Semester Conversion - E-Newsletter for Students  (Fall 2016)

Cal Poly Pomona students in front of the University Library We hope your first quarter is going well. Here is some general information you should know about Cal Poly Pomona’s conversion to semesters:

  • Semester conversion is coming in Fall 2018!
  • If you are graduating before Fall 2018, you are a quarter student. If you are graduating after Fall 2018, you are a transition student.
  • Cal Poly Pomona is committed to a two-way partnership to achieve a conversion that does not adversely affect time to degree or the cost of the degree.
  • All students with only 0 to 45 units left until graduation must complete their IAP for approval by their advisor. This appears as a To Do List item in your BroncoDirect Student Center. (One-Stop video on viewing your To Do list.)
  • The faculty has completed the majority of curriculum development, and semester courses should be available for viewing on BroncoDirect in June 2017. You will be able to access these courses and plot them in your MyPlanner to see how the units will affect your future class schedule.
  • Schedule BuilderSchedule Builder, our new class search engine, is available on BroncoDirect. This online tool allows you to pull your classes directly from MyPlanner and enter your time availabilities to generate multiple class schedule possibilities that fit your needs. Schedule Builder works alongside MyPlanner to make it easier to plan and register for classes.

Want to be on top of your class schedule until you graduate? Create your visual plan to graduation today by using MyPlanner.

  1. MyPlanner is an easy-to-use online tool in BroncoDirect that will help you graduate before semester conversion or transition more seamlessly to the semester system.
  2. It allows you to create a visual plan to graduation that is also accessible to your advisor.
  3. It conveniently shows you how many and which courses you need to satisfy your GE or IGE unit requirements and your major unit requirements.
  4. When enough students fill out MyPlanner, departments can see which courses are in high demand and schedule class sections accordingly.
  5. You must use MyPlanner to create your IAP (Individual Academic Plan), which you need approved by your advisor before graduation.

Tell us what you think about MyPlanner and give us valuable feedback. One random winner will be selected each week to receive a $10 Bronco Bucks gift card. The survey deadline is December 2.


You will need to create an IAP (Individual Academic Plan).

  • Your IAP is like a graduation check. It is an official snapshot of your MyPlanner that lets you know the exact sequence of courses you need to graduate.
  • A To Do List item will appear on your BroncoDirect Student Center when it’s time for you to complete your IAP.
  • You can access your IAP in BroncoDirect’s MyPlanner, and once completed, you submit it for your advisor’s approval. Unapproved deviations from your IAP can result in delaying your graduation plans.

For more information go to, or for general questions that are non-college specific, contact Pamela Adams at or (909) 869-5438.

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Dr. Francelina Neto
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