College of Science

Advising FAQs

1. Who is My Advisor? 

  • The Biological Sciences Department does not assign advisors.
  • Please see the guideline below for your advising need.

2. Where Do I Go for Advising?

1)     Email to biology advisors:

2)     College of Science Advising Center (3- 1645) Walk-in only. Monday-Friday 10 - 12 & 2 - 4 PM

      • GPA holds, 125% holds, 4-and 2- Year Pledge advising
      • Registrar Office forms that require advisor signatures, especially for petitions for transfer and GE courses, Grade Forgiveness, and Exceed Unit Cap forms
      • Curriculum planning and questions, especially for lower division core, support, and GE courses

3)     Major Faculty Advisors List of Faculty Advisors; Office Hours

      • Major-related curriculum planning and petitions, especially for upper division core and electives, as well as cluster electives
      • Career advising related to your major program
      • Minor Program approval

4)     Internship and Career Advising


3. What To Do If I Have an Advising Hold?

  • An academic advising hold can prevent you from adding classes for the upcoming term. Please note that an advising hold will NOT drop your previously enrolled courses or prevent you from graduation
  • Please read the description in your hold carefully and visit the appropriate advisor. Advising holds such as the Low GPA, 125%, or 4-yr-pledge are primarily taken care of by the College Advisors (Rm 3-1645).
  • If you have a Department Advising Hold, it is most likely that you are due for an Individual Academic Plan (IAP).  IAP building, submission, and approval are done online through “My Planner” in your BroncoDirect Student Center.  Please follow the email notification from the Department and/or the quick guide below
  • Visit the My Planner information page:  for tutorials and the 3-yr projected course offerings for any department at CPP
  • In your BroncoDirect Student Center, click “My Planner” on the top left corner and start building your IAP.  After completion, please make sure you click “submit” so the department advisors will be able to review your plan.  There is no need to make a paper copy unless you will visit the advisor for questions
  • For technical questions on using My Planner, please ask the IAP Ambassadors at the College of Science Advising Center, Rm 3-1645 during their hours or email:  Walk-In Hours for IAP Ambassador: Tuesdays 9 - 11 AM and Thursdays 2 – 4 PM.  Bring your laptop if possible
  • For curriculum related questions, please visit the Department staff or faculty advisors (see below)

Please feel free to visit a Faculty Advisor for any question regarding your curriculum.  Please bring the following items to your advising session. 

  •   Curriculum sheet with courses taken highlighted
  •   Current unofficial transcript
  •   Your Individual Academic Plan (MyPlanner) or Advising Form (filled)


Following your advising session, update your IAP and submit it online.  Please allow one to two weeks for the advisor to review, approve, and remove your advising hold.  For immediate assistant, please email