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Staff Emeritus Awards

Staff Emeritus 2010

Celebration on November 8, 2010 along with Amelia Hammond Awardees.
These are the 2010 awardees of Staff Emeritus:

  • Sherry Bell, Administrative Support Coordinator, Student Life
  • Linda Bruner, Network Analyst, I & IT
  • Joann Karns, Confidential Administrative Support, I & IT
  • Jerry Lerma, Information Tech Consultant, I & IT
  • Irene Martinez, Administrative Analyst/Specialist, Athletics
  • Richard Marvin, Administrative Analyst/Specialist, Environmental Health and Safety
  • Michael Moran, Instructional Support Technician, Plant Science
  • Jonnie Owens, Academic Programs
  • Daniel Ponder, Lieutenant, Police Services
  • Diane Sands, Student Services Professional, Violence Prevention
  • Linda Scmidt, Instructional Support Technician, Animal Science
  • Jih-Hsieng Sing, Information Technician Consultant, I & IT
  • Leo Verdugo, Sergeant, Police Services
  • Katherine Wells, Graphic Communications
  • Muriel Young, Information Technician Consultant, I & IT

Congratulations to this wonderful and hard working group of retired staff from Staff Council.