Semester Conversion - E-Newsletter for Students  (Winter 2016)

Cal Poly Pomona will launch this spring a new tool, MyPlanner, to help you reach your graduation goal. MyPlanner is designed to help plan your next steps to graduation in a structured and visible way. The tool will be located in BroncoDirect and will allow you to display which major, minor, and elective courses are required to fulfill graduation requirements.

MyPlannerWhat you can do with MyPlanner:

  • Place your remaining courses in the terms in which you plan on taking them. You can get a good sense of when you can realistically complete your degree requirements.
  • Make comments or notes for your advisor to see.
  • Create an Individual Academic Plan (IAP), when prompted.

It is important that you keep MyPlanner current. By doing so, departments can better schedule courses based on student demand.

The Advising website will include guides and video tutorials for MyPlanner. In the spring, some students will also be asked to create an Individual Academic Plan (IAP).
Summer Term: Fast Pass to Graduation

A group of students hanging out by a fountainCal Poly Pomona has reduced tuition fees for summer 2016. We hope that you will take advantage of the lower fees and register for summer classes. It is one of the university’s strategies to help you graduate before Semester Conversion in fall 2018, if possible. The university plans to expand class offerings to better meet students’ needs.

The schedule of classes will be available in BroncoDirect on March 21.

Details are on the Summer website.

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