College of Science

Guidelines for Directed Study and Project/Thesis

When you are in unconditional status and finish or almost finish your 500-level graduate course work, you should plan for your project or thesis work.

The first step of your project or thesis work is to find an advisor. You should talk to at least three professors before you decide whom you'd work with. You may check the Faculty Research Interests to find faculty members whose research interests may fit your needs.

After finding your advisor, you should register for CS 691 (Directed Study). You work with your advisor to develop a project or thesis proposal.

After you complete at least 1 unit of CS 691 for the project option or 3 units of CS 691 for the thesis option and your proposal has been approved by your advisor, you should form a project or thesis committee. All of your committee members should read the proposal and sign the cover page.

After your proposal is signed by three committee members, you will receive a letter grade for CS 691. Your advisor will do the grade assignment work.

After you receive a letter grade in CS 691, you may register for CS 695 for project or CS 696 for thesis. You work with your committee on your research work.

Make sure on the quarter of graduation you need to be registered in CS 695, CS 696 or CS 699.