cba Steve Iman at Cal Poly Pomona


Professor of MHR



Welcome to Steve Iman's website at Cal Poly Pomona.

Steve is retired and has long been proud to teach and provide leadership toward a curriculum that was practical in focus, applied in intent, and committed to learning by doing. There's much that's very special about the campus heritage.

Organizational Behavior is one of my teaching areas. I treasure the opportunity to help students build self-understanding and skills for relating to others. Teamwork is "where it's at", and American managers are having a tough time doing it right.

When I teach, I like to leave students plenty of room to set goals within broad parameters. That way, they get to stretch and I too get to learn. I take little joy in telling others what to do. I don't see myself as a "professor" so much as a manager of highly engaged learning communities.

I used to have a huge website on campus, but as I retire, I'm migrating toward several hosting environments. Please feel free to visit the links at the top of the page.


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