Gift Bridges Past, Future for New Baseball Facility

POMONA, Calif. – Cal Poly Pomona alum Danny Andrews announced Wednesday his record-setting pledge of $400,000 to the baseball stadium project. It is the largest single gift ever to the Broncos' athletics department, topping the previous mark – also delivered by Andrews – set at $105,000 in 2008.

"Danny's dedicated service to the university and generous gift to launch the new baseball stadium project is truly inspirational," Director of Athletics Brian Swanson said. "His vision and desire to revitalize the baseball stadium will provide generations of Broncos an unprecedented student-athlete experience. Everyone at Cal Poly Pomona is greatly appreciative of this gift from Danny Andrews."

Just as his coach, the legendary John Scolinos, succeeded in bringing about the best in student-athletes as people, Andrews envisions a new state-of-the-art baseball facility bringing out the best in campus pride and the Pomona community.

“When Coach Scolinos passed away in 2009, a lot of the former players started to think of ways we could honor him while also improving the community of Pomona and the university,” Andrews said. “This project is a perfect opportunity and I hope my donation gets the ball rolling and pushes others to give.”

The Broncos' baseball stadium project, costing roughly $7 million, will bring a wide range of benefits to the university, community and athletics department. With the plan unfolding in phases, the completed project will include permanent seating, lighting, clubhouse, game-quality fan facilities and other modern amenities.

"From a recruiting standpoint, this new stadium will help us draw top-notch talent locally, regionally and across the state of California," Broncos' head coach Randy Betten said. "The momentum of our 2011 success combined with the future of this facility clearly shows we're a program on the rise. We can't thank Danny enough for his generosity to the university and his dedication to the Pomona community."

Although the Scolinos Field title will always remain, other naming opportunities will be available as part of the new facility. Andrews' record-setting pledge marks the official start of the baseball stadium campaign.

“A new Scolinos Field has been the top priority for the Intercollegiate Athletics Department for many years," said Brandon Raphael, the Director of Development for athletics. "Because of Danny's generosity and leadership, his transformational gift helps make this project a reality. Baseball alumni and supporters of our athletics program should be excited that this time has finally come."

The forward-thinking Scolinos wanted to recruit good citizens as much as he wanted to recruit skilled hitters and pitchers. Andrews, also with a mind geared toward future generations, wants the new lighted baseball facility to be a field of dreams not only for CPP players but also for local youth programs.

In pledging this money to the Cal Poly Pomona baseball stadium project, Andrews wants his donation geared toward the construction of the new lights.

“Having lights at Scolinos Field will bring so many benefits,” Andrews said. “It'll turn it into a multi-use facility to bring youth teams and other outside groups to the university. Night games for the Broncos will also encourage students to stay on campus after classes finish. An attractive facility also provides our coaches an immediate impact in recruiting as well.”

Raised in Los Angeles, Andrews graduated from CPP with a degree in Agricultural Business Management. Drafted into Major League Baseball, he spent two seasons in the Los Angeles Dodgers' organization. From there, Andrews started working as a sales manager for his father's produce company. Now, he owns his own business called Dan Andrews Farms that he started in 2007.

Having settled with his family in Bakersfield, Andrews saw first-hand the construction of a college baseball facility and the impact that project had on the local community.

Through all of this talk about the future, Andrews and other baseball alumni always return the conversation to Scolinos, the man who gave them a future. His 1,070 victories as a coach is a number firmly entrenched in the record books. A Cal Poly Pomona legend, he impacted his former student-athletes more as people than as ballplayers.

Those that played for Scolinos are quick to give the coach credit for passing along values to help in the future once the student-athletes graduated and searched for a future beyond baseball. The coach's teachings of community, teamwork and dedication are evident in his former players' generosity to the Broncos' program.

One of Scolinos' reminders that Andrews remembers clearly is that “not all of you will be major league ballplayers, but all of you can be major league people.” In business and in life, Andrews has also taken his coach's advice in surrounding himself with good people.

With Andrews' record-setting pledge helping to transition the new baseball facility from a vision to a reality, future generations of coaches and players can share their passion for baseball as Scolinos' legend lives on.