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January 27, 2016 Academic Senate Meeting


Minutes   - December 2, 2015

Attachment 1 - Apportionment PowePoint Presentation

Attachment 2 - Time Module PowerPoint Presentation

Attachment 3 - Other CSU Time Module Information

Information Items

Chair's Report

President’s Report

Provost’s Report

Vice Chair's Report

Report Status

CSU Academic Senate

Budget Report

CFA Report

ASI Report

Staff Report

Semester Conversion Report

New Business

 1. Vice Chair Election

Julie Shen Statement

 2. Resolution - Alternative Transportation

Resolution - PowerPoint Presentation

3. Resolution - Emeritus, Chuck Hale

Consent Agenda

 1. AA-005-910, University Manual: Editorial Changes to Existing Academic Policies - SECOND READING

Academic Senate Committee Reports – Time Certain 3:45 p.m.

 1. AA-002-156, Academic Calendar by Quarters - 2016-2017 - FIRST READING

 2. AA-003-145, Definition of Class Time Modules and Finals Schedule for CPP Semester Calendar - SECOND READING

PowerPoint Presentation

Report with Attachments

Report Only

Attachment 1 - Time Modules

Attachment 2 - Finals Schedule

 3. GE-009-145, ARC 111 - An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Descriptive Geometry (GE Sub-Area C2) - FIRST READING