College of Science

Entry Level Mathematics

I didn't place into a college-level math class?

Don't be taken by surprise!
Improve your changes of being appropriately placed into a math class at Cal Poly
by attending the ELM Prep Workshop.

Every year, students are placed into math classes below their skill level
due to poor scores on the Entry Level Math Exam (ELM) exam.
This increases the number of classes need to graduate which increases both the cost of college
and the length of time to degree completion.

Refresh your math skills with the ELM Prep Workshop.
It will help you do your best on test day, and may just save you time and money.


Consists of two meetings on campus set two weeks apart
Work online (off-campus) with an individualized and adaptive software program
Experienced math tutors available at each session

For the May 7, 2016 ELM Test:

Session C: April 19th and May 3rd 6:00-8:30pm
Session D: April 20th and May 4th 6:00-8:30pm

Cost for 6-week access to online software: $38