College of Science

How to Become a Teacher

Steps to the Single Subject Teaching Credential in Science at Cal Poly Pomona

Step 1

Admission to the University: Apply online at Credential programs do not award a degree, so be sure to indicate that you seek a single subject credential in the appropriate field.

Step 2

Take 4 prerequisite courses (prerequisites to application to credential program)

  • Introduction to Contemporary Schooling (TED 405)
  • Foundations of Educational Computer Literacy (GED 400/L)
  • Educational Psychology (TED 406)
  • Education in a Diverse Society (TED 407)

Step 3 (this step may be done simultaneously with Step 2)

Complete and submit the Program Admissions Packet (for entry into the credential program itself). For more information see

Step 4

Take the Core courses

  • Secondary Reading & Literacy (TED 432)
  • Secondary Curriculum and Methods (TED 434) offered Fall only, possibly Spring if sufficient demand
  • Secondary Writing and Literacy (TED 442)
  • Planning and Presentation in the Secondary Classroom (TED 446)

Submit Application for Clinical Practice. For more information see:

Step 5 (can be done at any time in the program)

Take two courses and satisfy the US constitution requirement

  • Introduction to Special Education (EDS 403 *may be taken earlier in the program)
  • School Health Education (KIN 441 *may be taken earlier in the program)

For more information see do workshop

Step 6

Take Directed Teaching courses

Clinical Practice I

  • Secondary Clinical Practice 1 (TED 435)
  • Teaching Performance Assessment (TED 440)
  • Seminar (TED 436)

Clinical Practice II

  • Secondary Clinical Practice II (TED 437)
  • Teaching Performance Assessment (TED 441)
  • Seminar (TED 438)

Step 7

Complete and submit Application for Preliminary Credential