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Amelia Hammond Staff Scholarship


Amelia Hammond Staff Scholarship

Amelia Hammond Staff Scholarship Application

The Amelia Hammond Staff Scholarship was established in 1978 to assist staff members in career development or personal job improvement education. Staff Council currently awards a maximum of three $300. scholarships each year, or as the budget allows.

Competition for the scholarships is open to all staff members who have been employed at the University, Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Associated Students Inc, Cal Poly Federal Credit Union, and the Employees of the Alumni Association for at least two years of full-time or permanent half-time service. Courses, either credit or non-credit, may be taken in community colleges, four-year colleges, universities, or technical schools.

New Staff Members Welcome Reception

This committee is a welcome reception for all new Staff members to Cal Poly Pomona.  The committee coordinates with the Fall Conference committee to confirm time and location of event.  They send formal invitations to all new staff members, orders refreshments, solicits items for gift bags from on-campus vendors.  Coordinates campus tours with Visitor’s Center if tour was not included in new staff orientation. 

Fundraiser Events

This committee shall be responsible for various fundraising events throughout the year. Monies raised at these events shall be used for general Staff Council expenses. This committee shall be responsible for all arrangements and promotion of events, as well as collection and distribution of funds.

Holiday Gathering

Holiday Gathering

This committee shall be responsible for the annual campus-wide Holiday Gathering, generally held in December. Arrangements will be made for reserving the location, notifying campus community, soliciting contributions for local organizations, coordinating refreshments, etc.

Rose Float Support

This committee will support the Rose Float club/committee in their preparation of the float. This support will include but not be limited to: preparing some meals and providing snacks for the student Rose Float club members as they work at the Cal Poly Pomona lab, soliciting meals for workers at the Rose Bowl location, scheduling work crews for working on the float, promoting campus awareness and support of the Rose Float.

Donate box tops, plastic cups and coffee can for Rose Float decorating process. (pdf)

Service Awards

Service Awards

The Service Awards program at Cal Poly Pomona began in 1975, although the idea was formed by Staff members as early as 1967. After many disappointments in the development of a program to honor staff employees, the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Inc., agreed to fund a program for both faculty and staff, and the first Service Award pins were presented at Fall Conference in 1975. Service Award pins have been awarded at each succeeding Fall Conference and it has now become traditional to present the Service Award program as a part of the Fall Conference.

Each year the Service Awards Committee shall request a listing from Payroll, Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Associated Students Inc., University Union and Alumni Association to determine service award eligibility as of August 30th of that year. This listing reflects official service credit and must be followed.

Gold pins in the design of the Cal Poly Pomona seal are awarded for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 years of service. Top administrators and the President of both Staff Council and the University participate in the awarding of the pins. Biographies of 30+ year recipients are requested and read at the ceremony.

By January or February of each year, the Staff Council President, with the approval of the Executive Board, appoints a chair of the Service Awards Committee. This chair is responsible for ordering the pins, selecting a committee to plan the ceremony, and for keeping a detailed notebook to assist future committees in the organization of the Service Awards program.

Staff Appreciation Day

Staff Appreciation Day

staff appreciation day 2008

Initiated in 1979, this day-long program of staff appreciation workshops for staff members is scheduled during the summer quarter break. The procedure for Staff Appreciation Day begins by requesting approval from the University President to schedule Staff Appreciation Day. By the beginning of each fiscal year Staff Council selects, with approval of the Executive Board, co-chairs for Staff Appreciation Day as well as co-chair for the sub-committees. The main committee is chaired by two co-chairs who are responsible for the following sub-committees: Program, Luncheon, Outstanding Staff, Variety Show, Publicity, Door Prizes.

Program Committee

This committee is responsible for arranging morning workshops, locations and presenters, as well as audio visual equipment, facilitators, and tokens of appreciation for presenters.

Luncheon Committee

This committee is responsible for proposing the luncheon theme, arranging location, menu selection, table and room decorations, and sale of luncheon reservations.

Outstanding Staff Committee

The purpose of this award is to recognize a maximum of four outstanding staff of the year from Cal Poly Pomona. An engraved plaque is awarded to each recipient and the name of each recipient is engraved on a perpetual trophy which is placed in a prominent location.


This committee is responsible for advertising the day and various events in PolyCentric and campus marquee, composing and distributing various flyers for luncheon, workshops, variety show, and preparing, distributing and collecting evaluation forms.

Decoration Committee

This committee is responsible for all decorations at the morning reception and luncheon, including room and table decorations.

Door Prizes

This committee is responsible for soliciting door prizes for distribution at the luncheon.

Variety Show Committee

This committee arranges the location, solicits acts, prepares the program and works with the technical support at the location of the Variety Show.  Also solicits prizes for all participants and arranges for the emcee.

Staff Emeritus Awards

Staff Emeritus Awards

Management and Staff Emeritus Award Nomination Form

Established in 1981, the title of Staff Emeritus is awarded to retiring staff employees who meet certain criteria including: a minimum of 10 years of service to the University; outstanding performance in a position; demonstrated support of University programs; beneficial support of University philosophy; exceptional personal contribution to the University; active participation in University-wide activities.

By July of each year, the Staff Council President, with approval of the Executive Board, appoints a chair of the Staff Emeritus Award committee. The committee obtains names of staff members with retirement dates effective July 1 through June 30 of the current fiscal year from Personnel Services or appropriate auxiliary Personnel offices. Staff is defined as all non-academic, administrative or auxiliary staff members not enfranchised by the Academic Senate.

The Staff Emeritus committee is responsible for reviewing all eligible candidates, making recommendation to the University President of those meeting established criteria, and upon approval of University President, inviting recipients to a special award ceremony.

The Staff Emeritus chair is responsible for keeping a detailed notebook to assist future committees in the organization of the Staff Emeritus awards.

Staff Emeritus privileges include the following: Gratis parking, use of the library, admission to campus events, use of facilities and discount coupons are extended to emeriti upon personal presentation of an Emeritus I.D. card by the owner of the card.

Valentine's Day Fundraiser

Valentine's Day Fundraiser

In 1983 the Valentine's Day Fundraiser committee was initiated as a fundraising activity for the Amelia Hammond Staff Scholarship Fund. The Valentine's Day committee is responsible for all arrangements, including promotion, ticket sales, and drawing of the award of the selected Valentine prize on the working day nearest February 14th. The Valentine's Day Committee chair is responsible for keeping a detailed notebook to assist future committees in the organization of the Valentine's Day Committee event.

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