Pizza with the Presidents: Semester Conversion College Tour

President Soraya M. Coley, ASI President Farris Hamza and Provost Sylvia A. Alva will visit every college on Tuesday, February 13 for a special Pizza with the Presidents. Each of the eight colleges will host their own Pizza with the Presidents event to share information on Semester Conversion.  

Event Locations

This term's Pizza with the President event will be held in each of the eight colleges from noon to 1 p.m.

Huntley College of Agriculture
Building 2, room 112
College of Business Administration
College of Business Administration Courtyard
College of Education & Integrative Studies
Building 6, room 115
College of Engineering
Building 17 Atrium
College of Environmental Design
Building 7 Atrium
Collins College of Hospitality Management
Building 80, rooms 100 and 102
College of Letters, Arts & Social Sciences
Building 5 Patio
College of Science
University Quad

What To Expect

  • Free pizza and drinks
  • Opportunity to ask departments and advisors about Semester Conversion
  • General and department-specific handouts and information sheets about Semester Conversion