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Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project


Please view the MDTP Schedule to find the date of the next MDTP exam.

You can register online here or visit the Test Center for any registration and payment questions.

This MDTP will be valid for placement for the following three quarters.

There is an $8.00 charge to take the MDTP. Students must pay for the exam online and before the test date. No payments will be accepted at the test and students will not be permitted to take the exam without a confirmed payment. 

There are two tests: MATHEMATICAL ANALYSIS (for MAT 12, 105, 106, 125, 191,194, and STA 120); and PRECALCULUS (for MAT 112, 114, 120, 130). If the minimum score is not achieved on the appropriate MDTP, students will be required to take prerequisite classes before being eligible to register for their objective course. Please see (How to interpret the results of the MDTP) on the MDTP Information webpage for placement score cut-offs. Tests are given each quarter including the summer quarter.

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) offers free MDTP Preparatory Workshops for those planning to take the MDTP.

For further information on the MDTP, contact Ian Carlson, the MDTP coordinator:
Phone: 909-869-4676
Office: 8-111

MDTP Eligibility

You may register for the MDTP if you have never taken the MDTP or your current MDTP score is at least two quarters old. In addition, you must have satisfied the ELM requirement in one of the following ways:

  • You are exempt from the ELM due to your ACT score, SAT math score, Math Achievement Test score, Advanced Placement Math Test score, transfer credit for an approved G.E. level math class or through a straight EAP exemption or were conditionally exempt through the EAP and met the condition.
  • You have taken the ELM test and have a score of 550 or higher, if you took the test prior to March 23, 2002 or have a score of 50 or higher if you took the test after March 23, 2002.
  • You have completed all preparatory coursework required by your ELM score.

Validity of Test Results

MDTP scores are valid for three quarters and must be used within that period. This means that students may skip two quarters of math enrollment but may not skip three quarters. This includes Summer Quarter. Students who do not use their MDTP scores or grades within the three quarter limit will have to retake the MDTP. Note that placement is made on the basis of valid test scores or course grades, even if that placement is lower than course work previously completed. Students may not take two MDTP tests whose periods of validity overlap by more than one quarter.

How to Do Well on the MDTP

The Learning Resource Center has online resources for the MDTP. After studying, click on the link to take a practice test for either the Math Analysis or the Calculus Readiness test.

Additionally, the Learning Resource Center offers workshops prior to the administration of the MDTP.

The Library has a collection of math books. This guide lists library resources that can be used to review for the MDTP.

Take the CSU/UC Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project practice test.

How to Interpret the Results of the MDTP

Click on the following links to interpret the results of the Precalculus MDTP (PDF) taken on or after April 22, 2017.

The table below is for the Math Analysis MDPT.


Required Entry Course


Math 010


Math 011


Math 012


Math 191, Math 194, or Statistics 120


Math 105, Math 106, or Math 125