't see it, but that is a peppercini in there, not an olive.

Cork & Phil preparing Dutch oven delights for the troops the night before the big hike.

Llama Trip Dutch Oven Recipes! Enjoy!

 Mel loading the llamas at the trailhead.
The Llama-Rama-Ding-Dong Society
Part of our campground at Piute Lake
 Freedom and Mel cooking dinner at Piute Lake
Mel runs into her friend, Horst, in the back country. Mel says Horst is a great fisherman, chef, and extreme skier.
 Solitary Hiker
One of the many lakes we passed on our way to Piute Pass.
Nigal displaying his burrito with filling that looked a lot like ****. He said the taste was actually pretty good. That is Dunk in the background
Freedom, Nigal, Meerkat, Solitary Hiker, and Nomad ward off the cold with special "concoctions". Anyone for a "fuzzy navel"?
Phil, Creekjumper, Cork and Mel coming up the trail to Piute Pass.
Cork & Phil
Solitary Hiker, Phil, Nomad, Nigal, and Dunk at Piute Pass. Humphrey's Basin in the background.
Mel, Meerkat, Cork, Freedom, and Creekjumper overlooking Humphrey's Basin.