College of Science

Learning Success Stories

When I brought my son to the clinic for the first time, he was terrified. I remember thinking I don’t care if his muscles get stronger here, I just want him to be able to survive this day without tears. The first couple of days were difficult, but every afternoon someone came to take his hand, distract him from his fears and sneak in fun exercises increasing his strength and agility. See, you see a shy boy with weak muscles. A boy who lacks the confidence to ride a bike. You see a boy who needs practice throwing and catching. And, if you’re lucky you stay with him long enough to see the little improvements...a soccer ball that travels a little farther; a ball that can be dribbled 5 times in a row instead of 2. Most of you don’t get to see the fruits of your labor. You start the bike riding...pushing the child 100 yards ten times over, but you don’t get to see the life-changing moment when they ride that bike all by themselves. You don’t get to see the boy that slowly transforms into a more confident little being. You don’t see them take that confidence to school and join the kids jumping rope or join in an active game of tag. You don’t get to see the mother cry tears of joy and pride knowing that her child is going to be okay.

You all haven given my child not the ability to kick, to dribble, to tie, to bike, to hit. You have given my child his self-confidence. You have given him the ability to be included: to belong. You have given him opportunities to be part of his world. You levelled the playing field.

In addition, you have given my husband and I peace and strength. You have given us hope that he can and will be the best version of himself that he can be... He will be happy. He will be all this because of YOU.

And, he is just one of many.”  ~ Sherry Robertson, a mother of a MDC student participant