FWD: Future Women Developers

Coming April 14th 2018 @ Cal Poly Pomona
Applications Closed!

What is the FWD Conference?

A mere 15% of the total undergraduate Computer Science degrees are awarded to women. We’ve decided to nip this problem in the bud.

The Future Women Developers (FWD) Conference aims to target local middle and high school girls all at the ripe age of indecisiveness to create awareness among these talented young women about technology and its pervasiveness in almost every field — debunking stereotypes surrounding tech-related industries that may keep girls from venturing into Computer Science. The Conference’s immersion program includes interactive programming and hardware workshops as well as talks by inspirational women who are successfully employing technology in a variety of fields, including, but not limited to, engineering.

Inspiring Talks

Inspiring keynote talks from women from diverse backgrounds who have made an impact in STEM.

Tech Workshops

From programming to hardware, our workshops will be geared towards providing girls with tools to kickstart their engineering careers.

Making Music

By the end of the conference, girls will have created a fully functional banana piano using a Raspberry Pi!