College of Science

Physics Minor


The following information pertains to the old quarter system. 

A minimum of 30 units in physics, including those in the table below, must be taken. Of these 30 units at least 12 units must be chosen from upper division courses (except that no more than 4 units may be from PHY 301, PHY 302, and PHY 303) and no more than 12 units may be at the 100-level.

The Support and Elective Course requirements of many majors include all but a few courses needed for a Physics Minor.

For a description of the contents of these courses see the Catalog listings.

Course Number Course Name Units
PHY 131/132/133 General Physics 3 units each
PHY 131L/132L/133L General Physics Laboratory 1 unit each
PHY 234 EM waves, optics, special relativity (Winter only) 3 units
PHY 235 Modern physics, Quantum mechanics, atomic physics (Spring only) 3 units

Note: PHY 121/122/123 (College Physics) and 121L/122L/123L (College Physics Laboratory) may be substituted for the General Physics introductory courses above if these courses have already been completed at the time a student enrolls in the Physics Minor.