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About Us

Summer Bridge is a 5-week (3-week residential/2-week commuter) program that will:

  • Assist EOP students in making the transition from high school to college.
  • Provide enrollment in a 4-unit General Education course or a 4-unit math course, as well as enrollment in an English course (as needed to fulfill the Early Start requirement to begin remediation before the Fall term).
  • Be of no cost to the students for course enrollment, course books, 3 weeks of housing, 5 weeks of meals, and activities.
  • Help students build academic skills, connect with faculty, develop friendships, experience campus life, and become familiar with the campus environment.

Participation in Summer Bridge is limited to incoming EOP freshman students (only) who are invited to attend. If eligible, you will receive an email invitation through your Cal Poly Pomona email with further instructions on what to do to be considered for the program. Please pay very close attention to deadlines.  

Students should take care of all "To-Do" items on their To-Do list in BroncoDirect, such as registering for an orientation program, meeting housing deadlines, etc. These topics will be covered in Summer Bridge Mandatory Information Meetings. Questions will be answered at this time.

For more information, contact Norma Leon at or Lorraine Jenkins Jones at 909.869.3994 or