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Academic Senate Meeting - May 31, 2017

Academic Senate Agenda

1. Academic Senate Minutes - May 17, 2017

2. Consent Agenda

a. GE-029-156, LA 3261 – History I: History of Landscape Design – FIRST READING

b. GE-045-156, LA 1771 – Reading and Representing the Landscape (GE Area A3) – FIRST READING

c. GE-079-156, VCD 2370 – Visual Thinking (GE Area E) – FIRST READING

d. GE-001-156, Directly-Converted GE Courses – SECOND READING

e. GE-023-156, COM 4422 – Crisis Communication – SECOND READING

f. GE-062-156, CHM 3010 – Modeling the Fundamentals of Physical Chemistry (GE Area B5) – SECOND READING

g. GE-091-156, URP 1050 – Social Justice in Planning – SECOND READING

h. GE-097-156, EWS 4070 – Diverse Gender and Sexual Identities – SECOND READING

i. GE-134-156, URP 4110 – Evolution of American Cities and the Planning Movement – SECOND READING

j. GE-139-156, URP 4820 – California Water – SECOND READING

k. GE-001-167, LIB 1500 – The Information Diet (GE Area E) – SECOND READING

l. GE-013-167, GEO 1010 – Physical Geography – SECOND READING

3. Academic Senate Committee Reports

a. AP-083-167, Education, M.A. – Curriculum and Instruction Option: 30 units – FIRST READING

b. AP-084-167. Education, M.A. – Education Leadership Option: 30 units – FIRST READING

c. AP-085-167, Education M.A. – Special Education Option: 30 units – FIRST READING

d. AP-086-167, Mechanical Engineering, M.S. – Robotic Engineering Emphasis: 30 units – FIRST READING

e. AP-087-167, Discontinuation of Biotechnology M.Bt – Program for Applied Biotechnology Studies (PABS) – FIRST READING

f. AP-089-167, B.S. in Computer Engineering – FIRST READING

g. AP-090-167, B.S. in Manufacturing Engineering – FIRST READING

h. AP-093-167, B.S in Industrial Engineering – FIRST READING

i. AP-094-167, B.S. in Electrical Engineering – FIRST READING

j. AP-095-167, B.S. in Aerospace Engineering – FIRST READING

k. AP-096-167, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering – FIRST READING

l. AP-097-167, B.S. in Construction Engineering and Management – FIRST READING

m. AP-098-167, B.S. in Civil Engineering - Environmental Engineering Option, General Civil Engineering Option, and Geospatial Engineering Option – FIRST READING

n. AA-001-156, Semester Summer Term Calendar, Class Time Modules and Final Exam – FIRST READING

o. AA-005-167, Transportation Advisory Committee – FIRST READING

p. AA-006-156, Policies with Simple Changes for Conversion from Quarter to Semester Calendar – SECOND READING

q. AA-002-167, Policy on Department Name Change Requests – SECOND READING

4. Emeritus Awards

5. Honoring Retiring Senators

6. Seating of New Senators

7. Voting on Degrees

8. Election of Executive Committee

9. Closing Comments/Adjournment