College of Science


The program will enable enhanced advising and mentoring of PCC transfer students before and after the transfer process has been complete. Once PCC transfer students arrive at CPP, they will be given intensive advising from CPP faculty and staff to help them succeed. Transfer students should contact the College Advisors when they first reach campus and later seek advising assistance from faculty in their department. An additional objective of the grant is to enhance collaborative research projects between the campuses, as well as obtain cutting-edge field equipment for field projects and interactive lab and field experiments in key classes. The goal is to foster mentoring relationships between students and faculty, to expose students to ‘real science,’ enhance students’ enthusiasm for continued education, and increase success in undergraduate careers and beyond.

College Advisors

Located in 3-1645, the College of Science Advising Center provides students with the information they need to earn their degree and prepare for graduate school.


Geology Advisors

Environmental Biology Advisors

Curriculum Guides

This site contains three sets of academic advising tools to assist students and their advisors.

  • Curriculum sheets list the core and support courses required for a particular major and suggests general education classes that will result in the most efficient path to a degree in that major.
  • Road maps are a quarter by quarter plan of the courses required for a particular major, and also include reminders and major-specific advice.
  • Two Year Schedules display a quarter-by-quarter matrix of classes offered by a department for a two year period.

Graduate School Preparation

A workshop was scheduled in the Fall Quarter to address internships (and how to get them), Grad School preparation and Scholarship Applications for Geology students. A similar workshop will be scheduled in the spring of 2013 for Environmental Biology students.

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