College of Science

Chemistry Senior Project

Senior Project CHM 491 and CHM 492

Congratulations on taking the first step towards starting undergraduate research! The first step is reading the Senior Project Requirements (PDF), which is a complete guide to a positive and educational experience to your senior project!

Next Steps

  • Please allow a minimum of three (3) quarters for finishing your senior project. Seniors who enroll in CHM 491 two quarters prior to their expected graduation date usually find themselves delaying their graduation and post-graduation plans in order to finish their senior project. "I need to graduate!" and/or "I have to start graduate school next quarter" are not sufficient reasons for petitioning from senior project.
  • To enroll in CHM 491 & CHM 492, all students must submit a completed Enrollment Form (PDF) to the Department office.
  • All CHM 491 students must attend an orientation and perform an online safety training session during the second week of each quarter.
  • By default, all students will receive a grade of "RP" for CHM 491 & CHM 492. I, in consultation with your advisor, will change the "RP" grade into a letter grade when you complete your senior project proposal, submit your dissertation, and submit all the necessary clearance forms.
  • Registration in CHM 491 or CHM 492 and the "RP" grades that are given are valid for a one-year period from the time the "RP" grade is assigned. Do not let your RP expire. Contact the Registrar's Office to extend an RP. If you allow an RP to expire the Registrar's office will require you to re-enroll in the course that has expried and your graduation date may be impacted. [This is your responsibility!]

Online Safety Training

As stated above, the first online safety training session is conducted concurrent with the senior project orientation.

Should you need to take online safety training at any other time during the quarter, please contact Stephanie Pastor

There are three closing dates each quarter when you can submit the online exams for grading. They are 5:00 P.M. on:

  • Friday of week 3
  • Friday of week 5
  • Friday of Week 8

Should you pass the safety training exams, you will receive your Safety Training Verification (STV) on the Monday following the closing date you selected for submitting your exams. Only when you have received your STV, may you enter the laboratory for research.

CHM 491

To enroll in CHM 491 you will need to:

  1. Submit a completed Enrollment Form (PDF) to the Department office.
  2. Attend the orientation & EH&S safety seminar - Information on the date and time for this seminar will be made available during the second or third week of the quarter,
  3. Complete the Senior Project Proposal Form (PDF) with your advisor
  4. Submit a completed "Chemistry Department Safety Training Record" documenting that you "Passed the Safety Exams" and have received additional safety instructions from your advisor.

To continue to CHM 492, you will need to submit a half-page abstract that outlines your completed work to date and of your plans for continuing your research. The abstract must be received by Dr. Yan Liu no later than Friday of week number ten of the quarter in which you are enrolled in CHM 491.

CHM 492

To enroll in CHM 492 you will need to submit a completed Enrollment Form (PDF) to the Department office.

If you require more than two quarters to finish your senior project, you must enroll in CHM 400 for all subsequent quarters for which you are in a lab conducting research.

You will need to submit a half-page abstract that outlines your completed work to date and of your plans for continuing your research for each quarter that you are working on your senior project.

To receive a letter grade for Senior Project you need to:

  1. Submit two bound copies of your dissertation to the Senior Project Coordinator. The dissertation should have a cover page and a writing style that follows the guidelines stated in the Notes to Authors (PDF) document.
  2. Submit a signed Clearance Form (PDF) to the Senior Project Coordinator.
  3. Submit a signed "Returned Keys" Receipt from Facilities to the Senior Project Coordinator.

Required Documents

Enrollment Form (PDF)

Senior Project Propsal Form (PDF) - Must be completed and signed by the CHM 491 student and their advisor.

Clearance Form (PDF) - Required for completion of your senior project. Your grade will not be changed until this form is not submitted!

Senior Project Requirements (PDF) - A reference guide and tutorial about all the requirements for senior project.

Notes to Authors (PDF) - A reference guide on writing your dissertation.