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Summer 2013

The Summer 2013 Quarter term dates are as follows:

First 5-week (Session OU1): June 24, 2013 through July 30, 2013
10-week (Session OU): June 24, 2013 through September 6, 2013
Second 5-week (Session OU2): July 31, 2013 through September 6, 2013

Deadline to pay Summer Quarter 2013 Fees: Monday, June 3, 2013

Academic Calendar

  1. Important Dates and Deadlines
  2. Billing Information
  3. Schedule of Fees
  4. Installment Plan for Fees and Tuition
  5. Orientation Fees
  6. Parking Fees
  7. Parking Refund Policy
  8. Refund Policy
  9. Mailing Address
  10. Contact Information

Important Dates and Deadlines

April 17 - Order and pay Summer 2013 Parking Decal via BroncoDirect

May 13 - Fee bills posted to BroncoDirect

June 3 - Deadline to pay Summer Quarter 2013 fees

June 17 - Summer 2013 Parking Decals available for purchase at Cashiering Services

July 1 - Supplemental Fees Available (Supplemental Fees are for the remaining fees for classes added during the Add/Drop Period)

July 29 – Deadline to pay Supplemental Fees for Summer 2013


Billing Information

The Summer 2013 online fee bills include all outstanding charges including current registration, housing charges, mandatory Orientation fees, if applicable, and any unpaid balance from previous terms. If you are paying by check, be sure to write your Bronco Number on your check, and the check MUST be signed. Any student who has outstanding charges and who anticipates financial aid must verify their status with the Financial Aid office on or before May 29, 2013 to prevent loss of classes.  Any student with outstanding charges who anticipates being fully sponsored must verify their status with Student Accounting & Cashiering Services on or before May 29, 2013.  All enrolled students should view their student account status through BroncoDirect before May 29, 2013.  Cal Poly Pomona does NOT mail out any student billing statement.  If you have any questions regarding your student account, contact the Student Accounting & Cashiering Services office at (909) 869-2010.  If making payment by mail, please include your name and Bronco ID number on the check.

You are subject to normal collection actions for unpaid debts including but not limited to: assessment of late registration and past due fees, withholding of University services, withholding of credit for and disenrollment from some or all classes, referral of the debt to a collection agency and/or credit reporting agency, intercept of amounts due you from the State of California and/or legal action. You are obligated to pay all costs of collection, including attorney fees, collection agency fees and court costs


Fee Schedule

The CSU makes every effort to keep student costs to a minimum.  Fees listed in published schedules or student accounts may need to be increased when public funding is inadequate.  Therefore, CSU must reserve the right, even after initial fee payments are made, to increase or modify any listed fees, without notice, until the date when instruction for a particular semester or quarter has begun.  All CSU listed fees should be regarded as estimates that are subject to change upon approval by The Board of Trustees.

FEE  POLICY:  SUMMER 2013 Quarter Fee Rate Schedule for Resident and Non-Resident Students

NO Fee Caps in Summer 13
Qualified Teacher Credential
Education Doctorate
Lecture (Per Unit)
$ 160.00
$ 168.00
$ 176.00
$5,559.00 (Flat Fee)
Lab (Per Unit)
$ 320.00
$ 336.00
$ 352.00
Activity (Per Unit)
$ 213.00
$ 224.00
$ 235.00
Supervisory (Per Unit)
$ 600.00
$ 630.00
$ 660.00
Educational Support Fee (Per Unit)
$ 80.00
$ 80.00
$ 80.00
Summer 2013 Auxiliary Fees:
$ 6.52
$ 6.52
$ 6.52
Athletic-ASI Fee
Instr. Related Activity
Medical Facility
$ 2.00
$ 2.00
$ 2.00
Student Health Fee
$ 79.47
$ 79.47
$ 79.47
$ 18.71
$ 18.71
$ 18.71
Student Success Fee
Total Auxiliary Fees

Total mandatory fees, course fees, and educational support fees for Summer 2013 will depend on the total units of all course taken. For additional fee information, please visit the Summer 2013 website at

For example: an undergraduate student takes 8 units (2, 3-unit classes,1, 1-unit lab, and 1, unit activity) would owe the following for Summer 2013:

$160/unit Lecture Fee (2, 3-unit Lecture)
$ 960.00
$320/unit Lab Fee (1, 1-unit Lab)
$ 320.00
$213/unit Activity Fee (1, 1-unit Act)
$ 213.00
$80/unit Educational Support Fee
$ 640.00
Summer 2013 Auxiliary fees
$ 106.70
Total Summer 2013 fees
$ 2,239.70


Orientation & Photo ID Fees

The mandatory Student Orientation fees and Photo ID fee for first-time freshmen are $177 and $80 for new transfer students. Parent/Family Orientation programs are assessed separately and are not mandatory programs. Contact Orientation Services at (909) 869-3604 for more information on these optional programs.


Parking Fees

The 10-week session is $106.00 for four-wheel vehicles and $42.00 for motorcycles. The 5-week session is $53.00 for four-wheel vehicles (must buy 5-week four-wheel vehicles permit in person from Cashiering Services). A student may purchase one automobile parking decal through BroncoDirect website and pay through CashNet in BroncoDirect website during the registration period. The web online fee bill that is accessed for registration fees will include the charge for this decal.  If a student wishes to purchase a decal during late registration, it can be purchased at the Cashiers Office. If a student wishes to purchase more than one automobile decal, he/she must do so in person at the Cashiers Office. To ensure a decal through the mail before the beginning of the quarter, a student must purchase decal through the BroncoDirect website in a timely manner. The Daily Parking rate is $5.00.


Parking Refund Fees

You MUST RETURN THE DECAL to Cashiering Services to receive a refund. June 27, 2013 is the last day for a full refund on Parking ($106.00). There are no refunds for the 5-week sessions.

On or Before July 18, 2013
4 wheel vehicles
Between July 19, 2013 and August 15, 2013
4 wheel vehicles


Refund Policy for Summer 2013


Students will be entitled to a full refund of mandatory fees, course fees, and educational support fees ONLY if they cancel their registration or drop ALL classes PRIOR TO THE FIRST DAY OF INSTRUCTION for an academic quarter (prior to June 24, 2013 for Session OU1 & OU and July 31 for Session OU2 for Summer 2013).

Students who drop ALL classes on or after the first day of the session and up to 60% point in academic period will be entitled to a pro-rata refund.

60% point for Session OU1 - July 15, 2013 = 37 days
60% point for Session OU - August 7, 2013 = 75 days
60% point for Session OU2 - August 22, 2013 = 38 days

The pro-rata refund is determined on the basis of the date of the student's withdrawal and the length of the academic period.  The length of the academic period is calculated from the first day of the term through the final exam day of the academic period and excludes any breaks of five (5) days or more.

How to calculate Pro-rated refund (Session OU):

1.  Count number of days from June 24, 2013 to actual withdrawal date.
2.  Divide the number of days by 75 (number of days in Summer Quarter 2013) and multiply it by actual fees paid to get your pro-rated fee.
3.  Subtract pro-rated fee from actual fees paid.  This will be your refund, minus an administrative charge of $5.00.


1.  An undergraduate student who enrolled in 12 units lecture courses and withdraws from all his/her classes on July 1, 2013 (8 days).
2.  8 / 75 x $ 2,986.70 = $318.58
3.  $2,986.70 - $318.58 = $2,668.12 less $5.00 administrative charge, refund amount $2,663.12.

Exceptions:  Course fees and mandatory fees shall be refunded and no administrative charge if:

  • Course fees and Mandatory fees were assessed or collected in error,
  • The course for which the course fees and mandatory fees were assessed or collected was cancelled by the university,
  • The university makes a delayed decision that the student was not eligible to enroll in the term for which the mandatory fees were assessed and collected and the delayed decision was not due to incomplete or inaccurate information provided by the student.
  • The student was activated for compulsory military service.

Students who drop some but not all units resulting in a lower Course Fee and Educational Support Fee within the campus designated drop period (on or before June 23, 2013 for Session OU1 and OU and July 30, 2013 for Session OU2 for Summer 2013) and in accordance with campus procedures will be entitled to a refund of number of units charged for Course Fee and Educational Support Fee. Students who want a refund for parking MUST RETURN THE DECAL to Cashiering Services.


Enrollment Adjustment Period
Reduce Units by Dropping SOME Classes
Drop or Withdraw ALL Classes

#1 On or before June 23, 2013
(Sessions OU1 & OU)

On or Before July 30, 2013 (Session OU2)

#1 & #2 100% reduction in calculated charges for Course Fee and Educational Support Fee
#1 Full Refund

#2 June 24, 2013 through June 27, 2013 (Sessions OU1 & OU)

July 31 through August 6, 2013
(Session OU2)

#2 & #3 Pro-rated refund based on date of withdrawal

#3 June 28 through July 15, 2013
(Session OU1)

June 28 through August 7, 2013
(Session OU)

August 7 through August 22, 2013 (Session OU2)

#3 & #4 No refund
#4 After July 15, 2013 (Session OU1)
After AUgust 7, 2013 (Session OU)
After August 22, 2013 (Session OU2)
(over 60% point in the academic period)
#4 No Refund

Refunds will be processed and mailed to your address of record generally about 6 weeks after the beginning of the quarter.

NoteFor students receiving financial aid, please be aware that any refund resulting from withdrawal or a change in program will first be credited to the financial aid funds awarded.


Mailing Address

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Student Accounting & Cashiering Services
3801 West Temple Avenue
Pomona, California 91768


Contact Information

Tracy Wang
Student Accounting Coordinator
(909) 869-2956

MyVan Hua
Cashiering Coordinator
(909) 869-2033

Angelina Schultz
Director, Student Accounting & Cashiering Services
(909) 869-2975

Student Accounting & Cashiering Services Staff

Any questions, please email

Any comments about the website, email

Updated February 7, 2013

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