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PeopleSoft/BroncoDirect Account Request

Download the Data Warehouse/Bronco Interactive Dashboard (BID) Access Request Form
Return the completed Access Request Form to:
Data Warehouse Administrator, Bldg. 98-C7-17
Or fax completed form to 909 979-6406

  • For PS/BroncoDirect Account Request, please refer to the following process:

    1. Review the campus Information Access & Confidentiality Form found in IT Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines website.
      · If you haven't done so already, you can accept these policies electronically in Identity Management Services.
    2. Open the PeopleSoft Student Administration User Access request form (PDF).
    3. Fill lin the fields in the required sections of "User Specifications" and "Role Specifications."
    4. Sign user access form and get approving signature from the department chair or director.
      · (Module Lead signature will be handled by security staff if needed.)
    5. Scan the form into a PDF format (if more than one, please scan each form into separate PDF files).
    6. Email the PDF file(s) to Patricio Beltran, Director, Enterprise Applications.
    7. Patricio approves and forwards the PDF file(s) to Lee Anne Ma or Carla Torrence.
    8. Account is created by SA PeopleSoft Security personnel.
    9. Account information is emailed to the email address on the request form.