About Staff Council

What is Staff Council?

The Cal Poly Pomona Staff Council has the unique distinction of having been one of the first organizations of its kind in the California State University System when the Kellogg Staff Council was formed during the 1962 – 1963 year to officially represent nonacademic employees.  Today Staff Council continues as a vital campus organization comprising 25-30 staff members from all divisions of Cal Poly Pomona.

What are its goals?

Since its formation, the fundamental purpose of Staff Council has been to engage in service to the campus community.  Staff Council endeavors to enhance the recognition and worth of each staff member through its community service efforts.

Staff Council hosts the following activities as funds allow:

  • Service Awards
  • Staff Emeritus
  • Amelia Hammond Staff Scholarship
  • Holiday Gathering
  • Staff Appreciation Day
  • Outstanding Staff Awards
  • New Staff Welcome Reception

In addition, Staff Council supports various fundraisers for community outreach and offers support to the Cal Poly Pomona Rose Float Committee.

August General Meeting

The August general meeting was held on Thursday, August 16, 2012 in the Library Special Events Room.

meeting in session

penne fode discussing membership.
Penne Fode discusses membership with others.

Laura Valdez, Stella Quirk and Rosie Pasos at the August meeting
Laura Valdez, Stella Quirk and Rosie Pasos at the August meeting