College of Science

SEES Program Application

While SEES provides dozens of services and opportunities, only 3 things are required.

  1. Be a science major
  2. Visit your assigned SEES professor once a quarter for academic advising
  3. Enroll in at least one Academic Excellence Workshop (AEW) when you take the following classes:
    • For Biology and Chemistry majors: AEW for 1st Quarter General Chemistry (CHM 121)
    • For Computer Science majors: AEW for Discrete Structures (CS 130) 
    • For Math and Physics majors: AEW for 1st Quarter Calculus (MAT 114)
    • For Geology and Kinesiology majors: no AEW requirement

Please complete the SEES Program Application Form and click Submit when you are finished. There are no fees associated with being part of the program. All fields marked * are required for submission.