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Reintegration Academy

Prison Education Project
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The provocative Prison Race interviews examine recidivism, rehabilitation, and reintegration.

Will Field's Picture
"Will Fields aka "Trey Devil," former member/leader in one of the most notorious gangs in Los Angeles, spent six years in prison for three counts of attempted murder. Will is the author of The House of Failure and is a succesful lineman today. See Fields today.

Maurice Kelly's Picture

Maurice "Knowledge," Kelly spent almost 9 years in prison. He was a respected writer and voice of reason in prison. He became an author after he was released. Kelly was murdered in Palm Springs in 2015.

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Darius Spencer spent 21 years in prison. At a very young age he became enamored with the Blood gang. He is now a successful meat salesman.


Michael O'Bryant spent 27 years in prison. He received two degrees while incarcerated and helped hundreds of other inmates along the way. He is now a tax consultant.


Helen Quintana-Hinojos went to prison for a white collar crime. She discusses how she got entangled in the criminal justice system and prison life for a woman.



David Sexton's Picture

David Sexton spent various periods of time incarcerated for drug violations. He graduated with honors at Cal Poly Pomona. David passed a couple of years after this interview. Sexton died in 2010.


Jermaine Subia's Picture

Jermaine Subia was the Valedictorian of his class while receiving his Associate's degree at the California State prison in Norco. He discusses his past, present, and future.

Clarence Rudy Brown's Picture

Clarence "Rudy" Brown spent 16 years in federal prison for a drug conspiracy charge. Upon his release he coordinated a program at Cal State San Bernardino that helped parolees find jobs. He is currently an employment and training specialist for LA Works.

Luis Garcia's Picture

Luis Garcia, Former inmate Luis Garcia speaks about getting his undergraduate and Master's degrees. He is now working on his doctorate.

Ricshawn Moore's Picture

Ricshawn Moore, a Reintegration Academy participant, discusses surviving the violent streets of Compton and how he is determined to change his life. He is now an apprentice to be a lineman.

John Sewell's Picture

John Sewell has worked in the LAPD for over a decade. He discusses his policing philosophy, the challenge of policing gangs, and law enforcement.

John Lee's Picture

John Lee retired as an Associate Warden in the Chino Women's Prison. He worked in the California Department of Corrections as a correctional officer, sergeant, lieutenant, and associate warden for over three decades.

Quake Fisher's Picture

Michael "Quake" Fisher spent twelve years in prison for manslaughter (gang violence). He wrote Chapter 3 of the book Prison Race.

Willie Fant's Picture

Willie Fant, former gang member, shares his views on his recent release from prison, prison life and what led up to his incarceration. Willie now has aspirations to prevent youth from following in his footsteps.

Prison Race Perspectives

Judah 1's Picture

Judah 1 is one of the most gifted spoken word artists in Los Angeles. Discussing prison, race, class, power, and spirituality, he came to our studio to give us a taste of his brilliance.

Sean Roosa's Picture

Sean Roosa Michael, Street musician Sean Roosa discusses his bouts with drug abuse and the criminal justice system as he plays his guitar and sings between interview questions.

Inland Daily Bulletin Article

Kim Hulscher's Picture

Kim Hulscher, of the Dutch Salvation Army discusses social service outreach for prostitutes, drug users, and parolees in Amsterdam.

Quake Fisher's Picture

KCET Special about race riots in prison and interview with Michael "Quake" Fisher and Professor Renford Reese.

Will Field's Picture

Time Warner exposé about Will 'Trey Devil' Field's transition from prison life to freedom.

Prison Race Book Cover

Prison Race Rap: Michael "Quake" Fisher lays down a lyrical montage.

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