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Undeclared Student Program

The Undeclared Student Program is a comprehensive academic advising and major/career exploration program housed within the Student Support and Equity Programs department of the Division of Student Affairs.  It functions as the “academic home” with primary responsibility for the academic advisement for all first time freshmen entering the University as Undeclared (both EOP and non EOP students). 

The program is designed for students who are either undecided about a major or want more time to explore all their options before committing to a specific course of study.  It acknowledges that students are at different levels in the major decision making process, some feeling closer than others toward selecting their major.

The Undeclared option offers students the opportunity to explore all of the university's programs while carefully selecting and enrolling in foundational courses which apply toward degree units  Through a wide variety of support services and activities, students plan a course of study that is appropriate to meet their educational needs and career aspirations and is consistent with academic strengths.