Cal Poly Pomona

Current Research

  1. Robust Nonlinear Adaptive Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles using Neural Networks
  2. Collaboration between Unmanned Aerial and Unmanned Ground Vehicles
  3. Obstacle and Collision Avoidance System for UAVs
  4. Development of Custom Avionics System (Flight Computer and Ground Station) for use on Fixed- and Rotary-Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  5. Surveillance and Mapping of Indoor Environment using UAVs
  6. Coordination and Control of Multiple Unmanned Vehicles
  7. Common Control Systems
  8. Human-Machine Interface
  9. Development of a Robust Unmanned Aerial System for Autonmous Operation of an Unmanned Helicopter
  10. Tracking of Mobile Targets using UAVs
  11. Environmental Gas Monitoring using UAVs
  12. Vegetation Growth Analysis using UAVs