Semester Conversion - E-Newsletter for Faculty Staff  (Summer 2015)

Semester conversion affects all Cal Poly Pomona students.

If you are graduating before Fall 2018, you are a Quarter Student. If you are graduating after Fall 2018, you are a Transition Student.

The university is committed to facilitating an advising process for you to develop an Individual Academic Plan (IAP) to facilitate progress toward graduation, as well as assist you through the transition.


Cal Poly Pomona students sitting in a classroomUniversity on Track to Convert to Semesters in 2018
Cal Poly Pomona has made great progress in planning for semester conversion in Fall 2018. During the past academic year, faculty have completed the majority of the work in curriculum development, while staff have helped to establish project timelines and objectives for the next three years. The next steps include curriculum approval, as well as developing a robust advising strategy.

Advising Update

The university’s next steps:

  • All of the colleges are putting together college advising teams to ensure students will receive advising before semester conversion.
  • On Nov. 20, the provost will host an advising forum for deans, associate deans, faculty advisors, and staff advisors to begin conversations on the process for assisting students in completing their Individual Academic Plan (IAP).

What you can do:

  • A group of students talking to their professorTalk to faculty members and your department about the semester conversion advising process. Provide them with feedback and ideas. Semester Conversion is a partnership, and we need your voice to be a part of the conversation.
  • The “My Planner” feature in PeopleSoft will be a new tool available to students in 2016. It will help you develop an IAP and ease the transition to semesters. Stay tuned for more information.
More Information

Need more information about Semester Conversion? Visit the website, or talk with your advisor.

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