Cal Poly Pomona
Dr. Salam N. Salloum, Professor
Department of Computer Science
3801 West Temple Avenue
Pomona, CA 91768



Ph.D.  Computer Science, University of Southern California
M.S.   Computer Science,  University of Southern California
M.S.   Electrical Engineering (Computer),University of Southern California
M.S.   Applied Mathematics, University of Southern California          
Fields of Research and Interest
Algorithm Design, Database, Fault-Tolerant Computing and Systems, Discrete Optimization, Software Engineering, Interconnection and Sorting Networks, Computer Architecture( High-Speed Arithmetic, Residue-Number System), and Information Security.
Teaching Fall2018
CS3310 Design &Analysis of Algorithms
CS3650 Computer Architecture
CS4350Database Systems
Courses I usually teach
CS240/241Data Structure & Algorithms
CS240/241 Data Structure & Algorithms
CS256 Programming in C and C++
CS365 Computer Architecture
CS408 Programming Languages
CS435 Database Systems
CS480 Software Engineering
CS530 Advanced Algorithm Design
CS599 Database Systems: Design and Applications         
CS580 Software Engineering Metrics and Models
CS580 Advanced Software Engineering
Potential Thesis Topics