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Howell / CSUPERB Student Research Fellow Awards

The California State University Program for Education and Research in Biotechnology (CSUPERB) was created in 1987 by Chancellor Reynolds to provide a coordinated and amplified development of biotechnology and related research, research training, and education within the CSU; to foster competitiveness on both the state and national levels; to facilitate the training of a sufficient number of bioscience technicians and scientists; to catalyze technology transfer and enhance intellectual property protection; to facilitate the acquisition and long-term maintenance of the state-of-the-art biotechnology resource facilities; and to promote the development of industry-focused training programs.

It is a multi-campus coordination program designed to catalyzed interdisciplinary, inter-campus, synergistic endeavors between Chemistry and Biology departments on all campuses and between faculty from a number of allied academic and research units such as bioengineering, agricultural biotechnology, environmental and natural resources, molecular ecology, and marine biotechnology.

CSUPERB also conducts a number of activities, including a competitive research and education grants program, upgrading of biotechnology instructional and research equipment, development of training facilities, collective involvement in biotechnologically-related colloquia, and seminars, and the running of biotechnology short-courses and workshops for university faculty and staff.
Of its $1.4m 2004-2005 budget, $20,000 was set-aside for eight competitive Howell/CSUPERB Student Research Fellow Awards in the CSU. We have completed the evaluation and have made awards to ten students across the CSU.

The awards that are being made in the names of the students' faculty mentors at your campus are being transferred to your campus in the form of an attached check from SDSU. These funds will be directed by the faculty mentor and can be used to reimburse the student for research related expenses. The students and faculty mentors have been asked to provide receipts to you as his or her college office representative. Since the ability to reimburse or expend these funds differs among campuses, the college is to give guidance to the student and faculty mentor regarding the abilities of the college to expend these awards. The remaining funds can be paid as an honorarium or as a salary, with corresponding tax obligations.

The following table presents the Awardee(s) and the distribution of the funds to be spent in this fiscal year.

StudentFaculty MentorDepartmentFunding FY 04-05
Azadeh Salami Marie Caudill Nutrition and Food Science $2,500.00