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Mexico’s Earthquakes Shook up the Rules, Are We Next?

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The recent earthquakes in Mexico caused significant damage and loss of life. Beyond the devastation, the type of faulting responsible and the earthquake’s specific location took seismologists by surprise. Fortunately, early earthquake warning systems and building codes helped reduce their devastating impact. However, Mexico City suffered significant building collapse even though it is located a significant distance from the earthquake region. Since the geology of Mexico City has similarities to the Los Angeles region, many wonder what this means for California. Cal Poly Pomona seismologist, Dr. Jascha Polet, discusses the cause and effects of these recent earthquakes and what lessons we can learn to better prepare for the future.

 Come for an evening to talk about:

  • What was the underlying cause of Mexico’s earthquakes?
  • Why were these earthquakes unexpected?
  • How did early earthquake warnings help?
  • Would a similar warning system be useful in California?
  • Will Los Angeles suffer the same destructive fate if a similar earthquake hit?

 Who:  Jascha Polet, Professor of Geophysics and faculty of the Department of Geological Sciences at Cal Poly Pomona

 When:    Wednesday, October 25, 2017
                 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

 Where:   Innovation Brew Works
                 3650 W. Temple Ave. Pomona CA 91786
                 Near the Cal Poly Pomona Campus          

Contact:  Dr. Jascha Polet
Phone:    909-869-3453

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