The Southern California Conference for Undergraduate Research (SCCUR) promotes awareness of faculty-mentored undergraduate research, scholarly, and creative activities as they exist in various disciplines and types of institutions. The one-day conference fosters appreciation of the valuable role these collaborations play in enhancing undergraduate education. SCCUR aims to develop a multidisciplinary and multicultural community of researchers, scholars and artists linked by a common enthusiasm for learning and discovery.

2008 will mark Cal Poly Pomona's second hosting of SCCUR, which first came to our campus ten years ago in 1998. Other SCCUR conferences were held at Caltech in 1993, 1994, and 2002; at the Claremont Colleges (1995); Cal State LA (1997); Cal Poly Pomona (1998); Loyola Marymount University (1999); Cal State Long Beach (2000); UCLA (2001); UC Irvine (2003); Whittier College (2004); UC Riverside (2005); Occidental College (2006) and Cal State Los Angeles(2007).

SCCUR is a dynamic conference attended by hundreds of students and their faculty mentors from Southern California and other parts of the United States and world. Students in the arts, humanities, social sciences, and sciences come together to discuss and display the results of their own creativity applied to original projects in their respective disciplines. The conference provides ample opportunities for students to share their work across disciplinary boundaries--formally in their 15-minute oral or poster presentations, informally over lunch or in other gatherings throughout the day.

For more information about SCCUR and undergraduate research and creative activity please consult the SCCUR website: www.sccur.org.

SCCUR is also affiliated with the National Conferences on Undergraduate Research: www.ncur.org.