John H. Scolinos Baseball Stadium

“Baseball parallels everyday living. You’re building camaraderie, chemistry and community — not just talent.”

Coach John Scolinos

The tradition and success of Cal Poly Pomona baseball traces back to the 1961 hiring of coach John Scolinos, who became an enduring champion of students and the game he so loved. Over the next 30 years, Coach Scolinos built Cal Poly Pomona into a prominent baseball institution. His messages of teamwork, leadership and camaraderie touched the lives of countless individuals throughout his career.   This legendary coach guided Cal Poly Pomona to three national championships in 1976, 1980 and 1983. The success of the baseball program placed the Broncos among the best in Division II history.

Today, the field remains virtually the same as it did in 1970.  The campaign for a new John Scolinos Stadium will create an impact well beyond the baseball program. Appropriately situated in its current location, the new state-of-the-art stadium will provide the Bronco community with a picturesque and fan-friendly environment to enjoy a ballgame.

New Stadium Amenities

The new Scolinos Baseball Stadium will have an impact far beyond the baseball program and embrace Coach Scolinos' time-tested credo that the baseball diamond is as vital a learning space as any classroom or lecture hall. The current field lacks several amenities that would enrich the lives of the student-athletes and enhance recruiting. The new stadium will be fan friendly and allow the baseball program to capitalize on future revenue streams that modern stadiums generate.


  • Current Field—Unable to host postseason contests and/or capitalize on evening community events/programs
  • New Stadium—Enables Cal Poly Pomona to host regional playoffs and conference championships. The lights will enable the University to generate other sources of income through rental opportunities and community programs.


  • Current Field—Main bleachers are deteriorating and many fans choose to stand, set up folding chairs away from the bleachers or not attend.
  • New Stadium—New facility will have stadium-style seating with chair backs as well as modern bleachers. New seating will enable the University to generate other sources of income through rental opportunities and community programs.


  • Current Field—Existing field does not have any locker rooms or restrooms.
  • New Stadium—New clubhouse will include home and visiting locker rooms, offices and restrooms.


  • Current Field—Athletic department sets up table to sell concession items.
  • New Stadium—New permanent concession area with running water and necessary equipment to generate additional revenue streams through sales.

Press Box

  • Current Field—The Sports Information staff does not have a designated press box.  During games a table is set up where PA announcements are made, stats updated and games streamed on internet.
  • New Stadium—Designated press box above grandstands equipped with necessary technology to stream, video and upload stories real time.