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Semester Conversion

About Semester Conversion

The semester conversion is a CSU-wide initiative to have all 23 campuses on a similar calendar. Cal Poly Pomona is among six CSU campuses that will be converting from quarters to semesters. The semester schedule will provide for deeper, more meaningful student projects, richer learning experiences, and extended time to develop mentoring relationships between students and faculty. In addition, it will better align Cal Poly Pomona’s academic schedule with the vast majority of California community colleges, opening up more opportunities for efficiency and collaboration.

Throughout the conversion process, Cal Poly Pomona will focus its efforts on student success. Students should not lose credits toward their degree nor extend their expected time to graduation because of the conversion process. Before the transition to semesters in fall 2018, the university will provide advising and support for students to complete individual academic plans. The university will also ensure that financial aid and annual tuition fees on the semester calendar stay similar to the quarter calendar.


President's Message

Pledge to Students