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Service Awards

The Service Awards program at Cal Poly Pomona began in 1975, although the idea was formed by Staff members as early as 1967. After many disappointments in the development of a program to honor staff employees, the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Inc., agreed to fund a program for both faculty and staff, and the first Service Award pins were presented at Fall Conference in 1975. Service Award pins have been awarded at each succeeding Fall Conference and it has now become traditional to present the Service Award program as a part of the Fall Conference.

Each year the Service Awards Committee shall request a listing from Payroll, Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Associated Students Inc., University Union and Alumni Association to determine service award eligibility as of August 30th of that year. This listing reflects official service credit and must be followed.

Gold pins in the design of the Cal Poly Pomona seal are awarded for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 years of service. Top administrators and the President of both Staff Council and the University participate in the awarding of the pins. Biographies of 30+ year recipients are requested and read at the ceremony.

By January or February of each year, the Staff Council President, with the approval of the Executive Board, appoints a chair of the Service Awards Committee. This chair is responsible for ordering the pins, selecting a committee to plan the ceremony, and for keeping a detailed notebook to assist future committees in the organization of the Service Awards program.

Committee Chair and Members

Co-chairs: Penne Fode, Cassandra Reyes
Members: Sue Chiazza
Olufunke Oluyemi

2006 Fall Conference Service Awards Ceremony

Staff Council sponsored and organized the 2006 Service Awards Ceremony for Fall Conference.

service awards ceremony

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