College of Science

Research with PCC & CPP

Geology Majors are encouraged to carry out research while still undergraduates. The PCC STEM program has facilitated this effort by supporting equipment purchases and design of new contextualized curriculum and sending PCC students to Cal Poly for field work.

College of Science ResearchSRS presentation Symposium poster presentation by Adam Arce and Erik Gutierrez (both from PCC) and Rachel Hatch (from CPP). They presented their research on triggered seismicity (advisor at CPP: Dr. Jascha Polet). Seismometer

CPP students Celia Pazos and Jonathan Levario deploying a seismometer in San Antonio Canyon with the help of recent PCC transfer Jenna Marietti for a research project on the transition between the Sierra Madre and Cucamonga faults (research advisor: Dr. Jascha Polet).

CPP students David Nget, Sean Schroeder, Celia Pazos, Jonathan Levario and Kennis Ho installing a seismometer to determine seismic amplification on Cal Poly Pomona campus (research advisor: Dr. Jascha Polet). Installation of Seismometer

Student Research & Projects